My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


And the winner is . . .

Amy, of Indigirl!

Amy wins the Folk Socks book with her offer of marble magnets and . . . gasp . . . drool . . . Canadian chocolate!

Thanks to every one who made me an offer. I wish I had enough books for everyone as it was really tough to choose.

Oldie But Goodie

Izzy wanted to introduce today’s blast from my past:


Okay Izzy, get off the sweater.


This is another beloved sweater. It’s from an old issue of Knitters (before 1992 I think) and I think it’s a Meg Swansen design. Correct me if I’m wrong. (Judy just corrected me — it’s by Dorothy Ratigan. Thanks, Judy!)

If anyone can tell me which issue it’s from I’d be very grateful. I’d like to see if I can get hold of this pattern again as I love it and would love to knit another one. It’s beautifully constructed — note how the cables match on each side of the armhole decreases. And I’m a sucker for braids and knots.

The wool is from Schoolhouse Press, whatever their basic aranweight wool is, the name escapes me right now. Rangeley wool? If I wasn’t so lazy I’d go to their website and look. But I am. Lazy.

Speaking of Knitters, I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one who is thoroughly disenchanted with it of late. Listen to your readers, guys!

Brief Encounter du Jour

Yesterday I ran into the office redneck. She gave me a look and said, “You cut your hair didn’t you?” I said yes and she said “Did you cut it yourself?” I said no. She stared at me and said “Oh well, I guess it’ll grow.”

This is the same woman who often compliments me on my clothes and says “That’s real country, isn’t it? Did you get that at Kmart?” (I almost always wear vintage Carole Little dresses and suits.) She’s not trying to be nasty or anything — it’s just the way she is. It takes all kinds . . .

Fulmar Update

I’m shaping the neck on the front and cast on last night for the back, so I could start the back ribbing on this morning’s commute. I cast on for the back so I’m ready to go. Which reminds me . . . gotta go!


  1. Well, you knew I would find it for you- Knitter’s #16, Fall 1989. By Dorothy Ratigan. Back when Knitter’s was good and not a freak show : )

  2. Thank you!!!! I corrected my blog entry. Now I gotta see if I can find Knitters #16 . . .

  3. Wendy, that is a gorgeous sweater! The yarn reminds me of a beautiful Candide shade thaI used for a vest for my daughter. These linds of sweaters make me happy that I am a knitter! Have you ever seen the Candide cardigan that was in a special booklet by Reynolds a few years back. I just cannot remember the name of it, but I do remember Patternworks featured it for Candide as an Ode to Handknitting. Does that ring a bell? I have always wanted to make that sweater, and think it is something you would love.

  4. Doesn’t ring a bell, Kateri. But of course, now I WANT that pattern. Sigh. I might have a whole passle of salmon colored Candide in my stash. Or maybe it’s Briggs & Little? I haven’t visited that section of my stash lately . . .

  5. Okay, I am off to hunt for it… I know it is there somewhere!!!! I will email you a photo of it if I find it.

  6. Thanks — I’d love to see it! 🙂

  7. Here is a little quote for those of you who like to knit two socks at once… couldn’t resist.

    “Anna Makarovna has finished her stocking” said Countess Marya…. They meant two stockings, which, by a secret known only to her, Anna makarovna used to knit on her needles simultaneously. When the pair was finished, she always made a sloemn ceremony of pulling one stocking out of the other in the presence of the children.
    ~War and Peace, 1869
    Leo Tolstoy

  8. If I learn to type one day, it would be a good thing….
    sloemn = solemn

  9. Ooh! Ooh! I remember reading that when I plowed through “War and Peace” in college and thinking “how cool!” (I took a semester on Russian literature and was so depressed by the end of the semester I could barely drag myself out of bed.)

  10. Caroline F says:

    Well, we could all invoke the pattern fairy… who must surely have access to Knitters 16 as she has EVERYTHING. Oh Great Fairy and so on.. no, that doesn’t sound right…

  11. you have mail!

  12. Caroline, I’ve already been contacted by a lovely Pattern Fairy . . .

    And to my Pattern Fairy: xoxoxo

  13. One more knitting quote, and then I have to get to work!

    ~ Knitting is a distinct virtue. It’s reflective and repetitive. Whenever you are engaged in doing a purely repetitive thing, your mind can reflect upon life.
    Geoffrey Fisher
    Archbishop of Canterbury, 1945-1961

  14. That is truly one of the most beautiful sweaters I’ve ever seen. I love it!

  15. Ooooh,Izzy! You look pretty in pink!

  16. The only disadvantage to you showing us your “old awesome, much lusted after, knitting designs” is that now we all want it and can’t have it. I’m not sure I was born yet when Knitters #16 was published, and I didn’t have a pattern fairy to get me a birth subscription. boo…hoo….

    Don’t stop showing us your awesome work though! I’ll go sulk in silence now…

  17. Caroline F says:

    See Wendy I knew you had a pattern fairy. It’s like Peter Pan said, you have to believe….teeheehee

  18. I do believe! I do believe!

  19. If it’s still in print, there’s a book called “Double Knitting” by Beverly Royce..she has a pattern for how to make Anna Makarovna’s Secret Stockings…

  20. Izzy is not in a lewd pose she/he is simply playing the cello – my cats are adapt at the same instrument