My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Happy Blog Day to Me


It ain’t no April Fool joke — today is my blog’s birthday. One year ago today I started boring you with all the tedious details of my knitting. Seems like it was only yesterday . . .

In March 2002 I was out of town on a two-week (gag!) business trip. I was reading my knitting list digests in my hotel room one night and someone mentioned that she had started a knitting blog (can’t for the life of me remember who it was, though). I checked it out and always being willing to jump on the bandwagon with something new, hopped on over to Blogger and signed up for a blog.

When I returned home I figured out how to post my blog on my website and was off and running.

The ol’ blog has been through a few changes and a couple of URLs, but it’s still alive and kicking, as you all can see.

Nowadays I’m “no mail” on almost all the lists and I don’t miss ’em. I get plenty of knit interaction in the blog community. How we’ve grown in the past year!

Steek ‘n Sleeve Talk

Yesterday Katherine asked some steeky and sleevie questions in my comments about how I do stuff. I used to alternate the colors in my steeks to give a checkerboard effect, now I do them in stripes. The main reason I do them this way is because it’s easier for me — when doing checkerboard steeks I always managed to screw up one place or another and have two stitches of the same color on top of each other and that would annoy me, even though it doesn’t matter as it’s in the steek and doesn’t show in the final product. A benefit of stripey steeks is that it’s very obvious where to cut them down the center.

Have you all noticed that whenever you ask me why I do something a certain way the answer almost always is “Because I’m lazy?” Hmmmmmmm . . .

And about needles and sleeves . . .

I have both 16-inch and 12-inch circular needles, so hopefully will be able to knit the entire sleeve using those. I was able to with Oregon — I finished the cuffs with the 12-inch circulars and never had to resort to dpns. I experimented with using two circulars on Luskentyre and hated it, btw.

Izzy is careful to keep track of the rows on my chart for me.


Odie’s Easter Socks

They are socks accompli:


Official page here. But it’s the same photo as here.

I’ll give them to Odie today, assuming she’s at the office.

Yesterday on my way home from work it was snowing wildly. What the heck is with that?? I guess it was March going out like a lion. Or an early April Fool joke.


  1. Happy Blogday, Wendy!

    And it’s not *lazy*, it’s *efficient*…

  2. Happy Blog Day! Thanks for inspiration.

  3. Dear Wendy and Wendy’s blog,
    Happy Blog Birthday.
    Is it really only a year !
    I ,too,think that the blogging community is a wanderful one – the things I’ve learned ! Wish I had the blogging and knitting stamina to blog five days a week – I greatly admire you for that.
    Odie’s socks are lovely .Lovely spring colours. She’ll be delighted with them.
    Hope that you feel less stressed and hassled today.

  4. Happy Anniversary Wendy! I am so glad you are out there. I have learned a lot from you. I also find the blogs a better online fit for me. Keep on clicking (both at the keyboard and especially with the needles)!

  5. Congratulations! Not boring – fascinating! Love Odie’s socks – she certainly won’t lose them, will she!

    Roll on, the end of May.

  6. Happy Blog Day to you , Happy Blog Day to you, Happy Blog Day, dear Wendy! Happy Blog Day to you! (just in case you missed the tagboard singing!) And for the umpteenth gazillionth time–Thanks for the inspiration! (for knitting–not singing)

  7. Johanne says:

    Grattis Wendy!
    And I also congratulate myself for having found your witty and interesting blog. My life would be duller without it. Wendyknits rules! Or should I say Wendyknits for president?!
    The socks turned out great. Lucky Odie.
    I have a question: is Hank a Jade or Alice design?
    Glenesk seems to be unavailable from VY at the moment. I know I know, Iยดll take a deep breath and…

    Greetings from a cold Sweden.

  8. I can’t believe it’s been only a year. What on earth did we DO before there was Wendy’s blog?? Have yourself some extra cake and ice cream today!

  9. Happy Blogiversary!

    er – am I the only one who thinks it’s fitting-bordering-on-hilarious that you began on Apr 01?


  10. Kate, it figures I’d pick April 1 to start my blog, eh?

    Johanne (hej!) — I’m pretty darn sure that Henry VIII is an Alice rather than a Jade design. I’ll check it tonight.

    Thanks for all your happy blog wishes everyone!
    I personally think I should have the day off work in celebration, but instead I got *even more* work dumped on me today.

    What can I say? It’s job security.

  11. Happy Blogday, Wendy!

  12. Happy Birthday for your Blog, Wendy.

  13. Happy Blog Birthday, Wendy!!


  14. Elizabeth says:

    Happy Blogday Wendy!! Thank you so much for a year of inspiration and humor. Can’t tell you enough how much you have helped me with your knowledge and expertise in knitting; and, how much you brighten up each day with your wonderful journal entries. Thank you for sharing!!! I’m sure Odie will love her Easter socks.

  15. Woohoo!! Happy blog b-day Wendy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. I also find it quite amusing that you picked April Fool’s Day to start your blog. Somehow it seems very fitting!

    I didn’t even know what a blog was until I found yours. Now every morning is started off with a smile because of you. Happy Anniversary (and many more)!

    Thanks for being there.


  17. let me add my voice to those saying ‘happy blogday’and ‘long live this blog’-

    thanks for all the great info, the inspiration to try new things, and the entertainment- and thanks for sharing izzy with us too-

    barb in east texas

  18. Happy Blog-Anniversary – and thank you for all the knitting inspiration!

  19. Happy Blog Anniversary Wendy!!!

    You are one of the 1st blogs I started reading and still everyday I come and see what you are up to.

  20. Happy blogday Wendy! And thank you for writing such an inspiring blog! You have made me look at knitting in a different way.

  21. Wendy, thank you for sharing your thoughts, knitting wizardry and pictures. Izzy is my ‘adopted’ cat… love her. Your blog is an inspiration to me. Happy Anniversary!

  22. An Ode to Wendy’s Blog

    Wendy’s blog is simply terrific
    We can view her knitting prolific
    I hear on good faith
    That Henry the VII
    Will be worn by a friend honorific

    Happy Blog Day!

  23. Aacckk! That should read “Henry the VIII not VII” please make it rhyme in your head…LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Bon Anniversiaire! (Is that even close?) ๐Ÿ™‚

    Wendy’s blog is the best and we all love you for your inspiring knit and wit! Did I tell you that Marley’s hot for Izzy? Didn’t want to embarass her….come to think of it, he’s hot for my rugs, too… eeeeeuwuh!

    Love you, Miss Thang! ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Yay Wendy & her blog! You rule, and constantly inspire me to keep on knitting!

  26. (Sung to the tune of “I’ve grown accustomed to her face” from “My Fair Lady”:)

    I’ve grown accustomed to your Blog –
    It almost makes the day begin –
    I’ve grown accustomed to your knitting that grows before my eyes –
    your smiles – your frowns –
    your knitting ups – your knitting downs –
    reading your Blog is second nature to me now – like breathing out and breathing in –
    I was securely independent and content before I started –
    surely I could always be that way again-
    and yet…..
    I’ve grown accustomed to your knitting news, accustomed to the photos of Izzy
    accustomed to your Blog

    So: Happy Birthday to you and your Blog!

    And – we’re the lucky ones – we’ve gotten birthday presents every day we read your Blog. Many thanks for your generosity,

  27. Happy Blog Day!

    A silly question has just occurred to me, it’s not knitting related and it’s not an April Fool’s joke honest!

    Do you refer to Izzy as a tabby cat in the US? I only ask as a couple of visiting American children were fascinated by my late Gran’s ‘Cat with a raccoon’s tail’ and the whole family swore they’d never seen anything like him before. I was admiring Izzy when it struck me how daft that was, there is at least one tabby in the US!


  28. Stephanie says:

    Happy Blog Day Wendy. Thank you for a wonderful year of sharing and all best wishes for another.

  29. Happy Blogday, Wendy! I only started reading this year, in January when you were getting all the gifts. Now I count your missives as daily gifts to me. I’m don’t even want to know how many things you’ve knitted in your blog-year, but I do want to thank you for sharing the process and progress and the lovely watch-cat with us, your devoted fans!

  30. Yours was the first blog I ever read Wendy and a year later it’s still so wonderful.

  31. Happy Blogiversary!!!!!

    What would we do without you, and of course, the beautiful and mysterious Izzy?

    ๐Ÿ™‚ Amy

  32. Happy blog day – keep up the excellence! ๐Ÿ˜€

  33. Happy anniversary, Wendy! Thanks for introducing me to Fair Isle, socks, and Izzy!


  34. Hope you’re having a very Happy Blogday Wendy!

  35. This means my blog is a month old. Daily it looks up to me & says: Daddy, one day will I be like Wendyknits? My reply: Ce sera sera. Have fun tonight & celebrate with 10 or more rows of Hank8.

  36. Happy Blog Birthday Wendy. Your blog is my must daily read. On weekends, I catch up on others. Thank you for all you do. You inspire me to greater knitting.

  37. happy blog birthday! i enjoy watching your knitting grow, and grow, and grow!

  38. Catherine says:

    Happy Blogday, Wendy. Thanks for your generosity and inspiration. You and Izzy rock!

  39. Happy Blogversary!! Thanks for sharing your talent and knowledge through your blog and site ๐Ÿ™‚