My current work in progress:

The Throwback by Andrea Mowry, knit from Blue Sky Fibers Woolstok Worsted and Spincycle Yarns Dream State, using 4.5mm and 5mm needles.

Just Because

Here is the picture of the sky when I got to work this morning.

Sunrise080509 240x180 Just Because

I love that the days are getting noticeably shorter. It gives me hope that the horror that is summer will end. Eventually.

However, knitting with hot pink laceweight makes everything better. See?

Faroese080509 240x208 Just Because

My pink blob is growing and starting to look like something.

Here is the center back:

FaroeseCenter080509 240x180 Just Because

And here is one side:

FaroeseSide080509 240x180 Just Because

As I mentioned, I am knitting this from the top down. Faroese shawls have an extra bit of shaping on the shoulders to ensure that they stay in place when being worn. I achieved this extra oomph of shawl by extra increases on the first however many rows it was.

I can’t wait til this is long enough to try on. 🙂

For my next trick, I might doodle up a Faroese shawl from the bottom up. And in a heavier yarn.

Lucy Sez:

Lucy080509 240x160 Just Because

“The a/c makes me happy!”