My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



And we’re snowbound. We’re in the middle of a really big snowstorm here.

So . . . I’ve got a fair amount done on Oregon. Izzy helped:


I finished the body:


I’m doing the front bands and neck right now — I prefer to do them before the sleeves so that when I’ve finished the last sleeve, the whole thing is over and done with.

But you probably wanna hear the winner of the contest, don’t you?

And the winner is . . .

Kate, with the following list.

Abalone abalone cove la county usa
Alba cardigan Alba Vineyard, New Jersey, USA
Alba pullover Alba Vineyard, New Jersey, USA
Amphora Amphora Vineyard, Sonoma County, USA
Anchor Waistcoat Anchor Bay, Calif., USA
Anne Boleyn Princess Anne, MD, USA
Anne of Cleves Princess Anne, MD, USA
Arabesque The City of Arab, Alabama
Aran Cardigan Aran Beach, CA, USA
Ardagh Ardagh Bay, Braintree, MA
Armagh Greenville, USA, County Armagh
Baltic Baltic, Ohio
Beadwork Bead Lake, Washington, USA
Berry Tree Berry Creek, CA, USA
Birdsfoot scarf Birdsfoot Farm 1263 County Route 25 Canton, NY
Blue Corn Café New Mexico SANTA FE Blue Corn Cafe
Boat and Rope Swan Boat Lake, Boston, MA, USA
Bodega Bay Bodega Bay, CA
Border pattern cardigan Lake Border Drive, Apopka, FL
Border pattern gansey Lake Border Drive, Apopka, FL
Boudicca’s Braid Braid Street, Fulton, Illinois, USA
Breton Cape Breton Island. Sacramento, California
Brocade Brocade Rd., Carroll County, OH, USA
Butterfly Butterfly Beach, Santa Barbara, CA, USA
Caledonia City, Caledonia. Province/State, Minnesota. Country, USA
Canyonville Canyonville, Oregon, USA
Cape Cod Cape Cod, USA
Cashel Cashel Drive Bloomington, IL
Catherine Howard City, Howard Beach. Province/State, New York. Country, USA
Catherine of Aragon Aragon Street, Coral Gables, FL
Catherine Parr Parr Road, Wentzville, Missouri
Cecily of York LOWENTHAL, Cecily USA
Check Rock Little Rock, Arkansas, US
Child’s panel gansey Panel Road Elk City, OK
Classic Aran Aran Beach, CA, USA
Cold Duck Duck Lake, Nebraska
Columbia Washington DC, District of Columbia, United States
Cornwall City, Cornwall. Province/State, Connecticut. Country, USA
Cotton Raglan Sweater Cottontown, TN, USA
Cotton sweater Cottontown, TN, USA
Dalmore Dalmore, New York, NY, USA
Donegal Donegal, Pennsylvania
Donegal Donegal, Pennsylvania
Elephants Elephant Lake, Minnesota
Elizabeth I City, Elizabeth. Province/State, West Virginia. Country, USA
Elizabeth of York City, Elizabeth. Province/State, West Virginia. Country,
Elizabethan Jacket City, Elizabeth. Province/State, West Virginia. Country,
Erin Erin Street Madison, WI
Fair Isle Vest Fair Avenue Santa Cruz, CA
Fern Fern Beach, Battle Creek, MI
Fife Fife, Washington, USA
Firebirds Firebird Lake, AZ.
Fish and Anchors Fish Lake, UTAH, USA Anchor Bay, CA, USA
Five Triangles Triangle Beach, Raleigh, NC, USA
Flora City, Flora. Province/State, West Virginia. Country, USA
Fort Ross Fort Ross State Historic Park on the Sonoma Coast, California
Fulmar Fulmar Drive Delray Beach, FL
Galway Galway, Saratoga Springs, NY
Galway hat Galway, Saratoga Springs, NY
Glass Beach Glass Beach, Fort Bragg, California
Glen Albyn Glen Arbor, Michigan, USA
Golden Gate San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge
Graceknot Grace Lake, El Paso, Texas USA
Grant Avenue Grant Avenue Philadelphia, PA
Grapevine Grape Street, Buffalo, Erie County, New York, USA
Grosvenor scarf Grosvenor Drive Raleigh, NC
Gypsy Moth Moth Bay, Alaska, USA
Heart bag California, Southern Sierra Nevada, Sierra National Forest, Heart
Heartland Heartland Bay Indianapolis, Indiana
Hebrides Hebrides Drive San Diego CA
Henry VII City, Henry. Province/State, Illinois. Country, USA
Henry VIII City, Henry. Province/State, Illinois. Country, USA
Heraldic Lion City, Red Lion. Province/State, Pennsylvania. Country, USA
Irish Beach Irish Beach, Northwest California, USA
Irish Moss Moss Lake, Sulphur, Louisiana, USA
Jacquard and Cable Sweater Cable Street, Bellingham, WA
Jane Seymour City, Seymour. Province/State, Connecticut. Country, USA
Kells Kells Avenue, Newark, Delaware, USA
Kimberley Kimberley Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio
Kinsale Kinsale, VA, USA
Kittatinny Kittatinny Mountain, High Point, New Jersey
Kittiwake hat Kittiwake Street, Littleton, CO
Lancaster City, Lancaster. Province/State, Pennsylvania. Country, USA
Lavoisier Lavoisier Street, Gretna, Louisiana, USA
Leo City, Saint Leo. Province/State, Florida. Country, USA
Leo scarf City, Saint Leo. Province/State, Florida. Country, USA
Lindsay City, Lindsay. Province/State, California. Country, USA
Lismore Lismore, Nobles County, Minnesota
Little Boxes Little Box Canyon, Dixie Valley, Nevada
Little Rivers City, Little River. Province/State, Kansas. Country, USA
Lochinver Lochinver Lane Potomac, MD 20854
Malin Malin Drive Wytheville, VA USA
Mara O’Mara Street, Tigard, OR
Margaret Tudor Margaret Avenue, Annapolis, MD
Marina Marina, CA, USA
Mary Tudor Maryland, USA
Maximilian Maximilian Way, Tucson AZ
Medieval Tapestry Tapestry Drive, Fairfax, VA
Mendocino adult County of Mendocino, California USA
Mendocino child County of Mendocino, California USA
Mojave Mojave California USA
Montana Montana, USA
Moon and Stars Moon Lake, North Dakota, USA
Morning Glory Morning Glory Beach, Suttons Bay, MI
Morven Morven, Albermarle Co., Virginia, USA
Moss Rib Moss Lake, Sulphur, Louisiana, USA
Mystic Mystic, Connecticut, USA
Nantucket Nantucket, MA, USA
Norfolk Norfolk, Nebraska, USA
Norway Norway Avenue, Huntington, WV
Noyo Harbour Noyo Harbor, CA, USA
Openwork Cotton Sweater Cottontown, TN, USA
Oregon Oregon, USA
Oriental Flower Oriental Avenue, Bellingham, WA
Oriental Flower bag Oriental Avenue, Bellingham, WA
Oversize panel cardigan Panel Road Elk City, OK
Pentland Pentland Drive, New Orleans, LA
Plaid Jacket Plaid Street Burlington North Carolina USA
Point Arena Point Arena, CA, USA
Point Reyes Point Reyes, CA, USA
Primavera Primavera Street, Clifton, CO
Quartz Quartz Lake Delta Alaska, USA
Queen Anne’s Lace Queen Anne’s County, Centerville, MD, USA
Rambling Rose Rose, New York, USA
Rannoch Rannoch Road Bethesda, MD
Reef Reef Bay, St. John, US Virgin Islands
Rock and Sand Little Rock, Arkansas, US
Rockall Little Rock, Arkansas, US
Russian River Russian River Valley, Sonoma, CA, USA
Sand Dance Sand Key, Florida, USA
Sand Dollar adult Sand Dollar Shores, Southern North Carolina
Sand Dollar child Sand Dollar Shores, Southern North Carolina
Sand Rib Vest Sand Key, Florida, USA
Sand Stitch Cotton Sweater Cottontown, TN, USA
Scapa Fleet Fleet Avenue, Cleveland, OH
Scarborough Scarborough, Maine, USA
Seaforth Seaforth, Minnesota, USA
Seaweed scarf Seaweed Beach, Rhode Island, USA
Secret Garden Secret Garden, LA, CA, USA
Shannon Castle Shannon, Pennsylvania, USA
Spanish Knight Spanish Lake, Missouri USA
Square Dance Square Lake Park, Stillwater, MN
Squares and Diamonds Square Lake Park, Stillwater, MN
St. Brigid St. Brigid’s Avenue, Portumna, CO
St. Catherine St. Catherine Lake. Location: Minnesota, USA
St. Columba Columba River in Washington state
St. Enda Lake Edna, Washington, USA
Stillwater Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA
Super Skunk Skunk Point, Channel Islands, CA, USA
Tammy mittens Tammy Street, Emerald Isle, NC 28594 USA
Tammy gloves Tammy Street, Emerald Isle, NC 28594 USA
Tara Tara Lake Drive, Boynton Beach, Florida
Textured Chevron Chevron Road Rangely, CO
Thistle bag Thistle Avenue NW Albuquerque, NM
Tiburon Tiburon, CA, USA
Tipperary Tipperary Road Poynette, WI
Tokyo Rose Rose, New York, USA
Traditional Aran Aran Beach, CA, USA
Tucumcari Tucumcari, New Mexico, USA
Victoria’s Patch Victoria, TX, USA
Water-lily jacket Water Lily Pond, South Gulf Coast, Sarasota, FL, USA
Wave-pattern cardigan Wave Avenue, Middletown Rhode Island
Widdicombe Fair Fair Haven, Vermont, New England, USA
Yankee Puzzle Yankee Beach, Lee, SW Florida, US

A couple of you came close, but this was by far the longest and most inventive list. Wow! Congratulations Kate! I’ll mail the yarn to you when I can dig myself out of the snow.


  1. Congratulations Kate. This list will be a most unique geography lesson for me in New Zealand. What a list from an extraordinarily wonderful designer.

    Wendy, Thank you for the continuing stimulation and motivation.

  2. Wow, Kate!! Wonderful job!! And Wendy,I concur with Stephanie. Wonderful site and I always look forward to reading it and seeing a new picture of Izzy along with your progress on your WIPs. 😉

  3. Wow. I can’t believe that list. Congratulations to Kate!

  4. holy cow! what a list!

  5. Blimey Kate ! Now we know what you spent your spare time doing this weekend !It will be interesting to see what you come up with for the yarn.
    Wendy ,Oregon is looking superb. I really am going to make a version of this – a very kind ,and trusting ,friend is lending me her copy of the Scottish Collection – thank you Carol.

    Have wanderful snow day ,full of knitting ,resting and chocolate … an the occasional cuddle with Izzy . Unless she stays in bed !

  6. Wow, I’m so impressed with the geography lesson. It’s so thorough! Enjoy the yarn and let all Wendy’s faithful readers know what you decide to use it for.
    A faithful lurker who only comes out for contests!

  7. Wow! What a list! Wow-wee! Wow,Wow,Wow!

    Congratulations Kate!

    Enjoy the snow day, Wendy!

  8. Hope you’re safe and sound and snug in your home with Izzy all day, Wendy.

  9. Congratulations, Kate! Seeing the size of your list makes me feel better for not entering — there’s just no way I could have come up with all of those sweaters. (Although I think I would have used the same strategy, namely that pretty much EVERY sweater name would have at least a street name in it!)

    Stay warm, everyone — we are buried in snow here in MD!!


  10. Wendy, your scones recipe is fantastic! I loaded it into my Palm on Friday and baked on Saturday afternoon. Substituted currants for the mini-chips. We ate and ate on baking day, and this morning I brought lots in to the office where my colleagues have been exclaiming over them all day. DH says they’re the best scones since we left England (were there for six weeks in mid-1990s).
    Plus you’ve revved up my interest in Fair Isle knitting again. I think I will begin with an in-the-round headband, just to convince myself I really can work with two colors.
    Thanks for everything!

  11. Oregon is screaming along. Just in time for the Australian winter season. Only trouble- I think it might not be in my size, so you will have to frog to correct that *slight* omission :-p hehe

  12. Hi guys! Izzy and I are well snowed in, and will remain in tomorrow. Thanks for all the great comments!