My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Planning Ahead

When I get to about the halfway point in a project I start thinking about what my next project will be. At this time, I have several alluring options!

Dale of Norway Frogner

This is a cardigan knitted in Daletta wool. I purchased Daletta in olive green and black for this. Here is a photo of Frogner, done in a black and white colorway.


Dale of Norway St. Moritz

And I have the Heilo wool for this one too! Thanks to Geane, who gave it to me for my holiday gift. In this colorway:



Ah . . . Henry, my love. Click here to see a photo of this gem. Thanks to a lovely knitting friend in France (Bonjour, Stรฉphanie!), I’ll be receiving wool to knit this in a few weeks.

AS Marina

And then there’s Marina. I’ve had the wool for this in my stash since last summer. Sigh.

AS Roscalie Cardigan

And lets not forget my latest acquisition! The kit from to knit the Roscalie Cardigan! I’ve linked to the photo of the vest, as there’s no photo of the cardi available.

What’s a girl to do?

Why, ask her friends, of course! Which design shall I knit next? Vote in the poll below!

(Teresa, I know you won’t be voting for Roscalie, but I had to throw it in there because it’s a recent acquisition!)

No fair stuffing the ballot box!

A reward for reading this far . . . Izzy!


Cute, ain’t she? This little angel woke me up at 1:45 this morning for no partcular reason, except that she wanted someone to talk to. So it’s gonna be a long sleepy day . . .


  1. Hi Wendy
    I am at the same stage as you, trying to decide about my next project. I am thinking about StMoritz, Inishmore and the Virgin sweater, inspired by you! Right now I am leaning towards StMoritz so I really hope you will decide on it too. It would be so much fun to knit along with Wendy – even though I’ll probably be way behind, considering your speed!

  2. I voted for Frogner because a] I really like it and can visualize it in olive and black and b] it’ll make a change from multi colour fair isle.
    Very brave of you to leave it to us rabble to decide !

  3. I know that Joe was talking about making the Henry VIII sweater, and it’s on my “to do” list, but everytime I look at the pattern I start singing “I’m Henry the eighth I am; Henry the eight I am I am”. So I have this fear of making it….. (but didn’t keep me from voting for it)

  4. Wow! At this moment it’s almost a tie between Frogner and Hank 8 — with Hank just slightly in the lead. This is exciting! ๐Ÿ™‚

    (Okay, I’m easily entertained.)

  5. Cindy — you’re not the only one singing that — I can’t put it on my blog, because it’s a surprise for my husband, but oh,do I ever want to with that song quoted — when I’m done, I will!

    I was afraid of it too — had the kit since the book came out, am not a skilled fair isle knitter, and am generally just wussy. But a group was set up to work on it on my French knitting list, and between the support I get there and the ideas I get from Wendy’s site on how to handle various bits of the process, I’m quite happy with the progress.

    I found it took a little thinking ahead as to how to handle panels and their charts, having never done *that* before, but now I’m ever so pleased with the progress I’m making, and happy to have started it.

    And Wendy, I’d be willing to put money on the fact that although I’ve started, and you’re waiting on the yarn, you’ll probably *still* finish before I will .

  6. I voted for St. Moritz, because I think that is such a BEAUTIFUL colorway and just different in general from the others on your list :-))

  7. Hi Wendy – I’ve done Frogner twice – once for me and once for my 8 year old daughter (I swore I’d never do that). Her’s is pink and black and mine is dark red and black – it’s one of my favorite sweaters because the weight is so nice.

    So guess I voted for Frogner! But what choices you have – I’m eyeing St. Moritz as well.


  8. It IS a tough choice, isn’t it? I love all the designs. I bet you and your daughter look adorable in your Frogners!

  9. I voted for St.Moritz because the US ski team is doing so well there!I believe we have 6 medals to the Austrians’ 7 so far and our own Bode Miller just got another Gold! Knit it for the US ski team! Rah! Rah! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Caroline F says:

    I voted for Henry VIII so that you can send the pattern for Frogner to ME!!! What book is it in, or is it a leaflet that is available separately?

  11. Since you are now completing a Starmore design, I thnk Frogner would provide variety and offer you and us (your devoted readers) new opportunities for learning. I also can envision a new generation of “Frognerettes” being born in a rainbow of different colors! Hopefully the pattern is easier for us to find than many of Starmore’s OOP books.

  12. I also voted for Frogner on the grounds that it is so different from Oregon, Fulmar and Virgins (even though Virgins was also 2-color).

    I, on the other hand, just finished the first piece (a sleeve) of my PW sweater! (Well, I haven’t cast off yet, because I think I may frog a row or 2 — got a little excited and knitted it an inch too long!) So I’m nowhere near thinking of my next project (although I’m pretty sure it will be for my younger son).

    Have a great day, and stay warm!!

  13. Very tough choice between Frogner and Henry.’s a silly thought: both at the same time! Don’t you maybe need that challenge?
    Well, love the idea of olive and black Frogner, but those HVIII colors make me swoony.

  14. Okay, I’m one of only 6 people who voted for Roscalie. No stuffing huh? I’m planning on knitting my 1st AS design. What can you suggest as a first AS fair isle? (not a first fair isle)
    I enjoy reading your blog every morning and now can cable w/out a needle going both directions thanks to your helpful instructions.

  15. Great news! The following is taken from a response e-mail to me from Virtual Yarns:

    “Regarding out of print titles, please rest assured that Alice Starmore is engaged in the task of republishing all popular designs from all of her past books. Look at the Virtual Yarns website under DESIGNS > BACK CATALOGUE and you will see that the process has begun with Roscalie from In The Hebrides and Grant Avenue from Pacific Coast Highway. There will be many exciting additions to the back catalogue section throughout this year. Eventually all past Alice Starmore designs will be availably globally through Virtual Yarns.”

    Re the vote – I voted for Roscalie not only because I love the colors, which seem like a nice departure from the previous two, but also because I didn’t enjoy the neck lines from all but Marina, so Marina would be my second choice. I am obviously dreaming that it is I that would be doing the knitting. And with the amazing support this blog gives me, I hope by year’s end I will have the skills and confidence to do one myself:)

  16. My vote was for the St.Moritz as I love that pattern and would like to see how beautiful you will make it! ๐Ÿ™‚

    And thank you for the cute pics of Izzy, as always! Kitty wake up calls are always fun, aren’t they? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. I voted for Henry because I liked the colors. This reminds me that I should really finish up my one AS which is now over 10 years old! Izzy was really very bad to wake you up for company. When Kimba does that, I return the favor by waking HER up during her daytime beauty naps….;-)

  18. Well I kept Izzy up most of Sunday night with my insomnia — maybe she was just getting back at me!

  19. Vรฉronique says:

    Hi Wendy ! I voted for Henry VIII because it is fun to knit. You can not get bored with this one. And since you will knit the other ones on the list sooner or later, why not start with this one ?
    By the way, I just heard from Mairi at VY that a new version of Henry VIII is being replublished also with a woman’s version (slimmer silhouette) in the same shades as the cushion which is already on the site. Sounds good…

  20. Hey, we’ve gotten some good VY news today! ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Made my vote for Frogner…I’m a sucker for black and white/two color/color contrast stuff – your color choices sound wonderful!

    (So sad…sniff, sniff…to see Rosecalie lagging behind…sniff )

    I’ve got a couple questions:
    1) Are you planning any more FI knit alongs in the future? You could do another poll and we could all vote and maybe do a knit along in September?

    2) This question comes from the color change/knotting/slicing discussion from the other day – Ann Feitelson’s technique of breaking off the old color and knot the new color to the old with a square knot, leaving an end 1/4 inch to one inch long.

    The part about the strength of the square knot combined with the slight felting that occurs when the garment is washed…isn’t it the water and agitation that makes wool felt? I wouldn’t be washing one of my sweaters so does dry cleaning allow felting to take place?

  22. I voted for Henry because I enjoyed knitting it very much. I want to knit Frogner but was thinking of doing the back as the front, since I do not like the checker board effect nor would I enjoy knitting it. I just think that the front is so beautiful.

  23. If you decide to do another knit-along, do you think it could be a Norgi?


  24. Teresa:

    I think the reason Rosecali is lagging behind is because we want YOU to finish yours before Wendy starts! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Actually I haven’t voted yet, am still trying to decide…Wendy: when do we have to vote by??

  25. Yes!!! I vote for a AS knit-along in September. The Roscalie chart does come with the kit! I’m sure I will be capable by September – shouldn’t be a problem with the up-coming WendyCam.

  26. Oh, you guys have it all figured out, huh?

    I think we should close the polls when I post tomorrow’s blog entry. Okay?

  27. Teresa, in answer to your questions . . . I’ll consider another fair isle knit-along. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And I highly recommend hand-washing NOT dry cleaning Roscalie! You don’t really want the cleaner putting those icky solvents on your precious baby do you?

  28. Good point, Wendy…I’m going to show my naivete though ’cause I thought washing wool in water was a no-no.

  29. I must admit that I voted for Henry, but I love anything Tudor. I’m considering purchasing St. Moritz for myself, and I like Frogner too; is the pattern still available for purchase?

  30. Teresa, I’m sorry I yelled. ๐Ÿ™‚ But it’s okay to wash wool sweaters as long as you’re gentle.

    Karen, I think Frogner is still available — Allego Yarns has it as a kit, I know.

  31. Hmm…so VY is going to eventually reissue all the old favorites. Does that mean I should wait for Mary Tudor or figure out my own solution? I suppose I could always try Roscalie too to get my AS fix.

    This is much more exciting than watching the election returns, even if the effects aren’t as far reaching.

  32. Thanks Wendy! Allegro Yarns is in Minneapolis; only 50 miles from me. Can you hear my pocketbook shivering?

  33. Wendy, I love your blog and am amazed at your knitting ability. I like to check in everyday or at least every other day b/c there is always so much infomration. If you do a FI knit-along, I’d like to try. But if you are new to doing fair-isle, what are the best things to do to learn. Get a book and figure it out, get a knitting video, take a class? I’ve been wanting to try some colorwork.

    Also, I voted for the St. Moritz because I think the colors would look stunning on you and I think the colors are beautiful. Henry VIII is interesting. I do like the colors. Frogner was not appealing to me, but probably because I don’t think I would like it for myself.


  34. Hi Wanda

    For learning fair isle construction — nothing beat seeing it demo-ed, I think. So I’d advise either a class or a video as the first choice.

  35. which video would you all recommend for fair isle? i have seen alice starmore’s, and liked it, but what i really could use is a close up of how to tension the floats. does meg swansen’s show this? no chance of a class as i live in florida with no yarn stores in sight!

  36. I can’t recommend any fair isle video because I’ve never seen one. ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyone else have any preferences?

  37. Where can I get the pattern and wool for the Henry VIII sweater?

  38. Oh man, that Henry would be faaar better modelled on Colin Firth, instead of that Colin Firth look-a-like over there.


    A girl can dream.