My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


I am an Anarchist Knitter

It must be true because my friend Geane says so!

For here are yesterday’s gifts, from Geane:


Is this a great t-shirt or what?

And these:


Cute slipper sox with little sheep on them! And just right for when Kate’s Fuzzy Feet are a bit too warm. Now I have absolutely no excuse for walking around with bare feet and whining that my feet are cold.

Not that I ever do that . . .

Thank you Geane! For those of you who don’t know her, Geane is one of my knitting friends I actually know in person. Okay, she’s pretty much my only knitting friend I actually know in person. I wish she lived closer to me! Follow the link above to visit her website and admire her wonderful knitting. Here’s a photo of some of her FOs:


Her two adorable sons wearing their Dale of Norway Jubileum sweaters.

And if that weren’t enough . . .

Lookie what I got in the afternoon!


This handspun angora was spun by Caroline, whose blog Fiber Arts and Furry Critters is one of my daily reads. This yarn is to die for! I’ve been fondling it since receiving it and can barely stand to put it down!

Geane and Caroline . . . thank you!!

Hey Teresa! Lookie what came in the mail today!


Still on the Oregon Trail


I really am almost done with the ribbing. Honest. Izzy can’t believe how long it’s taking me.


Interweave Knits

I finally got my copy of the spring issue of Interweave Knits yesterday, so I was able to see the article on knitbloggers in print. Finally! I did see the article before it was submitted, but it was fun seeing it there in black and white. Page 6 at the bottom of the page, in case you haven’t seen it . . .

Happy Birthday, Dave!

Today is my older brother’s birthday. He is *cough, cough* years old. Here’s a photo of us taken a couple of years ago.

Dave and Wendy

FYI, in the photo I am wearing Inishmaan (I think the only time I’ve ever worn it) and Dave is wearing the blue shaker stitch sweater I knitted for him out of Plymouth Encore worsted.

Now tell me, ain’t we the cutest thangs you ever done seen?


  1. With the yarn for Rosecalie in the house I don’t think I’d be able to control myself. I’d be so tempted to take a day off and just knit. Maybe I could just take a few balls of yarn to keep in the drawer and seek a peek at.

  2. I also plan to do the Roscalie vest. But have to get a few things done before I buy the goods. I am excited that the new IK is in the mail. We had a frozen pipe 2 mornings ago and lost electricity yesterday morning. I have a feeling that a spring knitting mag is the only sign of spring that we’ll have for months!

  3. Oregon colors are so pretty. I’ve finally gotten a copy of Scottish Collection and can try that one myself!

  4. Laura, congrats on getting the Scottish Collection!

    My Roscalie is going to be the cardi — the cardi kit comes with the pattern for the vest and an insert with additional directions for the cardigan. I haven’t compared it to the pattern in “In the Hebrides” yet to see if there’s any differences, but I will eventually.

  5. Where did you purchase the Rosecalie cardi kit?

  6. Purl, I ordered it from Got here in 6 days … not bad, eh?

  7. Yeah for you!!! The colors are even more gorgeous in person aren’t they? I think Lapwing is the colorway’s magical color – everytime I work a band with it I’m in awe all over again.

    Wendy…maybe it’s your birthday YEAR…the gifts just keep on coming!

  8. The colors are indeed glorious! I hauled out “In the Hebrides” and looked at the photos of Roscalie in there — colors aren’t nearly as luminous, though I need to scrutinize my J&S color cards to see if that’s true — could be just lousy photo reproduction in the printing of the book.

    The five colors in the VY kit are all ones I’ve used before in Glenesk (I’m pretty sure) and they are gorgeous!

  9. You and Dave both look fab! You must be one of those people who suits lots of different hair colours (just like our Kate).

  10. Thanks Kathy! Actually, my hair is always pretty much the same color, though it looks dramatically different depending on the light it’s being photographed in and whether I blow-dried it or let it dry naturally. You should see my driver’s license photo — it looks dark brown there!

  11. Caroline F says:

    Oregon looks so pretty! Much bluer than I would ahve guessed from all the photos I’ve seen. And I have to admit… I do like corrugated ribbing…

  12. I like corrugated ribbing too — I just don’t like having to knit it.

  13. The new kit looks yummy… so do the presents. But that picture of you and Dave! You look so pretty and happy in it, with your big bright smile. 🙂

    are the patterns in the spring IK decent? i’m keeping my fingers firmly crossed….