My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Still Snowbound

Izzy and I are still trapped indoors from the big storm. It stopped snowing yesterday, but there is a whole lotta snow here, so the area is busy digging out.

Me, I’ve been knitting.

I finished the bands on Oregon:


Here’s what it looks like on the inside:


And I started a sleeve:


Thanks for all your comments yesterday! I’ve not spent much time on the computer because my home computer’s fan is not functioning properly, so I don’t like to leave it powered on too long. I’ve got new fans on order, so hopefully all will be well again soon.

But I do appreciate hearing from you all!

The government is closed today, so Izzy and I will be together at home again. No photos of Izzy today as she’s been spending most of her time snuggled up under a quilt, fast asleep. She’s not a stupid cat, is she?

I think she’s a bit concerned about why I’m still at home. Why is Mommy lolling around the house instead of going out to work to pay for my food?


  1. Enjoy your home day. Did you knit the band separately and then sew it on? And it looks like you picked up stitches along the armhole edge and are knitting the sleeve that way. It’s beautiful.

  2. Hi Melissa — I pick up stitches and knit the band on, AND pick up stitches around the armhole and knit the sleeve done — traditional fair isle techniques. Makes for no sewing together afterwards. Wheeeee!

  3. Wendy, Your knitting is beautiful! I can only hope to aspire one day to such work. I am snowed in is still snowing here in Still Pond, Maryland. Good for knitting…Mattie

  4. Oregon is just beautiful, Wendy! Love the front bands!

    I called in to my work today…even though the school is open I’m still not comfortable driving the 1/2 hour drive there, that includes a stretch of country road that I’m just not ready to tackle yet.

    I’ve been eating and reading, eating and knitting…I’ve probably gained 10 pounds since Friday night!

  5. Don’t blame you for not wanting to drive, Teresa! If the govt is open tomorrow (and it probably will be) I’ll have to consider carefully. But I am starting to get cabin fever . . .

  6. Wendy, we’re snow-bound here in Philadelphia too. I was supposed to be driving to Cleveland today, but have decided to delay for at least another day! Don’t know how much knitting I’ll be doing today, but I’ll be doing Henry next too! Stay safe and warm! Thanks for the beautiful pictures of Oregon and your daily inspiration!

  7. Wendy — Are you knotting the ends in your sleeve? How do you like it?

  8. Oh wow ! Onto the sleeves. And the front band looks lovely – don’t they take forever ?
    Have another great knitting day ,and try not to disturb Izzy’s beauty sleep too much ;-] .

  9. Oregon is beautiful – your work makes me want to start one, too; I have all the yarn, need the energy!