My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


I’m ba-a-ack

Yes, I’m back to the blog. I had a great few days off, now I’m going back to work for a couple of days. Then the rest of the week on vacation again.

Thank you all for your good wishes for the holidays. We had a lovely time and a nice rest.

Izzy is still thinking about resting:


I did a lot of work on my design for Knitty, so I don’t have alot in knitting news to talk about. But I did also start an Opal sock. It’s from the Southwest Collection, color number 6.

Opal sock

So I’m back to my sock knitting.

But please do check out my buddy Geane’s big FO! The SL 2002 pullover, which she made as a Christmas gift for her father-in-law. Ain’t it gorgeous?

And hey, guess what? I got an Ott Light for Christmas. I’m looking forward to experimenting with indoor knitting photography using it.

I’ll be starting my next “big” project soon — the Virgin jacket from Norsk Strikkedesign. But I won’t be making a jacket — I’m converting it to a pullover.

An annoying thing about the Norsk Strikkedesign book: all the charts are in color. The Virgin jacket chart is in dark red and black. I always make a working copy of charts when I’m knitting a pattern that’s in a bound book. It’s hard to keep your book looking good if you knit directly from it.

No luck in photocopying that for a working copy. It was suggested to me that I ought to go to Kinkos and have a color copy made. It was also suggested to me that I probably know more about making color copies and scanning than a Kinkos clerk, which is undoubtedly true. So I experimented with scanning it, and finally succeeded in getting a working copy. I achieved this by lightening the scanned image quite a bit before printing on a color printer. Necessity is indeed the mother of invention.

Have a good Monday!


  1. You are gonna be amazed with that Ott light. I bet it will work perfectly for your photography. Have a happy new year and tell Izzy not to party too hearty!

  2. Welcome back,Wendy! Have fun with your Ott light—it’s also great for matching navy and black socks! Geanne—terrific job on the SLC and it looks great on him!

  3. I thought those color charts were a really dumb idea. The ones in the Vogue Scarves book are nearly as bad. These old eyes need some contrast in a chart. Thanks for the idea of scanning them lighter. Now I just need to figure out how to work my scanner.

  4. Gawd, I hate that Strikkegarn book, for exactly that reason – I was shocked when I received it in the mail and saw those charts. Like I’m going to spend 5 bucks at Kinko’s every time I want a usable working copy made, it’s already too expensive, IMO.

  5. I use my scanner for all working copies. I can resize, change the colors, etc.

    Looking forward to the new Knitty!

  6. Welcome back Wendy! I used my Ottlite to photograph the mitten in my blog in the December 19th entry. The rest of the room was very dark but the Ottlite enabled me to photograph it with no flash.

  7. Your friend’s sweater is amazing!

  8. Hi,Wendy.
    Aren’t you going to tell us about your other presents ? ;-]
    Nice sock. I really like the Opal Southwestern collection.I really like a nice sock !