My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



It seems as though there may be more snow headed this way in the next day or so.

When Izzy heard the news she did this:


It was really really cold yesterday. And probably won’t get above freezing today. According to the Weather Channel, it’s snowing here now, but I don’t see any falling. Yet.

I’ve started the second Oregon sleeve, and even took a photo last night to show you. But when I loaded it into the ‘puter, I discovered I jiggled the camera and it wasn’t worth posting. So because of my ineptitude, you suffer.

It doesn’t seem right, does it?

But here’s a bonus. A guest photo, courtesy of my friend Geane!


Geane has been the Swatching Queen lately! On top is Alice Starmore’s Rosemarkie vest swatch using 2 ply Hebridean and a 2.5 mm needle. This design originally appeared in The Celtic Collection.

And the bottom swatch is Jade Starmore’s Lavoisier, using 3 ply Whin Hebridean and a 3.25 needle. Geane says this is too big and she’s going to try again with a 3mm needle.

Both kits bought from Virtualyarns.

And because today is Guest Day on WendyKnits, here’s a link courtesy of Lindsey-Brooke. Would anyone like to send me on the Interweave Press trip to Scandinavia? Please?


  1. When you buy kits from Virtual Yarns do you have to buy extra for swatching or do you find that there’s usually enough?

    I am crusin’ on Rosendal ….. but have a question. If it’s going to be 4 or 5 rows before you use a color again, do you break or carry?

    Thanks and stay warm!

  2. Virtualyarns says they’ve allowed enough in their kits to enable you to make a swatch. I never swatch (don’t tell!) so I can’t really attest to that. But it seems to be true.

    I would carry for four rows and break if it’s five. It’s a judgment call, but that’s what I do.

    It’s snowing!

  3. wendy, what gauge do you get with the 2 ply hebridean? i gather it’s thicker than jumperweight?

  4. It’s about the same as jumperweight, maybe just a tad thicker — I got 7 or 8 st/inch — don’t remember which — on Glenesk.

  5. thanks, do you like the way it feels compared to jumperweight?

  6. They are very different from each other and I like both of them. Hebridean is very soft and springy, while jumperweight is typical hairy shetland.

  7. Wow, Wendy..that price for the trip is extraordinarily high it seems. If I win the lottery in the next month or so I’ll take you with me..hehe. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m glad it’s just below 0 here in Michigan and not snowing. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. It does seem a tad pricey, doesn’t it? I hope you win the lottery, but I won’t start packing my bags . . .

  9. Hah! I don’t swatch for Fair Isle either. I will for other things, particularly if I’m going to substitute a yarn. But if I’m using the same yarn called for, I now know enough about my knitting to know I when I need to drop needle sizes and suchlike. I suspect that you are subconsciously the same way, Wendy. Except of course you always match gauge with the tools called for .

  10. As for the Scandivian trip — it does seem pricey to me, too, even when I try to factor in all that you get. It surprised me that not all meals are included. And that doesn’t include almost another $1000 US for the “optional extension” to Finland.

    Shoot, I’m going to Egypt with all meals/tours/flights included for a week in the spring, and it’s a fraction of that cost. For two of us…hope that they’ve booked everyone into realllly nice hotels.

  11. Wendy,now you’re enabling us with the lottery! We want to take you on the Scandanavian Journey! We really do! May the Lottery Muse hear our pleas!

  12. My philopsophy on gauge . . . “Use the force, Luke.” As Katherine says, I pretty much can predict what my gauge is going to be.

    It’s a good thing I’ve already got vacation plans for this June, or I’d be in a snit over the cost of the Scandinavian trip.

    Don’t ask me where I’m going . . . it’s a secret right now! ๐Ÿ™‚ But I’ll give you a hint — it’s knitting-related!

  13. Caroline F says:

    Eeek, 3 ply Hebridean on a size 3mm?? For that pattern maybe Geane should send it all back and order 2 ply instead, that works nicely on a 3mm needle.

    I love the lavender Rosemarkie, I wonder if it’s true to color.

  14. Oh, I bet you’ll have a great time on your June trip anyway ; )

  15. I was going to make a guess about your June hols, but I will instead say this — if you’re going to be in Toronto, I wanna know about it, because we’ve got tentative plans to visit family in the area near the end of June…

  16. Geane Helfrich says:

    You wanna hear something weird?

    It turns out I did make gauge on the Lavoisier swatch with the 3.25 mm needle. Jade asks for 24st/4″ and has you knit a 32 stitch pattern. The strange thing is that my piece is wide enough at 5.33 inches, but nowhere am I getting 6st/in! When I measure individual inches, (those I can even decifer) I’m getting 5.5/in. Isn’t that strange? That must be why she didn’t have you check tension over plain old st stitch. I guess all the twisted/cabled stitches make it work out.

    I also learned (by steaming/pressing this swatch) NOT to steam/press the pieces when they’re done. Really flattened out the already subtle texture. I noticed that in Alice’s ‘Fisherman’s Sweaters’ she suggests blocking ganseys with a damp cloth and allowing to dry completely.

    I’m usually not a swatcher, but I think it was well worth the time for me..I had time to think also about what other possible color Alice could have used for the background of Rosemarkie. The original color was a “rye” and I thought maybe her “fulmar” color would have worked, but it really looked dull and dry next to the others.

    Lavoisier is not nearly as hard as I thought it would be, and I’m thinking I might try some of Alice’s earlier knit/purl designs. I LOVE Nova Scotia and Cape Cod! (and Beadwork, and Stornaway..and…)

  17. Caroline F says:

    Geane doesn’t that make your head hurt??

    Also – your Rosemarkie looks lavender – is it really? The photo on the VY site looks grey and yellow!

  18. I’ve guessed. If it’s June & knit related, it has to be DownUnder. First to New Zealand & all those yummy factory sales, then over to Australia – just in time for the Bendigo Show & its big fibre market. :-))

    Bring some lovely sweaters for me & others to drool over, won’t you? hehe

  19. Nope, not Down Under (though I’d love to visit there someday!).

  20. I was being my typical dumb, smartarse self again :-))) I didn’t really think you would be visiting us loonies down here. But you would be more than welcome to come anytime.

  21. Ruth Dennis says:

    I accidentally did the “Magic Loop” . didn’t know it was such a big deal. I’m only on 2 lists so I didn’t hear about it. I, too, think it will wear out the joins of the cable/ needle. But since I was using a cheap set I really didn’t care. And you are right Boyes needles, too long and cable too short. Right now my Fav. is Inox… I’m sure once I try Addies I love them.
    raining in Houston