My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Ah, Springtime in Washington

It snowed all day yesterday. Looked strange, snow falling on flowering trees. It’s supposed to be cold again today, and then slowly warming up toward the end of the week.

I found this on the ground coming in from my garage. I’m viewing it as an omen, that we will get spring-like weather at some point.


So Friday night I went home and spent the evening in a zombie-like state. Not much knitting accomplished. I did get a bit done on Saturday though. See?


Wait — we’ll try that again:


I did start the armhole steeks:


Saturday night’s movie to knit by was “All or Nothing.” Not the happiest of films, but if you are thinking your life sucks, watch this. It’ll make you feel better about your own life. I do recommend it — a very good movie in my opinion.

Happy Monday, all. Another week in hell in store for me . . .


  1. Mike Leigh makes great ,if a bit depressing at times [just like real life ! ] films .
    Hank is fabo – nice ,rich,tapestry quality to it.
    You sound so fed up .Hope work eases off soon,and the world regains some equilibrium…more knitting,less testosterone ;-]

  2. Henry is looking beautiful Wendy. Question…do you always put in armhole steeks (Dale, Starmore etc) or only when the pattern specifies? I have a new host and will be announcing my new url soon!

  3. Emma, I AM fed up . . . and so ready for a break from work! Need to start playing the lottery again I guess.

    Melissa, I generally only steek when told to steek. All the Norgis and fair isles I’ve made are steeked, and I would never steek anything heavier that sportweight. Glad to hear you’ll be back with your blog soon — I’ve missed you! ๐Ÿ™

  4. Mary from MD says:

    Cheer up, Wendy! I’m living in a parallel universe, fighting to meet a deadline that passed 2 weeks ago. I’ve been promised that there is a glimmer of hope that is project will be completed this week! Maybe you’ll see your glimmer of light, too. Hank is beautiful by the way. Just love those colors!

  5. Unfortunately I know that my Project From Hell is going to last at least til the end of May. Maybe longer. Yikes!

  6. Hey, Wendy! Hope your Project from Hell doesn’t last as long as mine. It all started in early December and is still ongoing. Since I am in the file room, I get the end result of the “PFH”. Luckily we got a stay-in-school student to help.

    Hank 8 is looking way cool. You’re giving me tons of inspiration! Just got to find my pattern books that have been hiding in my garage since the move from SLC, UT to Indian Head, MD. I’ve been here almost 6 months and still have tons to unpack.

  7. Wendy, I hope the beauty of Hank 8 gets you through the rough time at work! As if allergy season isn’t bad enough, we had a disk failure here which is going to make this a hellish week. I swatched the VY Fish & Anchors pillow over the weekend and love the cheery colors!

  8. Wendy, you are not alone. My company just laid off over a third of my team! First there were the weeks of not knowing and then the relief of knowing I am safe “for now”. Now I am supposed to feel grateful that I was chosen and happily pick up the slack for the others. And I am still facing the people who are loosing their jobs, not knowing what to say and guessing what they are thinking about us who still remain. Oh yes, if I don’t bring in new business….ahhh the pressure continues. THANK GOODNESS FOR MY KNITTING!!!! In these crazy times, it is definitely what keeps me from unraveling.

  9. Sorry to hear that Purl. Been there — both being laid off and being one of the “lucky” few who wasn’t. Either way it’s bad!

  10. My jaw dropped when I saw your sweater — I think you call it HANK? It’s GORGEOUS. I’m in awe.

  11. Hang in there, Wendy. Things are bound to get better.

    I read some of your archives last week; maybe looking back at some of them would help cheer you up? There was a lot of positive knitting and other stuff going on. (OK, maybe not October ’02.) I loved seeing your series of old stuff (I started reading your blog in the middle of that, so I got to see the beginnings of it). And if that doesn’t help, always remember “more yarn will do the trick”!

  12. Izzy and Igor, separated at birth….

  13. Wendy,
    Hank is a joy to behold. Don’t let the Dragons get you down. A loyal member of your fan club,

  14. Sheez Wendy, when even the steeks are beautiful I must bow and say LoudLY: “I am not WORTHY!!!”

    Or sing this to the tune “You make me Feel so Young”

    “You Make Me feel So Dull!
    You make me feel I got the brain of a Gull!”

  15. Hi Wendy, I haven’t posted here before but I wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your blog. Hank 8 has brought me out of the woodwork–you are doing such an amazing job on it!

  16. Wendy, I’m assuming you do your steeks like that to better see where to pick up stitches? I did them all woven and alternated. And do you do your sleeves just on one circular and/or on dpns? I’m tempted (and I can’t believe I’m writing this) to try the two-circular trick for the sleeves of Henry. I’m not fond of Fair Isle on dpns, and don’t have circs short enough to cope with the sleeves.

    (Note to self: never, ever knit a fair-isle project in secret again. Put scads of photos of work in progress on blog ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Katherine, I have knit using two circulars and had success. It’s a trick to get started, especially socks (or two socks!), but worth trying. I find I have less laddering problems. Good luck.

  18. Chery, I’m assuming it’s easier if I get started on one circ, set up the pattern, and then switch to the two?

  19. WOW! The newest sweater is coming along great!!! I have yet to knit with two colors. LOL! Maybe I’ll start up a Baby Norgi in a not so far future. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Katherine, I have never done two circ needles on Fair Isle.. just started the technique on two socks.

    I would pick up sleeve stitches on one needle and then begin the first knitted row with the second needle, knitting until you have half the stitches knitted. Then continue the row with the tail of the original needle.

    I have yarn for Fair Isle gloves and intend to do both at the same time on two circs. It will be a nice challenge. I’m searching for the instruction site and will post it when I find it.

  21. Katherine, Found the two sites that were helpful to me with two circs.

    I read this one first:

    Found this one more helpful:

    BTW, Wendy, love HenryVII. You really have spurred me on the working more on Fair Isle. Thanks. I love Izzy!

  22. Henry is so gorgeous – more brightly colored than I ever thought it was! You’ll attract attention in that one!

  23. Hank is tres magnifique! Hang in there! I wish I could send you some of my daffodils your way!!!

  24. Hey sweetie ๐Ÿ™‚ When I feel like shit & 02 was particularly good for that, I try to reflect on my knitting. Tonight, put Hank8 on the table & just absorb the glorious colours & rich design. No matter what happens at work, nothing can take away from the beauty of that work & repeat to yourself: I made this, I’m clever. Then play with Izzy- pets are the best source of stress relief. Did me the power of good about 1 month ago: next day found me powering thru those stupid tiny measurements that I must do every day, down a microscope.
    Sending a sunny, warm Aussie hug ((((Wendy))))

  25. Hi Wendy,
    Just wanted to let you know that I received all my stuff for Kogsberg from Bea Ellis. What a nice place to deal with, THANKS. I was at Kathy Zimmerman’s shop yesterday and I told her about you and wanting to make her sweater from knitters(Dalta Blue) and that you had knit one of her other designs.She was pleased to hear that. Henry the V111 is exquisite and that is putting it mildly.