My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



Just in case you wondered, a diet that consists mainly of Dove chocolate and microwave popcorn is not good for my disposition.

It’s not that I didn’t have any real food in the house for the duration of the snowstorm — I did. I just was too lazy to do much of any cooking. It’s appalling how quickly I can settle into a lethargic lump. On the positive side, that lethargy kept me from imbibing — I was too lazy to mix a drink.

So after several days of wallowing indoors, I went back to work yesterday. Izzy didn’t even accompany me to the door to say good-bye in the morning. I was met at the door yesterday afternoon by a very hurt and offended little kitty. She obviously thought I had just stepped out for a minute and would be coming right back. I had some explaining to do! Here she is, looking fuzzy!


No sock knitting yesterday because I had to stand up on the train both coming and going. I hope the transit system gets back to normal soon.

And not a whole lotta Oregon knitting either, as I had some errands to run and stuff to do. But here’s a photo:


There’s still quite a bit to do here — a bit more of the body pattern, the border pattern, and the (gag) corrugated ribbing. I started the sleeve with a 16″ circular needle and a little while back switched to a 12″ circular. I’ve got more decreases to go, but I may be able to finish the cuff on the 12″ circ. and not switch to dpns. Just gotta wait and see!

People have asked about the magic loop technique — I’ve heard of it, but it doesn’t appeal to me, as I have no problem with working fair isle on dpns. But can anyone point the interested towards a tutorial or explanation? I had a comment asking yesterday.

Yesterday was above freezing all day and sunny. A great way to start the big meltdown. And we’re supposooed to get heavy rain over the weekend. We may all float away.


  1. I have never tried 12″ circulars. My hands tend to get a little crampy with 16″. I think for Rosendal I will use the 2 circular method for the arms.

  2. wendy, what brand of 12″ circs do you use? i won’t tell you what the weather’s been like here in florida ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. My 12-inchers are Addi Turbos and they are pretty good to work with. Thank you for sparing me the weather report.

  4. Awwww, Izzy looks like she’s about to cry! What’s with the drink mixing? Maybe it’s the Welsh and Irish in me, but I was swigging from the bottle during the snow! Oh,and Wendy, there’s nothing like being a lethargic lump for a few days to jump-start new enthusiasm!

  5. i am wondering if you decided to use the square knots on the sleeves instead of weaving in the ends?

  6. Poor Izzy – at least she’s in touch with her feelings though ๐Ÿ™‚
    And a steady diet of chocolate and popcorn would be just fine for my disposition!

  7. I know I saw the magic loop technique on someone’s knitting blog but couldn’t find this a.m. But I do have this reference that may help someone?

    When I find some good instructional pictures like yours, I copy them into a word doc and save on my hard drive – saves me the time of searching through blog archives or my Outlook Favorites pages. Wish I would have saved the magic loop pictures as I may want to use some day.

    Thanks to you and the other bloggers taking these fab pictures, those of us who live in towns without instructional resources, have them:)

  8. Poor Izzy! For some reason, my home computer doesn’t show the pic very well (I can see Oregon just fine, though), but I can see the sad look in her soulful eyes. ๐Ÿ™ I hope she got some ham to drown her sorrows!

    I believe I saw the magic loop discussed on the Knitting Curmudgeon (Marilyn’s blog) a while back. She had a link to pictures, I *think*. I keep thinking that using two circulars might be easier than either dpns or magic loop, though. It wouldn’t matter how long they are, right?

    Stay dry!


  9. Tuesday C and I went to lunch at a not-so-special-hole-in-the-wall-but-decent-food place and I felt like was dining large after being in the house for over 3 days!

    I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to fit into any of my jeans after the crap I’d eaten while being snow bound – but I did – they’re just a tad bit tight…now where’s that Cinnamon Scone I brought for my mid-morning snack?

  10. I remember seeing magic loop pictures. I’ll look again, and let you know if I find them. You just pull the excess of the circular needle connecting wire out and let it hang there in a loop until you get around to the loop, at which point you will have to repeat the procedure. I think it is for emergency use when you want to keep going and don’t want to wait until you can get a better needle length. Personally, I’d do two circulars instead (length doesn’t matter). I was working on a sleeve when I first heard of two circulars for socks, so I tried it with my sleeve. It works very well.

  11. The instructions for using the single circular needle for socks is in a booklet titled The Magic Loop by Bev Galeskas. You can find information at or at
    I just bought the book this week and the 40 inch circular turbos to try it. I live in Washington state and I think a semi-local person came up with the idea and I have seen it used. I will try the directions this weekend.

    I enjoy reading about your knitting. I knit 20 years ago when I lived in a ski resort. I then moved to Houston TX and thought it was too hot to wear anything handknit. I have been quilting for the last ten years and just picked up needles this last month and I am hooked again. I plan to tackle Kongsberg soon. Do you have any suggestions/advice for me. I have never done steeks and was searching the internet to find out what they were when I found your site. Your pictures and directions are very helpful. Thanks a lot. You give me much inspiration.

  12. Hi Wendy! I don’t know if this is the magic loop technique or not but if a circular is too long for the stitches you can just pull a loop out somewhere in the knitting, knit up to that point, and pull the loop out elsewhere in the row. Really it is much simpler just to knit with two circulars (any length).

    Ever tried the Addi Natura circulars? I’m waiting on an order to use them for Trondheim although I’ve heard they are prone to breakage.

  13. Wendy,
    Your knitting is just gorgeous! I read that you held both colors in one hand when stranding. I’ve gotten the two-handed thing down, but I knit continental and can’t seem to carry both in my left hand. Any hints or tips?

    BTW, Love Izzy, tell her she doesn’t look a day over 10!

  14. If a cat could ever look “hurt and offended”, it’s definitely Izzy in that photo! Awwwww. I added Izzy to my list of Knittin Kittens on my blog.

  15. OK, now I’m REALLY intrigued. I’m still seeking info
    on the magic loop technique and now some of you all
    have mentioned using TWO (2) circular needles of
    any length in lieu of DPNs. Since I’m a klutz with
    DPNs, I’d love to try said 2 circulars method. Wonder
    where I can find info on that!