My current work in progress:

Geiger by Norah Gaughan, knit from Wollmeise Merino DK in the “Schwefel” colorway, using 3.25mm and 3.75mm needles.

Ah, True Love!

The True Love Stole has been blocked and is ready for action!

Here it is pinned out.

StoleA093009 240x160 Ah, True Love!

Do you see something unusual? There is no fluffy kitty reclining on the stole! I have no idea why, but during the whole pinning out process, Lucy sat on the sidelines, watching. This is a first for her.

I don’t think it was the dampness of the shawl deterring her. I mean, it’s not like that has never stopped her in the past.

Here’s a close-up shot.

StoleCloseup093009 240x160 Ah, True Love!

And unpinned and relaxing on a chair:

Stole100109 160x240 Ah, True Love!

Gwendolyn wanted to model the new shawl as well:

Stoleback100109 160x240 Ah, True Love!

And finally:

StoleFront100109 160x240 Ah, True Love!

I used about 1000 yards of Jojoland Cashmere and a 3.25mm needle. Blocked dimensions are approximately 24″ by 66″.

It will be a while before the pattern is ready. I need to re-knit the mitered corners to better document them for the pattern and I need to find time to do that.

Now, back to knitting on the Stacy shawl. I see that a few of your asked questions about this shawl in the comments — I’ll answer ’em next week!

Lucy sez

Lucy100109 240x160 Ah, True Love!

“I could lie on the stole, but the color washes me out.”