My current work in progress:

1. Hats!
2. Myriad stealth projects.

New Heights in Lace Knitting

I have another lovely book to review:

Cover060116 181x240 New Heights in Lace Knitting

This is New Heights in Lace Knitting by Andrea Jurgrau, new from Interweave. It contains lots of good advice for lace knitters, along with 17 gorgeous patterns.

The first chapter of the book is “Materials” — all about yarn and other stuff you need for lace knitting: yarns (of course), beads for embellishment, needles, and blocking wires. Next is a chapter on “Techniques” which contains step-by-step instructions for all the techniques you need to know to be able to knit the projects in the book. The next chapter is “Swatching” and contains, of course, everything you need to know about swatching lace and why you want to do this.

Then come the patterns.They are mostly shawls and scarves, along with a couple of hats, fingerless mitts, and socks. They all have a climbing/hiking theme. (New Heights — get it?)  My favorites:

Goddess060116 150x240 New Heights in Lace Knitting

Goddess of Infinite Giving is a round shawl knit from 1400 yards of laceweight. The description in Ravelry:

Mount Everest (known as qomolangma to Tibetans), at 29,029 feet (8,848 m) above sea level, is the highest mountain on the earth. Its massif includes several peaks above 24,000 feet (7,500 m). sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay made the first official ascent of Mount everest in 1953. It has been climbed many times since then. Miyolangsangma, the Tibetan Buddhist goddess, lives at the top of qomolangma. Known as the goddess of infinite giving, she rides a golden tiger and hands out jewels (wishes) to those who deserve them. Many climbers ask for her gifts before beginning their ascent. this piece is a full circle, a mandala if you will, which represents wholeness.


Diamond Dust060116 240x157 New Heights in Lace Knitting

Diamond Dust is a hexagonal wrap knit from 860 yards of laceweight. The Ravelry description:

Diamond dust is a ground-level “cloud” composed of crystals of ice. Also called ice crystals, diamond dust generally forms under clear skies. It is most commonly seen in Antarctica, and this type of precipitation may continue for several days without interruption. A massif is a section of the earth’s crust that is marked by faults. When the crust moves, a massif retains its internal structure while being moved as a whole. the term is used to refer to a group of mountains formed in this way. Mount Vinson is the highest peak in Antarctica, at 16,050 feet (4,892 m). the massif is about 750 miles (1,200 km) from the south Pole and is about 13 miles (21 km) long and 8.1 miles (13 km) wide. It was named after Carl Vinson, a u.s. congressman from Georgia. the Vinson Massif was first seen in 1958 and first climbed in 1966. As of February 2010, 1,400 climbers have attempted to reach the top of Mount Vinson. this piece combines classic hex-mesh and leaves, along with stylized ice floats and sea creatures. It is a full circle/hexagon with an opening that wraps around the wearer like a cloak.

And this:

Oceana060116 160x240 New Heights in Lace Knitting

Oceana Shawl or Throw, a square knit from 900 yards of laceweight. and the Ravelry write-up:

At 16,024 feet (4,884 m), the Carstensz Pyramid is the tallest mountain in Indonesia and on the Australian “continent” of Oceania. the first documented summit success was in 1962 by an Austrian expedition. Although known as the Carstensz Pyramid, possibly as long ago as 1623 when it was first spotted on an unusually clear day, the name was changed to Puncák jaya in the latter half of the 1900s. Puncák means “peak” and jaya means “glorious.” Carstensz Pyramid is still the name used among mountain climbers.

This piece is worked in the round. Feel free to use a fingering weight yarn and work at a larger gauge for a larger throw or blanket. Just remember to have more yardage on hand!

You can view all the designs on Ravelry here.

It is a gorgeous collection!

Who’d like my review copy?

To be entered in a drawing to receive my copy of New Heights in Lace Knitting by Andrea Jurgrau, leave a comment on this blog post by Sunday (June 5) at 11:00am Eastern Time.

It’s June — how did it get to be June already? But since it is June, that means it is time for Campy Loopy! Here’s my yarn:

Yarn060116 240x135 New Heights in Lace Knitting

All will be revealed in the fullness of time.

It’s a good thing I finished this the other day:

MartinStoreyKALAfghan060116 240x172 New Heights in Lace Knitting

When Loki isn’t busy inspecting my work, he loves relaxing on his own little sofa!

Loki060116 240x240 New Heights in Lace Knitting

Sew and Sew

I am finishing up knitting borders for my afghan and sewing them on.

Edging052916 240x142 Sew and Sew

To make things as simple as possible, I measured my strip of knitted border and figured out how many garter stripes I needed for one afghan square (8”), slightly stretched — for me that was 32 stripes (or 64 rows). Then as I knit, I pinned a coilless pin on one side of the edging after every 32 stripes.

Marked052916 240x168 Sew and Sew

That way I didn’t have to keep stopping and measuring and it made it much easier to sew into place: I pinned the edging strip along the side of the afghan, matching the pin to each seam between blocks.

Pinned052916 240x164 Sew and Sew

Then I sew the edging to the afghan.

Sewing052916 240x172 Sew and Sew

I have three of the four edgings complete and sewn on:

WIP052916 240x145 Sew and Sew

Here’s a corner:

Corner052916 240x148 Sew and Sew

I am now knitting the edging for the second short side and Loki is helping.

Loki052916 240x142 Sew and Sew

Back Among the Living

You may have noticed that my blog was down for 5 or 6 days. Well, I’m back, and patting myself on the back for figuring out a way to get it back online without intervention of my completely non-responsive hosting company. It is best to draw a veil over the past few days, so that is what I shall do.

First of all, the winner of my review copy of  Modern Baby Knits: 23 Knitted Baby Garments, Blankets, Toys and More! by Tanis Gray is Pam in Kansas, who has been emailed.

May has been an extremely busy month for me so knitting time have been curtailed. I did, however, finish all my afghan squares for the Martin Storey Afghan KAL, and sewed them together:

Afghan052516 240x213 Back Among the Living 

I am now working on knitting the edging.

WIP052516 240x151 Back Among the Living

I have edging sewn on one long edge and am working on the second long edge.

Edging052516 240x180 Back Among the Living

And that’s about it.

Except that Loki is still adorable, even when upside-down!

Loki052516 240x240 Back Among the Living

Modern Baby Knits

I have another cute book to review:

Cover051116 179x240 Modern Baby Knits

This is Modern Baby Knits: 23 Knitted Baby Garments, Blankets, Toys and More! by Tanis Gray and it features 23 patterns for clothing, toys and blankets, all using 3 or fewer skeins of yarn. Published by Interweave, it’s available now in paperback or eBook format.

You can see all the patterns here on Ravelry.

And I picked a few favorites:

Elizabeth051116 159x240 Modern Baby Knits

This is the Elizabeth Tunic, by Taiga Hilliard Designs. It is knit from DK weight yarn (Dream in Color Everlasting DK) and the pattern is available in 7 sizes. Knit from the top down, it looks relatively easy and is very cute!

Bunny051116 159x240 Modern Baby Knits

I love the sweet simplicity of this bunny, designed by Melissa Schaschwary. It is knit from sport weight yarn (Debbie Bliss Baby) Cashmerino and stands up courtesy a beanbag inserted in the body. Very clever!

ModernFilagree051116 159x240 Modern Baby Knits

There are several blanket patterns in the book and my favorite is the modern Filigree Blanket by Tanis Gray. It’s knit from bulky weight yarn (Neighborhood Fiber Co. Studio Chunky) so you can whip it out pretty quickly.

ZigZag051116 159x240 Modern Baby Knits

The ZigZag Vest by Helen Rose is knit from worsted weight (Classic Elite Yarns Liberty Wool) and features jogless stripes with some slipped stitches to add interest.

All in all, a lovely collection of knitted goods for a little one!

Who’d like my review copy?

To be entered in a drawing to receive my copy of Modern Baby Knits: 23 Knitted Baby Garments, Blankets, Toys and More! by Tanis Gray, leave a comment on this blog post by next Wednesday (May 18) at noon Eastern Time.

Current WIP

I have finished the back of Kinsale:

WIP051116 240x198 Modern Baby Knits

Loki is just completely worn out with supervising me:

Loki051116 240x184 Modern Baby Knits


Afghan Progress

This past Thursday the last square pattern was released in the Rowan Martin Storey Afghan KAL.

I’m very pleased that I managed to keep up with the squares as they were released, though sometimes to the detriment of my “main” work-in-progress.

Squares050816 240x189 Afghan Progress

There are 6 squares each of 8 designs, for a total of 48 squares and as of right now, I just have 4 more of the last square pattern to kit. Then comes the edging.

A couple of weeks ago we got the diagram of which square goes where, so I’ve started some sewing up.

Seaming050816 240x161 Afghan Progress

Loki is gonna supervise.

Loki050816 179x240 Afghan Progress