My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Tuesday Back at Work

Well it was fun while it lasted. The day off, I mean. Did a little housework, did a lot of knitting. See what an exciting, on-the-edge existence I have?

Izzy had a mellow day.


Speaking of fun, look at this!


This adorable needlecase was my gift yesterday, from the extremely talented Tracy, of Fiberfever. Tell me this isn’t the cutest needlecase you’ve ever seen. Tracy made it herself (!!) from a fabric that has little cowgirls all over it, lined with a lovely green plaid. Note the little strap across the top to hold the needles in place. And also note that the needle pockets go up in size to accomodate fatter needles.

When I roll it up thusly:


There’s a sassy little cowgirl dead center in the middle of it!

Thank you so much, Tracy!

Virgin Sweater

I machine stitched up all my steeks yesterday. In answer to a question in my comments, I do always alternate the colors in the steek — makes it easier to carry the colors along. I did 8-stitch steeks for the front and back neck.

Here’s the body of the sweater with the neck steeks cut:


And here’s the first sleeve:


Boring, but made bearable by the central motif that travels down the back of the sleeve.

Sock Yarn

Thanks for all the suggestions for sportwight sock yarn for my Dad’s socks. I made the first pair out of Regia 6, but wanted to try something else because the colors I’ve found in Regia 6 are sort of limited. So I appreciate all the advice!


  1. Damn, damn, damn! I knew I would be drooling at the beauty of this sweater, and so I am. I love the so obvious contrast between the nice proper wise virgins with their balletic arms and the streely foolish virgins with their sloppy hems. They’re what’re called, I believe, in lovely Newfoundlandish English “sleeveens”.
    Such nice work, Wendy; such awesome mellow colors.

  2. Hi,Izzy! (I wanted to put you first for a change!)
    I definitely like your Virgin version much better,Wendy! The sleeve design would make a great pair of gloves or wristwarmers! Oh, and the needle holder is fantabulous—kudos to Tracy! There is sooo much talent swirling around these blogs! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Thanks Kathy and L-B! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. A little bit of housework and lots of knitting is MY kind of day off! I’m hoping to do just that today as my crazy schedule makes today technically my MLK Holiday. Add to that the cold temps and grey day. PERFECT!!

    The Virgins are beautiful! As usual I’m in awe at how quickly you knit.

  5. Hi Wendy (and Izzy, too),

    Love the sweater. I also love the needlecase. I tried making one but mine didn’t come out that well. I guess I will have to try again.

  6. Wow! Tracy, those cowgirls are hotties! Maybe they’ll share beauty secrets with the foolish virgins? What a super gift!

    Hey Wendy, how ’bout double stranding your regular sock yarn? Maybe some solid ~~ooops, that would be boring, hmm?

  7. Caroline F says:

    Kathy – interesting about ‘sleeveens’ – I love being Ms Language Person and seeing how words travel – I would guess that’s an import that came with the Irish, from ‘sliabhin’ which is pronounced the same and means, essentially, those rubes from the mountains – hicks.

  8. Hey, Caroline, I think the definition I’ve heard most often from those of the NFLD persuasion is “rascal”, but I believe you’re quite right about the source. Anyway, they look like hicks from here.

  9. I agree. Hicks. ๐Ÿ˜‰