My current work in progress:

Moth Cardigan, designed byAmy Christoffers, knit from Rowan SoftYak DK in the Plain colorway, using U.S. size 3 and 5 needles.

Minky Mouse 2.0

Today I made Minky Mouse 2.0. I found on Etsy a set of 5 vintage mink collars and ordered them for the princely sum of $19.95 for all five of them. This one has a fabric backing. I decided to use this collar first — I would not have to sew fabric on the bottom of […]

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Minky Mouse

I have another sewing project I recently completed, this one a bit different! Back story: One of my colleagues purchased at a craft show a few years ago a mink catnip mouse for her kitties. Her boy kitty Jake loved Minky Mouse — it was his all-time favorite toy. He carried it around and loved on […]

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Wendy Used to Knit

I’m thinking about changing my online name to Wendy-Used-to_Knit. It’s not so much that I’ve gone off knitting, more that I’ve rediscovered sewing. I am now knitting maybe one night a week and the rest of the evenings are devoted to handsewing doll clothes. Here are some recent creations. Stays for Felicity: And the back: […]

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Happy Birthday, Loki!

Today is my sweet boy’s sixth birthday! So far today, he has had his little nose kissed several thousand times and has been told what a good boy he is around 100,000 times. I did very little knitting over the past week. What I’ve been up to (among other things): A dress for Felicity! I […]

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All the sewing I have been doing has put a big dent in my knitting time, but I did finish the first sleeve of Aspen last weekend. I am planning on lining this coat: I am going to us Liberty Tana Lawn for a nice lightweight lining. In order to do this, I need to […]

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