My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Enough With the Snow, Already

It does get to you after a while.

A rather inauspicious start to the day yesterday as I woke to no heat and no hot water. But everything was finally restored around noon, and Izzy came out from under the covers to guard Oregon.


I’m working on the first sleeve. I am indeed tying the ends with square knots and trimming to about a quarter inch. It seems to work very well, and is much quicker than weaving them in. A close-up:


So the sleeve is coming along nicely.


It looks like the area is starting to dig out from the snow, so we may be seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak.


  1. i love oregon! it’s truly lovely!

  2. The snow is beautiful out my window and much easier to drive through today. I am mesmerized by the Oregon colors! They will look lovely on you,Wendy!

  3. Well one advantage to living in the North….more snowplows! Lots o’snow here, but we were dug out almost instantly… Oregon is beautiful, Izzy is too. Igor says *meow* to her.

  4. I tried looking for the Oregon pattern on AS website and couldn’t find it. where can one get the pattern? You have done a beautiful job and I just have to make one of my own!!!!!!!

  5. Oregon and Izzy looking gorgeous.

  6. No heat? And on a day when you couldn’t even seek shelter at work?? You used up all your good karma on your socks! 😉

    I hope you were able to get to work easily enough today (assuming you went). I heard Metro in VA was tough. Wasn’t too bad on the Red line, but boy was it ever packed!!

    Great knitting, Wendy! I love that sweater!


  7. OOhh Wendy – no heat and all the d*** snow. I feel your pain. I had a heatless night like that a couple of weeks ago and piled on the mohair sweaters I NEVER WEAR because they are too warm…

    Now, what is the Secret Word you say to Izzy to make her strike that soulful pose. Why she (I hope she’s a she if not Forgive My Ignorance, pleez) could be a model for Revlon Make-up.

    I say, why not, they used Melanie Griffin and Izzy hasn’t even had the lip injections…

  8. Can we swap then?? I’m over summer here. Hot, humid nights & hot days in the mid 90s – 110s. The summer here has been relentless – it’s been hot since late Aug.

    The idea of being snowed in for a few days & not having the yarn stick to your sweaty palms after 20 mins of knitting sure does sound inviting.

  9. Bonne Marie, Izzy is a natural in front of the camera. As soon as I point it at her she strikes a pose and holds it. I do always say thank you afterwards — isn’t that the polite thing to do when photographing a celebrity?