My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


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Good morning bloggers — hope you all had a good weekend. I’m happy to see you found your way over to my new blog!

Not a big knitting weekend — we had dinner Friday night with friends so
no knitting was done then.

But I did some knittin’ on Valtos on Saturday — here is a photo of it in progress. And here is a close up of the pattern.

Got a good amount done on Saturday and not so much done on Sunday as we attended an outdoor wedding reception (Caroline — we did find our way to Patapsco Park).

I remember why it is that I love texture patterns so much. It’s so much fun watching the pattern grow as I knit it, and in 3-D, no less! I get an architectural thrill from it.

I said it before and I’ll say it again: I love Knitty! If you haven’t already, go check it out.

Thanks to those of you who sent me fan mail about my Knitty article.

Didja see? I’ve moved!

I did a redirect on my old blog to take you to my new, oh-so-much cooler blog! So please update your links and bookmarks — I’m here at for good. Kate, Theresa, Ivete, and Shetha had already found me (what clever girls!), so I figured it was time to go public.

My tag-board is still here, over to your right, and I’ve kept the links to the archives on my old blog (further down on the right), so you can go back and review my old pearls of wisdom.

I’ve been blogging for six months now. Wow! Seems like it was only yesterday . . .

Valtos Update — again!

Ivete suggested that maybe I ought to try using the close-up setting on my camera to photograph Valtos. Thanks Ivete! I obviously need to do some tweaking, but I think that’ll help alot. Look here. It’s a little fuzzy, but you can see the pattern better.

And just for grins, here is a pic of a ball of the yarn.

Valtos Update

Since I’m posting here, a Valtos update seems like a good idea. I’m probably slightly less than halfway done with the ribbing. There’s a whole heckuva lot of ribbing — like 6 inches of it.

It’s gonna be really really heard to document my progress photographically. Because the wool is a dark color and I have a hard time getting a decent photo that shows detail. With or without the flash.

The solution is probably to photograph it in natural daylight. Easier said than done what with me being at work all day and the days getting shorter . . .


Okay, it’s official. It’s not just me. Other people don’t like Zauberflöte. They said so in my comments.

There’s a photo of someone else’s Zaub-in-progress here. And the colors are the same as mine. And I don’t like them. So there.