My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Yes, I’m Still Here

Just feeling as though the snow has atrophied my brain a bit, that’s all.

But I’m on my way back to work this morning (undoubtedly to Izzy’s very great relief).


I’ve done a bit more work on Oregon, as you can see, but believe it or not, I’m a bit sick of knitting. I know – I ought to be ashamed of myself, oughten I?


I’m more than halfway done on the first sleeve, but that pace will undoubtedly slow down some now that I’m no longer snowed in.

Oh, and here’s a photo of the first sock made from the Dancing Feet sock yarn:


I’ve just barely started the second sock. If the delays on the train are bad, I ought to make good progress!

So I’m heading off to work now — hope it doesn’t take too long to get there!


  1. I totally understand how one can get “a bit” sick of knitting. I am almost done with Inishmore and the last 16 rows are seeming like an eternity!!! I only did two rows yesterday and that was a lot!

    Oregon continues to amaze me. It is so beautiful. And now a question… do you eventually trade down to 4-5 double point needles when completing the sleeve? I dread doing two-color rows without my trusty circular needle. Any tips?

    Your fan club will keep you motivated and going. Hope you have a safe trip to work and a good day.


  2. The Dancing Feet sock is terrific! I’ve often wondered if you ever get burned out on knitting. I can’t see how it would happen during such a beautiful sweater as the Oregon! Maybe it’s really just cabin fever!

  3. On the sleeve, I started with a 16″ ciruclar, and am now down to a 12″ circular. I may be able to finish the sleeve using the 12″ circular, but I’m not sure — may have to resort to dpns at the cuff. I’ll keep you posted!

    The morning commuter was crummy, but I made it to the office!

  4. I have been hearing about the “magic loop” method to avoid double pointed agony. Have you tried it?

  5. Glad you made it to work hopefully your trek home will be better. The sun is out here this morning…we had quite a bit of fog which settled into the trees and made my commute very beautiful. I’m going to soak it in today ’cause rain is in our forecast the next couple days.

    Have a great day! and smile! it’s almost Friday!!!

  6. Purl, I know of the magic loop but have not tried it — I’d rather use dpns!

    Teresa, your weather report sounds like ours. We’re supposed to get a LOT of rain over the weekend. At least it’s not more snow!

  7. Welcome back, Wendy! Oregon is really amazing — I just can’t believe how fast you knit.

    I pulled out my In the Hebrides, and wouldn’t you know it, there’s a sweater in it I just have to make. (And it’s not even Roscalie.) I think it was called Keavah? Or something like that. I’m not getting myself attached to it until I find out how much it will cost me… Yarns International used to offer a kit for only $86 (I stuck their pricelist into the book when I bought it, several years ago). I wonder what it costs now???

    Hope your commute improves this evening!


  8. Oregon is so much prettier than the photo in the book! So blue and shimmery! Why is it that it is so hard to photograph knitting for printing in a book? The photos in Celtic Collection are notoriously far from the true colors.

  9. Wendy, they say balance is the key, so I can fully understand getting burned out, even if it is our passion. That’s why I stay with the govt and not in a yarn shop business. I’m afraid I would get burned out, besides I don’t have the patience with people that you seem to. A few days back at work and you will be begging to go home and knit! Awesome Orgeon and sock…keep ’em coming!

  10. The great thing about the Magic Loop and sleeves, IMHO, is that you can use the same needle for the whole sleeve–no changing from 16″ to 12″ to dps. I did the sleeves on Mt. Rose this way and loved it.

  11. Great work, Wendy, even if you feel sick of it !
    Could you explain me more about the “magic loop” ? Thank you by advance 🙂
    Catherine (Brussels)

  12. It’s nice to know even my knitting heroine has “off knitting” days. I admire your tenacity in general– I love knitting, but I am sort of a fair weather knitter. (I’m in graduate school and I teach, so I am also pretty busy!)

    For me being snowed in sounds great–time to knit and watch movies, but when it happens I get housebound I inevitably never find those things as fulfilling as I thought I might. Knitting isn’t so much of an escape if you don’t have anything to escape from! (Same for movies. . )

    Oregon looks beautiful, by the way. (However here in Oregon, it is a blucky, windy, rainy day.)