My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Isn’t it the Weekend Yet?

You may have noticed my absence from my tag-board. To say I’m busy at work is a gross understatement. We are in crisis mode for an impossible project that we have to complete by the insane deadline. Oh, and with no resources. So please pardon my silence . . .

The Jogless Jog

A question from my comments yesterday — do I do the jogless jog when I knit fair isle? Nope. Call me lazy, call me slovenly, but I don’t really care if I have a jog on one side. No one has ever noticed it and pointed it out to me, and I don’t have a problem with it. And of course if you’re knitting a cardi, it’s not an issue. The jog is in the front steek.

For a very useful discussion of the jogless jog, check out Judy Gibson’s page on the subject.

So how about you all? To jog or not to jog, that is the question . . .


To everyone who told me yesterday that my blog has not gotten boring! The combination of overwork plus lousy weather has combined to make me a very dull girl indeed, at least in my own mind. And you all are very polite not to agree with me.

Without further ado . . .

Oregon! Ta-da!


It’s done! We’ll have a photo shoot over the weekend so on Monday there’ll be some more photos on the Official Oregon Cardigan Page.

And guess what came in the mail today??


This would be the Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift to knit Henry VIII (by Alice Starmore from her book Tudor Roses). Sent to me in a trade by the wonderful Stéphanie in France. Does she have great timing or what?

I’ll start this in a few days — I’ve got a couple of small projects I want to do first (more about that in tomorrow’s blog).

A couple of the colors needed for Henry VIII are not available in North America — marjoram and the “autumn substitute” that Jamieson’s is now selling in place of autumn. I think that’s it. Anyhow, that’s why I had my wool specially imported from Europe.

And look what Stéphanie thoughtfully enclosed in the package:


Needless to say, these are very welcome items here at Wendyknits.

So . . .

Merci bien, Stéphanie! Tu es trop aimable!

(And I hope I spelled all that correctly!)

Izzy has a touch of Spring Fever, I think. She was rolling around with her catnip mousie, acting silly.



  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited to see Oregon finished!! I’m sure you are too! 🙂 I LOVE the package you received..especially the non-yarn part..heheh. 🙂 But I’m drooling over that gorgeous!!

    Good luck at work. I know how it goes…I work for my state government. 🙂

  2. Que c’est beau! (Sometimes only French will do ) Oregon is *really* lovely. And I’m prepared to bet that you will finish Henry before I will, I’m *still* not to the end of the first repeat of the charts . Lucky girl, Chocolat Bonnat, they’re the ones who make the chocolate mix I told you about with honey and verveine in it…(Still haven’t found it, I think a trip to Paris is in order…)

  3. Almost forgot — Sandrine and Véronique are working on HVII using the ‘autumn substute’ — I`ve seen the hank of this, it looks quite different in the hank, but they say that you can’t see a difference in the finished sweater. I have to say I was surprised to hear they had the substitute, from their photos I can’t tell a thing…

  4. That is just beautiful. It really is gorgeous – one of my favourite Starmore’s.
    I’m hoping to knit mine ,sometime in the next five years ;-]

    Looking forward to the next adventure. Those lovely,plump hanks ,promising hours of good knitting – so beguiling.

    I’m off to find a bar of Green&Black’s organic chocolate … nothing like starting the day right !

  5. This is one of my favorites that you have knit. Look forward to seeing it on you.

  6. I love oregon! It’s beeeuuuttteeeeful!

  7. vanessa says:

    absolutely fabulous! oregon is my favorite starmore design!

  8. Thanks, you guys!

    Katherine, I checked out photos of Veronique’s and Sandrine’s Hank 8s — you’re right — you really can’t tell the difference knitted up. I’m looking forward to this one!

  9. Oregon, of course, is absolutely beautiful (but WOW, there are a lot of buttons).

    And now Hank VIII. Yay! If I had all those lovely hanks (groan) of yarn around, I would just keep them displayed until I was ready to knit so I could enjoy the beautiful mix of colors.

  10. Quel beau chandail mon mentor de tricotage ! Comment avez-vous obtenu ces tours minuscules d’Eiffel dans la frontière inférieure ?

    Vous Régnez !

  11. Wow — they do look like little Eiffel Towers, don’t they? 🙂

  12. Véronique says:

    Bonjour Wendy !
    Congratulations, your Oregon is absolutely beautiful. Now some french words for your work and the masterpiece : époustouflant, admirable, superbe,… Your french also is amazing by the way !
    I absolutely need to ask Stéphanie if she would accept a trade with me, I am in desperate need of this Chocolat Bonnat, which I can not find in Switzerland.
    Enjoy both the yarn and the sweet treat !

  13. Oregon is MAGNIFICENT! (yes,I was shouting!) But, I want to know what you swapped to be the recipient of such a grand package!?

  14. I swapped my poor abandoned Zauberflote. 🙂

  15. Wendy, it’s amazing! Gorgeous! Splendid! I hope you really enjoy wearing it.

    There’s a question: do you enjoy wearing your FO’s as much as making them? I’ve been wearing the scarf I made myself this winter (Fiesta Yarns La Boheme that I e-mailed you about some months ago) and yesterday I realized just how much I enjoy the fact that I’m wearing something I made myself, even though it’s not something huge or fancy. I even put on a sweater I made when I got home from work to extend the feeling! 🙂

    Good luck at work – the deadline will come and go and it’ll all be over (for better or worse)!!


  16. Oregon is absolutely beautiful, Wendy! I still can’t get over how quickly you whipped it up — not that it was easy, but you are the queen of fair isle. Wow. No way watching you progress could ever be considered boring. I’m curious about the small projects — I will of course tune in tomorrow. (And thanks for this morning’s reply.)

  17. Stunning. Beautiful. I think this is one of my favorite Starmore designs. Congrats on a job well done.

  18. Wendy Johnson for President

  19. What can I say that hasn’t been said? I love Oregon! Wish I was your office mate or next door neighbor so I could touch it, hold it and maybe even try it on…if you would indulge me…that’s the part that sucks about this online stuff ’cause we’re all a tactile-touchy-feely bunch.

  20. As always, I’m in awe. I hope you get to wear it a lot – it is beautiful.

  21. Oregan looks just great! Very inspirational.

  22. Bravo bravo – c’est formidable et tres belle! Merci Merci! And a great inspiration! How do I sign up for the Wendy fan club – huh?

  23. Catherine says:

    Oregon is spectacular and I can’t wait to see you modeling it. Those colors will be great on you and I’m betting they’ll really bring out the auburn in your hair.

    I’m drooling over the yarn for Henry VIII. Don’t you just want to throw your clothes off and roll around naked in it? Or maybe knit it …

    Thanks for the daily inspiration.

  24. …or throw off all your clothes and knit naked?

    (sorry, couldn’t resist…not with an opening like that…)

  25. Oregon is beautiful. Can’t wait till next week to see the new sweater in progress. Plus the little projects tomorrow.

  26. Oregon looks beautiful.
    Vraiment superbe!
    I admire you for having the patience to knit that!
    Fair isle (jacquard in France) is something I will never knit! I gave it a try for a baby sweater and pants and decided it was the first and last time I would do that!
    But it really looks beautiful! One would almost want to frame it or display it in a museum or art gallery!

    Er….Could you tell me where one can find the pictures of that Henri VIII sweater knitted by Sandrine and Véronique?

    As for the French spelling…it was purrrrfect!

    (another french admirer of american knitters!)

  27. Bonjour Noemi — Sandrine’s Henry VIII can be seen on her site at:

    And Veronique’s in the photos area of the tricotnordique Yahoo group (though you probably need to be a member to access the photos).

  28. Patricia says:

    How positively beautiful Oregon is! I want so much to get the energy to make one myself, lol!

  29. Merci infiniment, Wendy!

    Et bon courage for the knitting!

  30. I’ve been lurking and watching your Oregon progress. Wow… Its extremely inspirational. I hope I get as good as you one day!