My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Sock It to Me, Bay-beeee!

It’s all about the socks!

Because I finished my lovely Lang Jawoll socks, the wool for which was given to me by Sabine as part of my birthday month. Thanks Sabine! You can see them on the Mediterranean Sock page. (Because the colors do look like the Mediterranean Sea!) I really loved the Jawoll sock yarn — very soft and nice to knit and I love the way the colors pooled. A true pleasure to knit and I highly recommend it.

Thank you again, Sabine!

And I’ve got a new sock-in-progress, being knitted from the sock yarn given to me by Lindsey-Brooke. The yarn is Dancing Feet, from Joslyn’s Fiber Farm. If you’ve never experienced this wool, buy some. Do yourself a favor! It’s not only drop-dead gorgeous, but it feels wonderful. Heck, I may never wear the socks, I might frame ’em. The colorway I have is “treebark.”


I notice on their website that they are on vacation until February 10. Not too long to wait for orgasmic sock yarn, eh?

This is thinner than Regia and Opal — I’m knitting it at about 9.5 st/inch. So these socks will take longer to knit. But the wool feels so good, who cares?

Oh, Izzy was a big help photographing this.


More Sock News

I was very pleased and flattered to get email from Matt of Crowing Ram the other day. He has a sock group and wants to use my toe-up sock pattern and my toe-up article from the last issue of Knitty. Cool!

Sock Yarn Stash Enhancement!

Yeah, believe it or not, I bought more sock yarn. This is sport weight, bought to make socks for my dad.


The one on the left is Silja and the color number is 329. I bought it online at The Knitter. The one on the right is Regia 6 in a jacquard pattern — color number 5180. I bought it on eBay.

Three skeins of each cuz my dad has big feet.

Sock Bind-off Questions

In the past couple of days I’ve gotten the same question from two different people. What’s a good bind-off for toe-up socks that’s stretchy enough?

My response:

There’s a couple of things you can do for cast-offs. Here’s a page that has two good ones.

I sometimes use the Elizabeth Zimmerman sewn cast off documented there and have found it to work very well.

Another thing I do when I’m knitting socks with a plain stockinette leg: When I get to the point where I’m ready to do the top ribbing, I increase several stitches evenly around the leg — if I’m working on 64 stitches, I’ll increase to 72, then do knit 3 purl 3 ribbing and cast off loosely.


  1. You’re a sock-master for sure,Wendy! My mother would love those Mediterraneans—might have to seek out that yarn! Your Treebark socks are looking great! I think Joslyn’s in Cancun(poor thing!) Watch for her new Twinkle Toes yarn coming soon—a superwash wool/mohair/nylon blend!Might be another good one for your dad’s socks!

  2. Oh man! Just what I need to know about . . . more sock yarn! My photo of the treebark is still off in color (not brown enough), even though I plopped it on the windowsill to photograph it in natural light. I’ll have to try outdoors this weekend.

  3. Hey! I bought the same Regia yarn on ebay. My first venture onto THAT dangerous place. I’m making my first pair of socks from a kit, and I’ve been eyeing your sock patterns at Knitty as I think the Regia would be a good choice for my BF.

  4. Caroline F says:

    I’m a top-down sock person, and when I cast on I do it over two of my size 1 dps held together. I wonder if you could do something like that when casting off on a toe-up, or cast off with a needle 2 or 3 sizes larger?

  5. Thanks Wendy! That link will be super helpful. I’m about 2 inches from casting off a sock, so I will be sure to try one of those methods. I really like the idea of increasing the number of stitches for the ribbing… Maybe on my next pair!

  6. wendy, kate told me to cast off with larger needles to keep things loose and it’s worked for me. i go up a few sizes (grab whatever needle is handy) and though it makes a slight ripple on the top edge, when worn it’s invisible. i kinda like the ripple anyway.

  7. Squib, tell people the ripple is a design element and they’ll go nuts for it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Amy, my favorite thing to do is increase and do a 3×3 rib. That works best for me because on the socks I make for myself the ribbing hits the fattest part of my leg and that extra bit of room makes them much more comfy.

  8. I swear I learn something from you every day. Thank you : )

  9. Oh, Wendy, you’ve enabled me yet again! I was looking for some pale variegated yarns, and guess what I now have coming from Joslyn’s. Oh, dear! So many socks, so little time.

  10. This is just fabulous. About your sock yarn obsession… I’m with you. Jenn got me probably 20 balls of Fortissima Fairisle and Confetti and Regia, and I’m still really wanting to get enough to make a pair of the new denim Fairisle Fortissima came out with. Is that sad? ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. If it’s sad, I’m right there with you!

  12. Oh Wendy you’ll love the dancing feet wool. I did take it double for a pair of socks. Its hand wash but oh sooooooo soft! Wonderful on your feet, you must wear them ๐Ÿ™‚
    Of the 6 ply Regia, I can knit one womans’ sock per ball, comes out pretty much exactly that way.



  13. heeheee… I know, I’m so excited about those beautiful blues! And how rare that my LYS has it in stock! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Love the socks. Nice colors. I really do have to cast on for some socks after I finish my fuzzy feet.

  15. Wendy after all this sockology, I’m thinking the yarn stores should just give you yarn for all the enabling you’re doing. Since starting to read your blog a few weeks ago, I’ve done a pair of Lorna’s Laces, started some Opal Southwestern, ordered Lang Jacquard and pattern, and Lorna’s Laces Jeans to knit “Conwy” from the Knitting on the Road sock book. Feel I’m ready for some cable and lace socks to spice it up a little. Must have a sock project going to break up the bigger projects like the lace stole I’m doing. Has anyone else tried patterns from this book by Nancy Bush?

    Also picked up Starmore’s Fair Isle book at the library today and found a faster/easier way to do the English method I’ve done all my life!!! I love this book – IMHO – instructions are superior to PW esp. for steeks. Thanks Wendy (and Izzy – I have two Izzy types of my own, not so photogenic tho.) for the support, inspiration, information, and chortles.

  16. Any yarn store owners reading this? Send Wendy yarn! Send Wendy yarn!

  17. And if having a huge sock yarn stash is sad, then mine is positively depression inducing. My defense is that I get it in Germany at good prices, I get to ogle and fondle it in person, and I need enough to get me through readusting to life after the move. Yeah, that’s the ticket…

  18. Hi, Roi!

    I knit the Conwy socks from Nancy Bush’s book, also in Lorna’s Laces Jeans. I just loved the look in the book and had to have that very yarn. I wrote up my pattern modifications to fit larger ankles in the Better Than Average Sock Gallery at Ample-Knitters. (link below)