My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste

And I blame it on Lindsey-Brooke and Katherine, and anyone else who was singing the Herman’s Hermit song Henry the Eighth last week on my tag-board. Thanks to you, I can’t get the frigging song out of my head.

I hope you’re happy.

But even so, you get a little teeny tiny progress photo of the start of the ribbing.


Guest Kitty

We have a guest kitty today.


This is Kateri’s dear departed Tofu. Her daughter used to like to dress him up as a princess. Kateri says “I bet Izzy would find him handsome if he weren’t in drag!”

I bet you’re right!

Disco Socks!

They’re coming along!


Contest Update

Don’t forget, your limericks must be received by me by 5pm EST today, so that the judging may take place tomorrow. The winner will be notified via email tomorrow afternoon or evening, and announced on my blog on Monday.

I’ve gotten a whole bunch of totally awesome limericks (dude!) and have had a great time reading them. And the few of you who attempted to suck up to and/or bribe the judge? It didn’t work — the judge is being given the limericks only to judge solely on their merits. All peripheral comments have been removed.

Yeah, I can be a hard-ass when I want.


  1. Wendy, what you are suffering from has been called an earworm
    Attractive, no? Research into why songs get stuck in our heads has been in the news recently.

  2. How about if we suck up in the limerick itself?? lol

  3. Hey now! There’s a good idea! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Michell, thanks for the earworm info — eeeeewwww!

  4. But,Wendy, it’s such an endearing little ditty…

  5. Thank you Wendy~
    I am smiling so big seeing my sweet Tofu on your site ๐Ÿ˜€

    Thank the heavens for sweet kitties!

  6. Morning Wendy! Thanks for the progress shots, both hank and disco. I screwed up my nerve and started my sock this morning – I’ve just been afraid of making it bad because the yarn is so cool. I finally realized I can just rip it out if it’s not good and do it again. What freedom!

    Very cute special guest kitty, too. I love the princess outfit — if I had any girls, I know exactly which cat (Retto) would be getting that treatment. The others don’t tolerate my kids nearly as much.

    Have a nice day – I hope it doesn’t rain after all!


  7. One more thing: if people are looking for a magnetic board for charts, Ram Wool has them in 8×10 and 12×18. See this link for the larger one

  8. Wendy…I hear my dear C is finding avenues of harrassment!?!

    I never know what to expect here – a cat in drag! Really! The things we do to the creatures in our lives!

    Earworm, huh? and now it’s traveling the web via Wendy Knits – might count as a new computer worm thing-y. (That’s a technical term BTW!)

  9. Yes, Teresa, C gave me a good laugh! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Admit it — the cat in drag looks like he’s enjoying it, doesn’t he?

  10. We have lots of guy friends – mostly gay – who do drag and they have the most fun! Lesbians don’t seem to have a similar outlet that’s provides as much fun!

  11. Wendy, I was there when people were singing the Henry VIII song, but I tried to help you by singing other songs! Yeah, that was it. Do I get brownie points? Now to think of a limerick…

  12. Nathalie says:

    Hi Wendy – I was working on a limerick in my head, and now it is too late to post but in case you find it amusing – here it is!

    There is a young tot called Elaine
    Who loves to get hands on my skein
    Round the apartment she trots
    Til the skien’s all in knots
    Her habit is me making insane!