My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



I repeat, wow!

Twas a good day in Gift Faerie-land!

Here’s what I found yesterday morning:


This is a darling little sachet bag from Theresa of Still Point — another of my favorite daily reads. She knitted it from her own handspun, and inside is a fragrant bar of Crabtree & Evelyn lavender soap. Theresa said it’s to put with my stash to keep it sweet-smelling, but I think I need to keep it where I can see it all day for at least one more day because it’s so beautiful. Thank you so much Theresa! I emailed you yesterday — hope you got it.

And then yesterday afternoon the Gift Faerie flitted in to my office with another surprise! (My Gift Faerie is out of the office today so this is apparently today’s surprise a day early. She’s so well-organized, my Gift Faerie!)



From the wonderful Kateri, of Gifted Hands — a devoted reader of my blog. These are beautiful birch needles with cute little ceramic tops. Aren’t they great? They are fully functional as knitting needles, but I think I will stand them up in a mug in my knitting area so I can enjoy looking at them when they are not in use. And thank you, Kateri!

Again, wow.


Started a new sock on the train yesterday — this is from the Lang Jawoll sockyarn that was my surprise gift from Sabine in Berlin. Sabine, you are right — this is wonderful sock yarn. And the colorway is perfect for brightening up a dreary winter day!


Virgin Sweater

The virgins are back!


I have finished all the virgins now, and am in the boring, repetitive upper part of the body. It’s a repeating flower pattern and I realize that I find that far less interesting than the intriguing lower part where every row is different.

The sleeves are done totally in this borring pattern (insert ominous music here) with a single larger motif that goes up the sleeve. Yawn.

Izzy sez “meow!”



  1. What cool gifts today! I have an herb garden and hang lavender all around the yarn that I leave hanging on the wall—no moths for me! So, hang your bag up with some yarn and you can admire both! Virgins are gorgeous! The pattern didn’t inspire me, but the more I see of yours, it might get added to my list!

  2. What lovely gifts! Lavender is one of my most favorite scents — that and gardenia. (But I don’t think gardenias would help against moths.)

    I like the virgins a lot — even with the smallish picture I can see how serene they are (and how neat and small their noses are!). But based on your post about the boring pattern, I’m sensing a design change to a vest!


  3. Andrea, don’t laugh, but it did cross my mind that I ought to change it to a vest. But I won’t because I rarely wear vests!

  4. Wow…the gift faeries sure have been kind to you!! And such nice gifts they’ve all been. And despite my staunch opposition to anything mildly resembling fair isle, I’m LOVING the Virgins!!!