My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Could it be . . . Friday?

Thanks for all the nice Oregon comments on yesterday’s blog. I was quite basking in the glow, doncha know.

So what am I working on now? This!


I’m making a bucket hat from the lovely and talented Bonne Marie Burns’ Bucket O’ Chic pattern. And it’s too much fun! Actually, I finished said hat last night (but haven’t blocked it). I used Gedifra Shetland, a worsted weight that’s 80% wool and 20% alpaca. Purchased from Elann on a closeout (though I don’t think they have it anymore). It’s tan with some tiny rust flecks in it. My photo does not do it justice.

And speaking of photos not doing justice, here’s a Hank 8 yarn close-up:


And we close this blog entry with a little cutie . . . Izzy, waiting for her dinner!


Happy weekend to all!


  1. Oh yeah, as if ONE picture of Hank’s yarn wasn’t enough to make us drool..hehe. Can’t wait to see you start it Wendy!!

  2. Hello Wendy,

    So glad everything arrived in a fine condition! I was a bit afraid about the long trip the chocolate had to do…;-)
    Your Oregon looks lovely, it is real masterpiece. so I can’t wait to see your work with Henry VIII’s..;although I shall have a look at this pattern you’re doing now.



  3. Johanne says:

    Hej Wendy!
    I can´t believe your knitting speed – and just out of curiosity: have you ever counted how many stitches per minute you do?
    Good luck with the Henrik VIII, I guess you will have lots of fun starting on all that lovely wool at the weekend. I can´t wait for Monday to see!

    I have finally found a fellow AS-worshipper here in Stockholm and the first thing she said was: Have you seen the site Wendyknits?! You are a real celebrity even in this remote corner of the world.

    Love Johanne

  4. Stéphanie, the chocolate arrived in perfect condition — we’ll be sampling some tonight!

    Hej Johanne! I might not start Henry until Monday — I’ve got a few more little things I want to make over the weekend. 🙂

  5. Oh — Johanne, No, I’ve never done a stitch per minute count. Actually, I don’t think I’m that fast — I’m just persistent!

  6. Wendy, Izzy is doing a good Abyssian cat imitation today! I think one of the big plusses to fair isle knitting is all of the little skeins of yarn in so many colors–a feast for the senses, even across cyberspace!

  7. Colleen says:

    Good Friday morning Wendy,

    I have been wondering – what do you do with all of your leftover yarn? With all of your FOs, you must have quite a stash of ‘remainders’.

    Your Oregon is gorgeous, I still have the Campion for ‘my’ Oregon in the cedar chest.

    Have a great weekend,


  8. Missing Oregon already, hopefully we will still get to see pictures of you wearing her?

    Sure appreciate the discussion re knitting needles. I’ve only been knitting seriously since January when I discovered your blog and have a plethora of needles all different materials and US sizes. Using mm instead of US size makes perfect sense to me now, along with using same material as my guage does change.

    Because I enjoy having at least 3 different projects going at the same time, I’m wondering what sizes I should have available? I’ve ordered enough Pony Pearls to knit any sock I wish to knit, but I’m not sure what to order in Audi Turbos? I enjoy knitting baby clothes (my daughter is working on it:) so I’m thinking I should order all the different lengths and sizes of Audis size 4.0 mm and below? I’m curious what others have on hand to knit whatever they wish to knit in the moment? It drives me nuts waiting for needle orders to get to me:(

  9. Catherine says:

    Wendy, which cast-on do you use for a single color 1×1 ribbing, say, for a Dale sweater? Inquiring minds want to know.
    Have a great weekend.

  10. I use the long tail cast on. 🙂

  11. You know, Wendy, what you say about persistance makes some sense. I’ve noticed that I have a hard time simply sitting still for any length of time — very short attention span, and as I knit when I watch television, if I lose interest in what’s on, I knit much less. The days when there’s something good on to watch, I get a lot more knitting done.

    I’m *this* close to finishing the first panel repeat on Henry. *This* close. Unfortunately, I have to set it aside on the weekend. Better go knit a bit on it now before Himself comes home…

  12. Aah! Bucket-o-Chic! I have that knit up from a kit I bought from Bonne Marie on Ebay…although I haven’t blocked it yet. No, scratch that. I blocked the hat part, but it turned out too big, so I have to do it again. And I haven’t blocked the brim because I’m skeered to!

    But it’s looking at me so accusingly from where it’s currently resting as a tea cozy, and if *you’re* blocking yours, perhaps it’s the motivation I need. Want to explain how you’re managing the brim part? 😉

  13. It’s like I always say, Ketherine, resistance is futile, but persistence pays off. Me too! If there’s something great to watch on tv and my back’s not hurting, I can hunker down with knitting four hours.

    Almost done with the first Hank repeat? Yowee! Here’s a cheer of encouragement:

    Rah rah rah
    Sis boom bah!
    Knit on Henry
    Rah rah rah!

    I know that will help.

  14. And stoopid me — I typo-ed in your name! 😛

  15. Wendy,
    Add me to your “fan club”! Your Oregon is just gorgeous! Makes me guilty to finish off some of my UFO’s! Izzy is just a little “glamour puss”–she knows how to work that camera!! Thanks for letting us in on your knitting life.

  16. Meghan, I steam-blocked the brim before knitting the top of the hat.

  17. Wendy – I love the new pic of the Hank hanks. What great colors! I’m falling prey to the same desire to look at my yarn; I keep pulling out the shetland I bought for AS Keava and just looking at the colors together. I wonder when the store will get those other 2 colors…

    Another question kind of related to the stash q below: Does dye lot matter much (or at all) on these complex fair isle designs? I thought of this when you said you ran out of a color for Oregon, and someone sent you a skein — it couldn’t have been the same lot, or could it?

    Have a great weekend!!

  18. Dye lot doesn’t matter much in fair isle. I can’t tell the difference in the completed sweater.

    I do have lots of tiny balls of leftover wool. I’d like to tell you that it’s all neatly organized and indexed, but it’s not. It’s all shoved into plastic bags indiscriminately and dumped in my guest room. In a big pile.

  19. Wendy

    In my earlier message, I forgot to ask you if you have used the 5.75″ length Pony Pearl DPs? I just ordered this length in 2mm and 2.25mm.

    Due to your enthusiasm for Pony Pearls, I bought and am using the 7.75 length for some socks. However, I am used to the 6″ Crystal Palace bamboo DPs, so when I saw the shorter Pony Pearls I ordered them.


  20. I use the 5.75″ length exclusively — because my sock knitting lives in my purse, short needles are very good to have — they fit very nicely.

  21. Wendy & Colleen, are you both doing socks on 2 circs? I’ve got the Bo’C pattern, too, but I can’t decide what yarn to knit it up in first. Yours looks fab!

  22. Wendy, can I spend my vacation in your guest room amongst all of your leftovers—I’d have a blast!

  23. You can, L-B, but you ought to know that there are more than 100 pairs of cowboy boots housed in that room too.

  24. They’re safe,Wendy! I wear a size 5 1/2. (My leftovers are all sock yarns!) But, your yarn, on the other hand….even sheep are wary of me—they see the finished sweaters in my eyes!

  25. I was thinking more of your safety, L-B. Boots falling from shelves . . .

  26. For yarn, Wendy, I’ll live dangerously! By the way, are you still collecting the boots? I’ve collected sheep stuff all of my adult years and finally had to start being extremely selective before my house became a shrine to sheep!

  27. Nope, I’ve finally realized that I have enough cowboy boots. 🙂

    Wearing blue elephant Justins today.

  28. Judy Hammond says:

    Lovely,lovely sweater Wendy. What’s next?

  29. Wendy, thank you for sharing the Oregon tale with us. It is certainly a beautiful cardigan and you have done a marvellous job.

    The Hank colours are truly jewel like. It gets me thinking and dreaming.

    Have a great weekend. Regards to Izzy too.


  30. Caroline F says:

    Oregon is very cool! Cardigans are so much fun aren’t they, once you get over knitting those button bands!
    Izzy color-coordinates quite well with your kitchen floor!