My current work in progress:

1. Boxy, designed by Joji Locatelli, knit from Handmaiden Mini Maiden in the "Polar Sea" colorway on U.S. size 4 needles.
2. Lavena, designed by Christiane Burkhard, knit from Kauni Wool 8/2 in the ""EK" and "CC" colorways on U.S. size 3 and 4 needles.
3. Myriad stealth projects.

Warm Days, Cool Knits

I have in my hands a review copy of this lovely book:

Warm Days Cool Knits jacket art 197x240 Warm Days, Cool Knits

This is Warm Days, Cool Knits: Lighter Designs for Every Season by Corrina Ferguson (Interweave/F+W; $24.99) and it is available now from Interweave  (linked from the title, above) and wherever knitting books are sold.

As the title suggests, there are patterns for warmer climates and seasons. As a middle-aged woman with little ability to regulate body temperature, I welcome these designs! You can view all 20 patterns here on Ravelry.

This pattern collection is a nice mix of cardigans, short-sleeve pullovers, tanks, wraps, a hat, and a pair of socks. My favorites:

First of all, the cover design, Leora Tank. It is made from Shibui Knits Linen, a lovely fingering weight linen yarn (and I happen to have some in dark blue in my stash). This design features a sweet lace insert on the sides:

leora070115 173x240 Warm Days, Cool Knits

The pattern is written for 5 sizes, from 35″ to 51″.

Nest up, the Denford Cardigan:

denford070115 180x240 Warm Days, Cool Knits

I am a sucker for cables and latticework and this design fits the bill nicely. It is knit from DK weight yarn — you could use wool for a warmer outwear sweater, or a cotton blend for a lighter option. It’s written for 4 sizes, 36″ to 60″.

And how clever is this? Zolena is a pullover/cowl set.

zolena070115 180x240 Warm Days, Cool Knits

Knit in sportweight for the body and fingering weight for the cuffs and cowl, you could use wool or cotton or bamboo or . . . any other sportweight fiber or blend of fibers. You can make a cotton sweater and trim with wool. For cooler days, wear the warm cowl. On warmer days, leave it off. This pattern is also in a nice range of sizes: 5 sizes from 34.25″ — 50.25″.

And I love the Wiley Wrap!

wiley070115 240x180 Warm Days, Cool Knits

It’s an interesting shape — 5/8th of a circle. And fairly simple to knit. It is shown worked in two color stripes, but you could certainly work it in a solid color as well. It is worked from fingering weight yarn so that gives you a wide variety of yarns to choose from.

This is a great collection for women of a certain age (like em) who have trouble regulating body temperature, anyone who lives in a warm climate, or heck, anybody — knit in wool and wool blends, these knits would be great in colder climes!

Who’d like my review copy?

To be entered in the drawing to receive my copy, leave a comment on this blog post by 11:00am Eastern Time on Sunday, July 5, 2015. I’ll pick a winner at random at that time.

We have a holiday weekend coming up! My bunny girls are ready:

Bunnies070115 240x199 Warm Days, Cool Knits

And today is July 1: that means I can start knitting my Camp Loopy project #2 tonight. My yarn is ready to go:

Yarn070115 240x135 Warm Days, Cool Knits

I am making Lavena, a lovely wrap pattern designed by Christiane Burkhard. I am using Kauni yarns: 8/2 Effektgarn in colorway “EK,” the gradient greens, and 8/2 solid in colorway “CC,” black. I think this is going to be a very fun knit!

Meanwhile, Loki is striking amusing poses to entertain me:

Loki070115 240x188 Warm Days, Cool Knits



Sunday Afternoon Update

The winner of a copy of the eBook Color Wheel Knits by Veera Välimäki is GretchenG, who has been emailed. Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway. I’ll have another book review and giveaway on Wednesday, so please come back then!

I’ve been working along on my various projects. My non-public project is done, so I’ve been working more on Boxy.

Boxy062815 240x166 Sunday Afternoon Update

I’ve also got the Bunny Girls’ July dresses read for them.

Dresses062815 240x186 Sunday Afternoon Update

I have my yarn for my Camp Loopy July project.

Yarn062815 240x162 Sunday Afternoon Update

And Loki is primping for the week to come.

Loki062815 213x240 Sunday Afternoon Update



Color Wheel Knits

Because I am working on a non-public project most of the time, with just a row done on Boxy here and there, today I’ll show you a book instead of my progress.

BookCover062415 240x223 Color Wheel Knits

This is Color Wheel Knits by  Veera Välimäki, the designer behind the hugely popular Color Affection Shawl. (I may be one of the few knitters left who has not knit one!)

The book was previously published in Finnish, so you can look on Ravelry and see the patterns and projects knit from them — a bonus over a brand-new book that may not yet have many projects.

It is divided into four sections, by color: Blue/Green, Red/Pink, Yellow, and Grey/Brown. There 22 patterns total: for sweaters, hats, mittens, and wraps for men, women, and children. My faves:

Palmokkotakki 240x159 Color Wheel Knits

Green Cables, a very sweet child’s cardigan.

Raitalapaset 240x162 Color Wheel Knits

Stripe and Cable Mittens — these would work up very quickly for a last-minute gift.

Nappipaita 157x240 Color Wheel Knits

Freezing Point: a unisex pullover with an interesting collar treatment.

Lippapipo 240x162 Color Wheel Knits

Beetle Cap, a very cute cap in both child and adult sizes.

The publisher has generously offered a free copy of the eBook for my giveaway. Who’d like it?

To be entered in the drawing for an eBook of Color Wheel Knits, leave a comment on this blog post by 11:00am Eastern Time, Sunday, June 28. The winner will be chosen at random at that time.

Summer Knitting

I keep forgetting to say — I’m not doing a Summer Mystery KAL this year. Too many things eating into my time this summer.

The other night we had a huge thunderstorm. Is Loki bothered by storms? You be the judge:

Loki062415 240x240 Color Wheel Knits

Summer Solstice

Happy Solstice! Me, I’m looking forward to the Autumnal Equinox. Not a fan of hot weather.

In my last blog post I erroneously referred to the piece I was knitting as the back of Boxy. It is actually the front. And it is done:

Front062115 240x162 Summer Solstice

It’s hanging off the sides of the table in that photo. Here is a close-up of the neckline:

Neckline062115 240x135 Summer Solstice

I’ve rolled it up into a nice fat inside-out sausage while it waits for me to knit the back.

RolledUp062115 240x135 Summer Solstice

And here is the back:

WIP062115 240x135 Summer Solstice

This will be demoted to commuter knitting now because I have a stealth project I need to start.

Loki is, as always, eager to help!

Loki062115 240x172 Summer Solstice

Angelina Complete

Check out this very clever graphic. you may need to click on it to enlarge it to 100% in size. Then scroll down and enjoy. This was provided to me courtesy of


As the title of this blog post suggests, I did finish my Angelina Cardigan.

Angelina061715 240x240 Angelina Complete

My Camp Loopy Project for June 2015, completed.

In retrospect, I’d do things a little different — I’d make the sleeves a bit bigger in diameter. They are (and are designed to be) rather fitted. The body of the sweater is quite wide so the sleeves start at about the elbow and go from elbow to wrist. It’s just personal preference — I don’t like tight sleeves.

Although this is knit in cotton, I don’t think I’d be comfortable wearing it in summer — the tight sleeves would bother me in heat and humidity. But I’ll give it a try when the weather is cooler.

I added some length to my sweater. I do like the construction and think it very clever. I could see me knitting another one with re-engineered sleeves!


I have returned to knit on Boxy until I can start my Camp Loopy July project.

Boxy061715 240x232 Angelina Complete

This is the back. I ought to be able to finish it and get a good start on the front. I do have a stealth project I need to get started on as well.

Mousie Pattern!

Total sales of my Nose-Up Catnip Mouse pattern to date: 245. That’s over $220.00 I will donate to the Snow Leopard Trust. Thank you, all!

Loki061715 240x203 Angelina Complete