My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Cute Stuff!

Cute stuff! That’s what my Gift Faerie left for me yesterday morning! A lovely bag of fun things from Suzanne B.!


Isn’t that a great little bag? I think it’s perfect for schlepping around my sock-in-progress. And inside:


A cute little decorative kitty that says “Blessed are the purr in heart . . . ” I know Izzy will approve.

A kit to knit a little sheep ornament. This is great! I’ve never seen this little kit before and it’s adorable. The white yarn to knit the little sheep appears to be mohair, so the sheep will be fuzzy.

And a tube of wonderful hand cream! Odie and I both tried it and it’s very nice — vanishes completely, the way hand cream should. This will be very handy (pardon my pun) in combating the cold and the industrial strength soap they have in the restrooms at work.

Thank you Suzanne!

More Cute Stuff!

My Gift Faerie visited me again in the afternoon, with a gift for today, as she;s out of the office on Thursdays. How cute are these?

sock yarn

Tell me these aren’t the cutest little buttons! A gift from Lola L.! My coworkers and I spent a few minutes playing with them and someone suggested that I should use both the cats and the mice on the same sweater. I think that’s a very cute idea! Izzy seemed quite taken with them when I bought them home. She seemed to be unduly interested in the mice so I kept a sharp eye on her, lest she think they were snacks. But I’m pleased to report, all the little mice are still intact! Lola, thank you so much. ๐Ÿ™‚

WendyKnits presents:

My Sweater Oscars!

Yesterday Purl asked me which of my sweaters are my favorites to wear. What a great question! I had to stop and think about it a little.

The ugly truth is that none of them get a lot of wear. The climate is just not quite cold enough here for a lot of heavy sweater wearing.

Until this winter. Yipes! It’s been chilly! When hauling out sweaters to wear, I realized that I do have some favorites to wear — which were not necessarily my favorites to knit. So without further ado, the Sweater Oscars!

Category: Best Performance by a Dale of Norway Pullover

And the winner is: Jubileum!

Category: Best Performance by a Dale of Norway Cardigan

And the winner is: Kongsberg!

Category: Best Performance by an Alice Starmore Aran

And the winner is: Bodega Bay!

Category: Best Performance by an Alice Starmore Fair Isle

And the winner is: Luskentyre!

Category: Best Performance by a Lace Shawl

And the winner is: Summer in Kansas!

Category: Best Performance by a Pair of Socks

And the winner is: Purple Iris Socks

Okay, I’m cheating on the socks category, as the winner is a pair of socks I made for my mom. But I think they are the prettiest socks I’ve made.

And speaking of socks . . .

Here’s a photo of my sock in progress, knitted from Lang Jawoll (thanks again, Sabine!)


Don’t you love how nicely it patterns? It looks like little waves in the Mediterranean Sea.

I wish I were near the Mediterranean Sea right now. It’s way cold! But today I’m wearing Luskentyre.

Virgin Sweater Update

I’m still plugging away on the sleeve cap on the first sleeve, and I’m almost done. I think the blamed sleeve cap is taking as long to knit as the sleeve itself. Possibly because it’s not fun to knit so I have a tendency to toss it aside.

But I shall persevere.


  1. Great list Wendy. Thanks for sharing your favorites. I find that here in Maine I get overheated in sweaters. But not this winter! Yesterday, outside, it hurt to breath. It has been below zero each night/early morning for many days.

  2. Love the best perfomance list! Now, when do we get the best to knit list? (as you said, they’re not always the same).

  3. Best to knit would be tough — the list would be too long!

  4. Caroline F says:

    The Oscars were fun! Now, I suppose that once the gift fairy has finished with you, we can get more old knitted crap?

  5. Caroline, the truth is I’ve almost run out of old knitted crap — so much of my stuff that I’ve knitted I’ve given away to people.

    I do have “embarrassing old knitted crap” and if I can find that series of sweaters (they seem to be MIA) I’ll post photos of them.

    What are they?

    A long time ago I *ahem* knit sweaters depicting several Pink Floyd album covers.

    I hang my head in shame.

  6. That sheep ornament is fun to knit and it hung on my tree this year! You hit it right with your SIP—truly Mediterranean—warmed me up just to look at the picture! Keep those knitting fingers warm,Wendy!

  7. I’m with you on the winter stuff, Wendy. This is out of control! I’m going to have to knit faster to get my family outfitted for these freezing temps.

    I am so in awe of your knitting prowess, particularly your speed. And with those tiny needles, too! I’ll be happy if I make half the amount of sweaters you have in my whole life!

    Stay warm!!


  8. I can’t believe how cute those buttons are! If your gift fairy doesn’t take a break pretty soon, her wings are going to fall off! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. ok…. we’ve GOT to see the pink floyd sweaters!!

  10. Kathy, I hope I can find them!

    I’ve got sweaters for Animals, Wish You Were Here, and of course, Dark Side of the Moon. Actuall two for Dark Side — one in wool (Brown Sheep Lambs Pride) and one in cotton!

  11. OK – you are LUCKY – why does the Gift person visit you everyday? Are you in the industry??
    As a new reader – I am curious!

  12. Beth, I don’t know why I’m getting gifts every day — some kind person or persons organized it, but no one will tell me who, why, how, or where. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Well, your blog is GREAT – so you are deserving! Best not to question these things – falls in to the same category as:why did the boyfriend decide to walk my dog for me in the 0 degree weather? ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Pink floyd! Pink floyd! (That’s the sound of the swaying, blog-crowd cheering with their lighters, um. . ., *dpn’s* in the air. . .)
    What a hoot!

  15. What a beautiful collection of sweaters! Funny that it’s too warm where you live to wear some of them frequently. I live in the Southern U.S. and still try to wear a big heavy sweater once or twice a year (it was darn cold here today, but the 2 a.m. low was 18 degrees — somehow, I think that’s hot for you…) Anyway, fantastic blog and wonderful knitting. Thanks for sharing with us.

  16. I’m a dubliner too, according to the quiz dealy.

    and the sleeve is gorgeous. I’m quite jealous. ๐Ÿ™‚