My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Not a Great Start to the Week . . .

. . . But it could be worse I suppose.

Over the weekend at work we got new computers with Windows XP (we were still running Windows 98). All in all, a good thing, but our frigging IT people have so limited and disabled it that I find it insulting. I am capable of setting the time lapse on my screensaver and power saver settings, although the system administrators seem to think otherwise and have disabled user access to these settings, and much more.

Oh, and half my software is missing and the network drives went bye-bye. Sigh.

At least I do have a new kickass computer and they didn’t take my 21″ monitor away.

In knitting news . . .

Well, I worked some more on Hank. Here it is:


Next Project

I think I’ve pretty much decided next on the agenda is Dale of Norway St. Moritz. I’ve got the pattern, and got the Heilo wool all set for colorway that is sorta light blue/off white/tan.

Izzy had a nice relaxing evening after sleeping all day.


Interesting to hear everyone’s experiences with stranding and which color they hold where. As I said, I always hold the darker color above, and the lighter color below, being a one-handed strander.

Have a good day, all. It could be worse — it could still be Monday.


  1. Thanks for brightening my morning with precious pictures of Izzy! Have you ever determined which of you is the most popular? I have a coworker who doesn’t give a darn about knitting but checks out Izzy every day!

  2. It’s best if I don’t try to figger out if it’s me or Izzy people come to see . . . I’m betting it’s Izzy! She was in a particularly adorabe mood last night. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Which is more beautiful? Izzy? Hank? Izzy? Hank? Izzy? Hank? Question: Why choose? I love seeing both!

    In my limited work with stranding – I hold the lighter color under in my left hand…

  4. I HATE having my work computer switched out!!!! Some of our programs are so old that the new computers will not support them, so, when the machines break beyond repair, we are “lucky” enough to get the newest of the olds. Grrrr. And then it takes a week to figure out what software is missing and get it re-installed. I feel your pain, babe. Good luck today!

  5. Wendy,
    Thanks again for that stitch holder/row counter tip! I’ve been using it for all my projects now, even the one with the circular needle counter, which always slips off the end of the needle (I’m knitting back and forth).
    Izzy is adorable, as is Hank–wonderful to see your progress (makes me feel better for not getting anywhere).
    That’s it! (an Ah HA! moment) All the collective energies of those of us wishing we could knit but are stuck doing more mundane things are being channeled to you!! Well, now I don’t feel so bad, at least my energies are being put to good use! Thanks Wendy!!

  6. I love your knitting *and* Izzy. I have a non-knitting question. What do you do about cat hair on your yarn and sweaters? My cats love to sit on my knitting, chase and chew the yarn and generally make nuisances of themselves. I find sweaters with cat hair incorporated into the stitches and won’t come off.


  7. Wendy,
    I do know what you mean about the XP. I’ve fortunately been able to stay on the trailing edge of technology and not the bleeding edge. I hate it when they treat you like a 9th grader or worse — a 9yr old. I do enjoy seeing your progress, and you’ve given me some incentive to learn how to knit with more than one color ! I’d like to do something simple first. Whats easier for a beginner to learn, Intarsia or Fairisle ? and is the somewhere that shows how to do them?
    – Waiting for my book order to get here. I’m hoping the Knitters Almanac, Knitting without Tears, and Knitting workshop books will enlighten me more More MORE! Have a good day.

  8. I too must thank you for the stitch holder/row counter tip. I find it most invaluable. I purchased the pattern for St. Moritz this past weekend and love all of the other patterns in there too. The little girl’s dress is just heavenly! I wish I knew a little girl to knit it for.


  9. Hank is looking beautiful!!! and congrats on the kick ass new computer ๐Ÿ™‚ that’s always fun!!! and especially when they don’t take away the kewl monitor too! I wanted to shamelessly let you know that I just started my own blog ๐Ÿ™‚ thought you might want to stop by sometime! Love your blog!! don’t ever stop *lol*

  10. Sigh. I wish I could share more pics of my cat and/or my knitting. Haven’t seen the cat for days and haven’t done much knitting…You’re so lucky your life allows you both pleasures! g

  11. Hey hey Karen, I’m assuming you aren’t serious, or I’d introduce you to my little girl… ;->

  12. Looking forward to the start of your Dale, Wendy! ๐Ÿ™‚ Inspired by your Rosendal, I ran amok over at Bea Ellis and picked up Rosendal, Sirdal and Kongsberg — I may just do my own little “Dale Along With Wendy”. I have a question about something that appears in the pattern that I haven’t seen before. Send this comment to the “Hall of Shame” if it’s too stupid ๐Ÿ˜‰ What does one do when a row calls to be knit entirely in the MC? I mean, there you are, happily knitting and carrying 2 strands and then wham! Knit a whole row with one color. Hmmmm.

  13. Wendy,
    I am new to your blog and have been fascinated with Hank and am in love with Izzy. I look forward to checking on Hank’s progression and the latest Iz pose everyday now. Is she a young cat? She looks very petite and sweet in her pics. Hank has me fascinated and I think it is time for me to finally plunge into fair isle land. I am a right handed continental knitter. Any suggestions for a first time project? Thanks.

    Deb(who lives in Austin, where you have to wear all of your handknits in the 2 days it gets cold enough)

  14. What is this “the stitch holder/row counter tip”
    I missed it somehow.

    Knitting from the top now….

  15. Caroline, I would love to knit that dress someday. I think it is absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately none of the nieces or nephews are close to having children at this time. I might have to knit it anyway and put it away in hopes that someday we’ll have baby girls in the family. By the way, I love the socks on your blog — what pattern did you use?


  16. I didn’t really use a pattern, I just made up a ‘generic top-down sock’ along the lines of Wendy’s toe-up sock. But thanks!