My current work in progress:

1. "T-Rex," designed by Rebecca Danger, knit from Blue moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock in the "Lucky" colorway on U.S. size 3 needles.
2. Myriad stealth projects.

Snowy Wednesday


It’s snowy and very cold, courtesy the Polar Vortex. A good day for knitwear! I got the day off (mostly) yesterday for our “snowstorm” but went in to the office today, bundled up in down coat and wool shawl. We don’t often get temperatures this low, but when we do, I certainly have an arsenal […]

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Back Progress


First things first, the winner of a copy of Crochet Red by Laura Zander is Vicki. Vicki has been emailed and will receive a copy of this great book from Sterling Publishing. Thanks to everyone who entered and to Sterling Publishing for offering the giveaway. Onward . . . I’ve made some progress on my Midnight Waterfall. That’s […]

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Crochet Red


Last week I received a review copy of this book:   This is Crochet Red by Laura Zander, founder of Jimmy Beans Wool. This is the third “Stitch Red” book to promote womens’ heart health. It contain 30 crochet designs from a number of well-known crochet designers. In addition to the patterns, there is a section […]

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Next Up


I completed my Not-Viajante last week and here it is, being modeled by Gwendolyn:   As I mentioned in this blog post, I changed the rate of increase to make a wider, shorter piece, and the results are, for me, much more wearable. On the short side, the bottom of the piece hits me at […]

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Not Viajante


As I mentioned in my last blog post, I am knitting another Viajante, but as I did with my last one, I have changed the rate of increase. A couple of you requested more information about what I did. As designed, Viajante is a long skinny tube that slowly widens. I knit my first one […]

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