My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Contest Day!

First off, many of you had problems getting on my blog yesterday. My apologies.

Because I put so many photos in my blog, it eats up bandwidth and when I’ve reached my limit, my provider makes the site unavailable.

In light of this unfortunate situation, I’m going to start putting the photos on my other server and link to them in my blog, so that less bandwidth is used up here when my readers access my site. This should all be fairly transparent to you all, though perhaps the photos will load in a little slower. And there’s a chance I’ll exceed my bandwidth limit on the other server. But if that happens, you’ll still get to my blog — the photos just won’t show.

It’s a bit of a pain to do it this way, but it’s the only way to keep my blog easily accessible to you guys without shelling out big bucks for extra bandwidth. And I don’t mind the extra bother because I love you guys. Kissy kissy kissy.

Is anyone barfing yet?

But on to the regular business at hand.

Another great surprise yesterday morning . . .

This one from Véronique in Switzerland. Look! Look!

Knitter's Watch

A knitting watch! Isn’t it cute? The photo doesn’t do it nearly the justice it deserves. It has a tiny knitting basket under the crystal, with real balls of yarn, tiny knitting needles, and even a miniscule pair of stork scissors! I wore it all day yesterday after receiving it (and am wearing it today) and it makes me smile every time I looked at it. Thank you Véronique! I love it!

And another surprise!

Look what I got in the mail yesterday:


This is the lovely Koigu scarf that Joe knitted for me, after my shameless begging over on his blog. As Teresa said, I am a fiber hussy! The scarf is lovely and I am delighted to have it. My photo is not completely accurate for color, but those of you who voted on which scarf Joe should send me picked well — the colorway is perfect for me. Thanks Joe!


Here it is! The long-awaited blog contest.

Pictured below is a pile of yarn. Can you guess what sweater it is destined to become? These are the colors called for in the pattern, I’ve not made any substitutions to try to fool you! If you want to hazard a guess, send me an email by clicking on “Contact Me” under “Links” in the sidebar. In the event of a tie, I’ll draw a name. The prize is Knitter’s Stash, the wonderful book shown in yesterday’s blog entry.


Contest closes 5:00pm EST this Thursday. If no one guesses correctly I’ll give you a hint. Okay, here’s a hint to start with — it’s a fair isle. Duh.

Good luck!

Current WIP

And here is the updated photo of the virgin sweater.


I’ve been having problems photographing this danged sweater because when I crop and save, the picture becomes extremely fuzzy at my normal compression settings. Something about back and red just makes my image editing software uncooperative! So I’ve been saving at a lower compression for a better quality picture. This has, I’m sure, contributed to the bandwidth problems. Sigh. so I’m afraid you all get a small photo today.


  1. I can recommend hosting with

    If you buy the advanced plan, you get 10GB of bandwidt… That should be enough, right? If it’s a bit expensive, it’s great to share too. 🙂

  2. Thanks Marit, but that’s actually 5GB less than I have now. I get lots of traffic here!

  3. I’d like to have a watch like that,but I’ll bet they couldn’t fit Lindsey-Brooke in there! Maybe L-B? Joe did a wonderful job on your scarf—Koigu’s one of my favorite yarns! I knitted a shawl out of 10 autumn-colored colorways I chose from the Koigu Painter’s Palette yarns and it came out magnificent! Where’s Izzy today?

  4. Hey Wendy – what a cool watch! I adore the ‘I ‘heart’ knitting’ bit at the top and your name – too cool that they can personalize them that way.
    I love the colours of the mystery pattern yarn – I’ll not be guessing though as 1) I already have the book and 2) I get frustrated when I’m not right so I’ll not take the risk, heh heh.

  5. Wouldn’t want you to do anything risky, Kate. 😉

    L-B, Izzy was playing Garbo yesterday when the camera was out. “I vant to be alone.”

  6. The watch is just too cute! You are one Birthday Blessed Fiber Hussy! Everyday I read about your gifts and feel so happy for you! You really do give a lot to your fiber friends and you deserve everything they are giving to you!

    The Koigu scarf is well worth whatever it was you had to do to get it – evil grin –

    I like Kate will not be participating in your contest since I also have “Knitter’s Stash”. But if you put up those 5 bars of dark chocolate from yesterday’s post…

  7. I’m glad that the scarf came close enough to her birthday that it continues the gobsmacking. Wendy, you make the scarf look good…and I’m glad you like it.

  8. Well, I won’t be trying this contest either because I have NO idea where to start looking (actually, I have one guess on the designer, but she has so many books I couldn’t begin to find it). (Plus I have the book already, too.) But boy oh boy would I like a sweater in that colorway!!! We’ll see how I do with my current Fair Isle first! (It’s on a nice manageable size 8 needle.) Have a nice day!


  9. WAAAHHHH!! Wendy gets all the good stuff–no fair!! Just kidding. Reading your blog during all this “gobsmacking” has been the highlight of my day. I wake up wondering what Wendy’s gonna get today. Could this be your birthday YEAR?? btw–i love-LOVE-that watch, tooooooo cute!!

  10. Maybe I’m part kitty… I have an almost uncontrollable urge to dive into that pile of beautiful yarn! I have no idea what the sweater will be, but I suggest you skip the sweater and curl up with Izzy on all that yarn. 😉

  11. catherine (Brussels) says:

    oh ! your contest is very difficult !! I cannot find the answerd and I am impatient to read what’s the next sweater you’ll knit. As we say in French, for giving up : “Je donne ma langue au chat”. (I give my tongue to the cat). Izzy would like it… 😉
    PS, the Virgin sweater looks sooooooooo gooood

  12. Wendy, you must have eyes like a hawk to be able to see the charts in that book – I had to send the book back – couldn’t read them, couldn’t make a usable photocopy/enlargement of any of them.