Inishmore Raffle Prizes

The first lucky winner will receive a copy of Alice Starmore's Fishermen's Sweaters (which contains the pattern for Inishmore), generously donated by my worthy opponent, L-B.

The second winner will win the last Inishmore that I knitted. It's a size small, but that's 45" around so it's a BIG small! If it doesn't fit you, you could give it to someone as a gift and say you knitted it yourself. I won't tell.


The third winner will win a $25.00 gift certificate to Knit Happens, donated by Knit Happens.

The fourth prize for the raffle was donated by Joanne Conklin. Joanne is donating a one-ounce ball of qivuit, in the color of the winner's choice. You can see the colors that are available here. Wow!

The fifth prize for the raffle is donated by Jenny: three skeins of her handspun handpainted yarn described as follows:


50 bulky yards of fluffy and textured Rommey wool yarn in Bright green, fuscia/purple,  sky blue, and a touch of forest green.   Produces subtle stripes of colors.  This yarn is spun from the lock without carding or any further prep to the fleece after it has been gently washed so it has lots of texture!


The sixth through ninth prizes for the raffle are donated by Bob: sets of stitch markers (5 or 6 stitch markers in each). Check them out on his blog in the following entries:

Sunday, 05/08/05
Monday, 04/11/05
Wednesday, 03/09/05
Friday, 03/04/05
Wednesday, 02/23/05

The tenth prize is donated by Kathy of Holly Spring Homespun. She says:

I want to offer 3 skeins of (never-repeat-the-same-color-twice) handpainted Superwash Merino yarn from my store. I do the dying for the shop and I currently have a choice of 4 colors that can be seen here.
The winner can choose which color they would like and call me and I can ship it to them, or they can come by of course.

The eleventh prize is donated by Eklectika! A ball of lovely wool roving, about the size of a large cantaloupe or a small honeydew melon.
It felts very nicely before and after spinning, so there's lots that could be done with this stuff!