My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


New Year’s Eve


New Year’s Eve is special for Izzy and me . . . it’s our anniversary.

On the afternoon of December 31, 1986, I stopped by a friend’s house. Her son had just returned home to live and had brought a six-month old kitten named Emily with him. He had picked up Emily on the side of a highway in Richmond, Virginia when she was a tiny kitten in late Summer 1986 after seeing her being tossed from a moving car.

There was already an elderly cat living there who was not amused at having her territory invaded by a newcomer. So Emily was relegated to the basement pending disposition of her case and had been there about a week.

When I was over there that afternoon they “accidentally” let Emily out of the basement. She ran up the stairs, jumped in my lap, turned around a couple of times, settled down, and gave a huge sigh. And gazed up at me adoringly.

At this point they were already getting out a box for me to take her home in.

I already had four cats and did not need another one, but of course she came home with me. I renamed her Isolde, because all the other cats had Arthurian names: Arthur, Kay, Bedivere, and Tristan. (And the dear departed Gawain.)

So Izzy and I always look back fondly on New Year’s Eve.

In knitting news . . .

I worked on my Knitty project last night. No photos of anything, I’m afraid. Did you ever have one of those days where everything that could possibly go wrong did? That was me yesterday. Everything I attempted to accomplish at work exploded in my face, and even the commute in and out was a nightmare.

So I didn’t even attempt to play with my Ott Light. I figured I’d break it.

Emma asked about the rest of my Christmas presents. Well, other than the Ott Light, I didn’t get a lot of knitting related stuff. But I did get some size 0 Addi turbos I needed, the Knitters’ Stash book, and the “knitting stitch a day” perpetual calendar. and my good friend Geane, she of the the SL 2002 FO I blogged about yesterday, gave me a generous gift certificate to Bea Ellis Knitwear which I’m looking forward to using!

I do have a birthday looming on the horizon, so maybe I’ll get more knitting books then.


  1. Lindsey-Brooke says:

    You and Izzy were obviously meant for each other! Wonderful cats come off of Richmond highways! My Molly and Lucky were “dumped” a year apart on I-64 behind my house and made their way to me! Yet another lovely photo of Izzy—I think you could make a coffee-table book to sell to us! Hope today is a better day,Wendy—go bask under your Ottlite!

  2. Happy New Year Wendy! And all!

  3. Very cute Izzy story….happy anniversary Wendy & Izzy!

  4. Happy New Year everybody!

    Wendy, did you shorten the sleeves of Dalriada? Decrease faster than the pattern? remember??

  5. I did decrease faster but I didn’t shorten them — I made Dalriada for Ian and the sleeve length was just right for him.

  6. I followed the pattern (I think)but the first sleeve is about 2 cm longer. I think I will measure a fav sweater and decide if I want to change it. I have pretty long arms. Do you remember what shaping you used?

  7. Sorry, don’t remember. I’m pretty sure that I just increased more frequently. Like, if the pattern said to increas every fourth row, I did every third row.

  8. Great Izzy story. Pets are the best. We love sharing our pets’ adoption stories with our kids (and they like hearing them again and again). Happy Anniversary to you and Izzy, Happy New Year’s.

  9. Happy Anniversary (and New Years)! I love to hear stories about (ahem) “older” kitties. My parents’ cats have all lived to be well over 20 and when I tell people that they look at me in disbelief. (Mine are spring chickens aged 9 & 10). Beautiful and inspirational knitting–and Izzy’s pictures are a bonus!