My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



A festive dinner last night because I get to sleep late today:


Today is a holiday so I’ll not be venturing out to work. No siree! (Doncha love my new margarita glass?)

My Gift Faerie and Deity have been very very good to me.

On Friday I received this:


A beautiful magnet clip that will be very useful for my disorganized self! The photo doesn’t show the color well — it’s really a beautiful purple.

This gift is from Melissa, whose blog Loose Ends is another of my must-reads. By the way, if you haven’t seen her post about the bunny puppets from a week or so ago, run don’t walk over there and look at them. They are exquisite.

Melissa, thank you for the beautiful and useful gift!

And Saturday brought this:


And this:


More wonderful yummy Valrhona chocolate and beautiful glitzy Opal Royal sock yarn, from Katherine, also a January birthday girl, of Wabi Sabi.

How delighted I was with the chocolate goes without saying, and the sock yarn . . . well, I’d heard of Opal Royal but had yet to see it “in person.” I love it! Disco socks, here I come! Thanks so much Katherine!

And then on Sunday . . .


Homemade fudge, courtesy of Carolyn, Kate’s sister! Wow! I was so touched and delighted to get this. And it’s as yummy as it looks — we can testify to that. Thanks Carolyn!


Sock Yarn Question

Friday night my mom called me to ask me to remind her of the washing instructions for the socks I gave my Dad for Christmas. Apparently he has worn them for two days straight because of the cold snap. Mom says his feet have been warmer in those socks than any others he owns. She managed to talk him into letting her wash them, finally.

So I’m thinking I need to knit him more socks. I made those out of sportweight Regia — my Dad wears a size 13 shoe so I wanted to use something larger than sock yarn so I’d finish them in my lifetime.

The question is — what other larger gauge sock yarns do you recommend? I need wool or wool blend and machine washable. Thanks!

Virgin Sweater

In between stuffing my face with chocolate and fudge, I finished the body of the virgin sweater. The pattern tells you to decrease at the neckline and work back and forth. I employed a neck steek instead:


I did a steek for the back neck too.

Here’s the completed body, all mushed up with the neck steeks.


I’ve started a sleeve, so there’ll be a progress pic of that tomorrow. I won’t be at my computer all day because it’s a holiday, but I’ll be checking in from time to time. Happy Monday all!


  1. We have been on holiday today as well. It is Wellington’s Anniversary Day. I knitted a few rounds of Roscalie this morning before it got too warm. Wendy your Foolish Virgins looks lovely.
    Enjoy your day. Stephanie

  2. Wendy,

    How many stitches is the steek? How do you decide how many to put in? And do you always alternate the colors?

    The sweater looks beautiful.

    Have you thought about using the thicker weight Regia? I have a couple of skeins but haven’t tried it yet. I think if you went with a worsted weight superwash it would be too mushy.

    Have a great day off!

  3. i love joslyn’s fiber farm yarn for socks, she makes a lovely superwash yarn. also lorna’s laces sport weight. your virgins are delectable! have fun on your day off!

  4. Wendy, my husband and dad both like a heavier sock for their boot socks. I’ve used Regia 6-ply which is great. I have also used OnLine Supersocke 6 ply which is a wool/nylon blend much like the Regia 6. I got mine at here in Canada, but you could probably find it anywhere.

  5. I’ve been working on a pair of socks in Accessories Unlimited “Yarn for Sox” and like it a lot. It’s definitely pretty thick and wooly. Oh. Wait, never mind. It’s not machine washable.

  6. Hi Wendy,
    I would also suggest the Online Linie 7 or so it is? Its a 6 ply and wears very well, better than the Regia in my opinion.
    I do use the Jawoll sock wool for my husband who notoriously destroys all other store bought socks, these so far have been great. They come with their own reinforcement thread and look nice. The Jawoll is the thinner one though just like 4 ply.


  7. Love the glass,Wendy! What’s in the lower part that looks like pink fish swimming around?

  8. The sweater is awesome (and so are your nails! : )

  9. You could be a hand model! (Must be all the exercise they get kitting!) Hey, or you could write a self-help book that makes knitting the new exercise craze and promise that it will keep our hands from looking like our mothers’. (Too late for me and I’m only 33).

  10. Leslie Petrovski says:

    I’m mad for Judy Ditmore’s Toasty Toes. It’s a handpainted merino superwash and she does some funky stuff with color! Her url is, but she no longer sells Toasty Toes off her site. Check out her list of retailers.

  11. Wendy — thanks for pointing out the Loose Ends site — her bunnies are beautiful. My mom also does doll making and now I just have to show her this because it is such a beautiful combination of knitting and doll making (and because I am wondering if she could do something similar for me ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

  12. Wendy,

    I have really been enjoying your site, I read it daily.

    Regarding knitting socks for your Dad, three years ago I gave my 80-year-old Dad 2 pairs of hand-knit socks for Christmas. After washing a pair everyday for ten days straight, my Mom called asking for more as they were all he would wear. He now gets socks for every gifting occasion and hasn’t worn any other socks since this all began. (I think he is up to 12 pairs now). There was a fight at my niece’s wedding bacause Mom made him wear black dress socks. I made him some plain black and grey socks for Christmas this year, but his favorite pair is blue and orange checks.

  13. I made hubby some socks out of a double strand of lion brand woolease. His workplace is out of a guy’s house so they go shoe-less and he found he was getting cold feet…….these babies kept his feet nice and toasty. As an added bonus, a double strand of woolease knits up like LIGHTENING! Here is the pattern I used:

  14. Thanks Wendy! I’ll check it out ๐Ÿ™‚