My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Button, Button

Who’s got the button?

The time has come to think about buttons for Oregon. Here’s some from which to choose.


The top button is one of the set that Bonne Marie sent me for my birthday, the middle and the bottom buttons were from Lindesy-Brooke.

Which one do you like? Let me know . . .

So . . . Izzy finally came out from under the covers.


When I got home from work last night it had started snowing . . . hard. We got a fair amount overnight and I’m home today. I may upgrade my home PC to Windows XP today, so good luck to me!


  1. They’re all nice — but I find the bottom one too small. Of the two that are about the same size, I prefer the top one. Not sure why, there’s just something about it that seems to fit with Oregon better — maybe the floral motif, what with the trees and the ferns?

  2. I agree with Katherine. Order of preference: top, middle, bottom.

    I wish I had enough leave accrued so I could stay home today; but it’s all spoken for until June, so through the snow I trudge. The only saving grace on a day like this is that the government employees take leave so the contractors get better parking spaces. :S

  3. I agree, the bottom one is my favorite, though..but it’s just too small. Top gets my vote for first place. 🙂

  4. What ,no pic of the near to completion Oregon ?I shall have to scroll down to get my daily look .I’m really looking forward to seeing you wearing it . Your mind is probably on your next project already !
    Everyone has an opinion ! Me too ! ;-]
    I’m with Katherine on this – the top button looks perfect. It’s the right size ,subtle pattern and not too shiny.
    The other two are lovely ,but on another cardigan… something lighter and silvery in colour.
    You did ask .

  5. Have a great home day (and weekend). I vote for the top button.

  6. ditto, i like the top one best!

  7. I agree with all of you about the buttons. I do like the little one the best, though.

    Wish we had snow….. we are very dry! I’d like to stay home to knit, gotta go to work.

    Good luck, Wendy, with XP conversion.

  8. Hard decision because they are all very pretty. The bottom one is a little too small for the pattern of the sweater. The middle one would go, but the top one looks like it was made especially for Oregon, so that’s my vote.

  9. Caroline F says:

    I vote for the top one. I have some buttons like the little one, and I like them for what I have them on, but I don’t think they go with Oregon which does not have even the teeniest bit of Celtic flavor.

    I’m home today too, have a bunch of documents to write….

  10. Just as everyone else has said, I love the top button – it looks so confidant up there on top! My vote goes to the top button.

  11. I like the top one the best but I suspect it’s largely in part due to the glare on the second button – if that one has the same tone as the top one I may like it better for the cardi… I think the third, though lovely, is too small.

  12. Hi Wendy…
    I am partial to the bottom one, but I think it may be too small… so my next pick would be the top one! They are all pretty though!

  13. Kate makes a good point, so I’ll dare to be different and vote for the middle button, as it looks to be perhaps a tad simpler and therefore less in competition with the gorgeous Oregon.

  14. My first vote goes to the bottom button. Second vote to the top button.

    Lucky you! Another snow day…if it’s gonna snow at least you can be at home.

    Have a great week-end Wendy!

  15. I think the bottom is too small, though lovely! The top too big, but also lovely! So I choose the middle, the right size and from what the glare shows, lovely too. If not middle than top.

  16. Hi Wendy–Beautiful sweater, btw! I like the top button the best. I love the bottom but I agree with the others, I think its too small.

    Looking forward to seeing the finished result!

  17. Geane Helfrich says:

    This comment is for CarolineF who asked a question on Wednesday about my Rosemarkie swatch looking lavendar. (sorry, my computer’s mail program doesn’t work right)
    The main color is Driftwood which is a rose-grey and it will probably “grey out” when the whole thing is knit, but the swatch also struck me as purple-y! If you have the VY shade samples you’ll notice she doesn’t have a whole lot of lighter colors! That’s why I thought about “fulmar”, but I could tell just from the little bit I have that it wouldn’t be the best choice. Driftwood holds it own next to these rich colors and it’s really starting to grow on me!
    Wendy, my choice of buttons is the second one. Call me anal, but the lines are the same angle as the lines of the trees ~ I think the top would better suit one of your fabulous Norgis. Have you tried putting all of each type on and standing back for a look?

  18. I really like the bottom one, but as everyone’s said, it’s probably a little too small, so I vote for the top one–the middle one looks too “puffy” for Oregon. Beautiful work, Wendy!!

  19. I vote for the middle one.

  20. I’d vote for more button shopping! *grin* How’s that for enabling? I love the bottom one, and think it works best with the sweater, mostly because of the darker background areas. Course it could be that the glare is obscuring the other two. But I went ‘eh’ to the first and second and when I saw the bottom one went “oooo!” Surely there’s a button out there with that kind of look but a bit larger. A knitter can never have too many buttons!

  21. I like the bottom one best, I agree with Shelda about the strong lines balancing the cardi. They’re all beautiful though. Thanks for sharing.

  22. I like the top button. Can’t wait to see the completed sweater. Have a nice weekend. In CT, the snow is going below us so we are getting none until another storm Sat. night.

  23. I vote for the top button. Thanks for allowing your knitting community to participate in your masterwork. You’ve created something very special that extends beyond this sweater….

  24. Hi,Wendy! I walked through the snow to the library for a Wendyknits “fix”! Don’t tell the precious buttons that I sent you that I’m voting for the top button! I agree with everyone else that the Celtic Knot may be too small for this design and when I bought the middle one, it struck me as a snowflake that would look good on a Nordi, so add my vote to #1!

  25. I almost feel silly voting at all this late, when my immediate impression was exactly the same as the majority! Top is the best — the flowers go perfectly with the tree theme; middle is next best — the snowflake is at least consistent with evergreen trees; the bottom is too small and the wrong theme — it needs to go with one of AS’s Celtic designs, of which fortunately there are plenty!

    Enjoy your day home — I’m home too, but I jammed my finger sledding w/the kids (d’oh!) so I may not get to knit much. (Typing’s not much fun, either!)


  26. Wendy, my vote is for the top button! You have done a wonderful job on this sweater, it is definitely on my to do list! After I finish slogging through zauberflote that is.

  27. Top button. Definitely. The piece is beautiful, hope you’re not too cold with the snow. Ours appears to finally be melting, I can see some grass under the big pile o’snow at the edge of the yard.

  28. I like the top one too! Even after reading all the comments saying it’s too large. It could be the lighting, but it definitely looks at home on Oregon.

  29. Whichever one you choose will look great but my preference is the middle one- I like the size, the border and shape – how it comes up at the center. Good luck – it’s a hard choice.

  30. But,then again,Geane has a good point about the lines of the middle button accenting the lines of the trees… have a difficult decision,Wendy!

  31. Re XP rather than buttons: Last week I upgraded my two computers from ME to XP. We’ve gone from 4 or 5 freezes and hangs per day to zero. Whoopee! Good luck to you.

  32. My preference is for the middle one. I think the shape goes well with the cardigan. It looks very at home. But, of course, my opinion appears to be in the minority. Whatever you choose, I’m sure it will look great.

  33. Ooo- I like the top one best!!

  34. Elizabeth says:

    The bottom one is pretty, but too small. The middle one seems to me to be the best size, but the top one looks like a prettier design than the middle one, although it’s hard to say because of the glare on the middle button.

    In regards to the XP upgrade, I hope it went smoothly! Our newer PC was a snap to upgrade to XP, but our older PC (which we just wanted to put the “Home” version of XP on) was a real bear. The screen kept going blank, and it eventually transpired (after we wiped the hard drive and reformatted, etc.) that XP didn’t like our video card. What a pain!

  35. My vote’s for the top button as well. It just fits. Of course, the other two are *gorgeous*, and make me want to pick them up for myself…:) I assume I’m not the only person out there who will knit a sweater to fit a button sometimes, rather than the other way around? I literally waited a year before I found a pattern that fit with this cute big button of a rat curled up…but it wouldn’t have fit on just any cardigan! And, I’m sorry, but it looks damn good.

    Well, crap. Now you’ve got me thinking about the buttons I need to get for the cardigan I’m working on now. Mmmm.

  36. honestly? art&design major’s opinion?
    they’re all very pretty, and the top button is very pretty, but I wouldn’t use the top button. It competes too much with the design of the sweater and I think it might wind up looking a little busy. It’s hard to tell, though, with a picture this close-up, what it will look like when you’re wearing it.

    The bottom buttons are too small and the celtic knots don’t seem quite appropriate for this sweater.

    So go with the middle button. It is appropriate in mood and scale, and its design doesn’t compete with the sweater’s pattern the way the top button does. Save the top one for something either slightly simpler or way way way OTT (like one of the Tudor Roses cardis or something). Save the bottom one for something either slightly more celticky or more delicate.

  37. laetitia says:

    I prefer the middle one; though the top one has a floral design which might suit better the leaves of Oregon, I think that the middle one has a geometric pattern which suits better the shape of the leaves. Moreover it has the best size. I don’t know if my english is clear enough: I’m french.

  38. Uhmmm, twist my arm, that’s enough, the top button, of course!