My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



Yesterday’s snow day was good.


The snow continued on halfway through the afternoon. Izzy and I got a lot accomplished.


Izzy helped me refold the sweaters in my cedar chest.


She helped me do laundry.


She helped me wrap Christmas gifts.


How did she help? By supervising, of course!


I got some work done on Fulmar.


But as you can see, Izzy was worn out by this time!


I was wiped out too. I woke up shortly after 3:00 a.m., and couldn’t fall back asleep. Didn’t get the word on liberal leave until after I took a shower, which woke me up for good. And I had a really busy morning, so was totally drained by noon.

There’s no such thing as a restful day off!

Today’s Old Sweater

Another one from Marion Foale’s Classic Knitwear.


A close-up of the collar:


This is knitted in a shetland-type wool, fingering weight. The close-up photo is more true to color. The entire sweater is knitted in seed stitch, so you can tell I was a masochist when I was younger.


The winter issue of Knitty is up! For your convenience, this is a direct link to my article.

Still lots of snow out there (I think the official snowfall yesterday was 6.1 inches), and it’s in the 20s. It’s time for me to drive very carefully to the train station. Take care and have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Your feature in Knitty is WONDERFUL, Wendy!!

  2. Thanks Theresa — love your fulled slippers. And your Techniques article is great. Wonderful photos too. Our guys take great pictures, don;t they? 🙂

  3. Caroline F says:

    I refolded the sweaters in my cedar chest yesterday, too! Also I sewed my little hand-knit-by-caroline labels into them. Usually we pet our stashes but don’t pay much attention to our stash of FOs so that was fun!

  4. Yep, they sure do!!

  5. Caroline, great minds think alike!

  6. Great article, Wendy! I’ve got it printed out for my knitting notebook. BTW, you really should quit working Izzy so hard.

  7. Yes, Izzy did have a rough day yesterday! Supervising me is apparently hard work.

  8. Thanks for the peek into your cedar chest! I’m envious of the snow though : (

  9. Serena said to tell Izzy she ought to ask for a raise if you’re going to give her these kinds of supervisory responsibilities.

  10. Wendy, do you line the cedar chest with anything? I had a towel in mine one time that turned brown… so, I am a little scared to put the sweaters in.

    Great article in knitty!

  11. Hi Gwen — no, I don’t line it. I’ve never had a problem. It’s a very old cedar chest, belonged to my great-aunt. Perhaps it’s good and dried out because of its age.

  12. Caroline F says:

    Hey, me too! The sweaters on the bottom had reddish dust on them that I had to brush off. I woped the inside out with a damp paper towel and got lots of reddish something or other off, but I’m not sure there won’t be more. Wonder why that is. Maybe I should line it.

  13. I put plain white paper towels in the bottom of my drawer. Sometimes it gives off a brown dust. I also thought it might also absorb any stray moisture.

  14. Lindsey-Brooke says:

    Finally made it up our icy hill today! Spent yesterday shovelling snow and cleaning cars for elderly neighbors in return for hot chocolate! The few cars that made it up the hill yesterday drew cheers from those of us wielding shovels! Even the mailman abandoned his truck and walked the whole route! Spent the afternoon knitting on Inishmaan and some socks and later switched to size 17 needles(what a shock to my fingers!) to knit a boa-like thingy out of peacock Fluff and green Aura (impulse purchases that have been hanging around) to wear to our office party tonight. Glad you could lay low too, Wendy! Loved your pictures today and yesterday—could it be that Izzy is your secret blocking method? I’m on my way to reading the new Knitty! Can’t wait!

  15. Wendy: I love the article in Knitty! I was just wondering if you’ve tried the slip stitch toe? I THINK it comes out the same or similar to the figure 8 toe & you can use the long tail cast on with it or maybe the thumb cast on (I can’t remember which I found most effective..either would work, tho)…cast one about half the stitches you need (even number), knit 1 slip 1 across,turn & knit 1 slip 1 across…
    Then you take 2 dpns & alternately slip the stitches onto the 2 needles & voila…it’s not as tight as the figure 8 toe… before you start knitting & increasing to the full number of stitches you’ll need for the foot, look at the space in between the 2 needles & decide which side you want for the outside of the toe & start knitting…

    re: Izzy: I think your blog entry for December 6 would make a wonderful children’s picture book!


  16. Hi Wendy!

    I’m trying to guess where the term “liberal leave” comes from (not being a government employee myelf!). My guesses are:

    1. The leave days are unlimited based on circumstances and fall outside of the standard days off (holidays, vacation, etc)

    2. They are given freely or you can take them freely.

    3. They were granted to gvt. employees based on a democratic party initiative.

    heehee…my question was really just to make a joke with number three…but I realize that the joke does have a fair chance of being the real reason!!

    We were directed to take ALL vacation, etc. by the end of the year for accounting reasons. They don’t want any vacation to carry over to next year (usually we could carry over up to two weeks). Needless to say, I’ll get a few extra days off, which is really nice. Plus, even on the days when I am in the office, practically everyone else is off, which makes my life much better!!

    How long did you live in Worcester and what were the years? I lived in Southboro and Westboro for the first 10 years of my life (1966 – 1976). I’m a big fan of MA.