My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



Well, never let it be said that QueerJoe is the only controversial blogger.

Those of you who read my comments yesterday will remember one from Kerry. Wait, I’ll save you the trouble. Here it is:

“Please tell me you are NOT soliciting donations for the Colonial Williamsburg bracelet, how so very tacky.

someone needs an ego check me thinks.

Hey feel free to forward all flames directly to my mail box and I will get back pronto. Get over yourself already.

Sheesh, some people and their lofty expectations.”

And I discovered later that she had posted a similar message to the Knitflame list, saying — well, I think it’s bad form to repeat someone’s email message, even if it was posted to a public forum. But suffice it to say, she has a low opinion of me and my attempts to extort money from you all.

I have no problem, however, posting the response I sent to the Knitflame list here:

Ooh! Ooh! I’m flameworthy!

It’s a proud, proud moment.

Uh . . . Kerry? It was a joke. I thought it was pretty obvious, but
apparently I’m too subtle for you. So I’ll spell it out for you.

J – O – K – E

Adding the Paypal button was part of the joke. Get it? Get it? I
added the button after some lighthearted banter in my comments about
people donating money toward the bracelet.


P.S. Joke or no, believe it or not, as of this moment I have received
donations equalling 25% of the cost of the bracelet. Call me
gobsmacked! Will I buy the bracelet if I get enough money? Shit, yeah!

P.P.S. If any of you flamers want to contribute, I’ve conveniently
put my blog URL below my name. πŸ˜‰

P.P.P.S. to Kerry: Note the presence of the “;-)” in my P.P.S.

Here’s the punchline. I surfed over to the URL she put in a signature line to her post. It’s a live journal type of thing. And if you’ll pardon me saying so, a particularly lame one. And guess what’s in the sidebar of her journal? Links to a place where you can donate money to pay for her access to her journal. Complete with a paypal button.

Snicker, snicker.

Seriously now

I want to say a sincere thank you to all of you who have sent donations to the Henry VIII bracelet fund. Yes, I really did post the photo and the link to the online ordering as a joke. But now, as I said in my post to Knitflame, I really do have more than 25% of the cost of the bracelet sent to me by you wonderful, generous people. Thank you all.

Three-Color Confessions

An email from Wanda yesterday prompts me to own up to how I really do three-color rows. Wanda said:

“When I knit 2 color rows I keep the dark color on top always (like you do, and I don’t notice a difference in the look either if it’s on top or bottom, I just always put it on top.) When I add a 3rd color I keep the 3rd color in the middle. So my first color is always on top, my second color is always on bottom and my 3rd color is always in the middle.”

Thank you Wanda, you stated that much more clearly than I could. And that’s pretty much how I do it.

Size Counts

Karen asked: “This perhaps is a silly question, but what length needle are you using for St. Moritz? Unless my glasses really don’t work, the pattern gives the needle size, but not the length (24″, 30″ etc.).

I’m also trying to determine which size I want to knit. In my research, I’ve been told to add about 7″ for ease to my chest measurement to determine which size Dale to make. Is that a reasonable assumption in your estimation and experience with Dale’s?”

I’ll answer the second question first. I’m making the size small, which is about 45.5″ around, which is plenty of ease — like 10 inches. I could have gotten away with making the extra-small, I guess, but I do like a good bit of ease in Dale sweaters. Okay, I like a good bit of ease in everything. I remember back in my youth I used to wear jeans that were so tight that I had to lie on my back on the floor and have two friends hold the fly together so I could zip them up. We all did that. Painful, but it got the desired results. (heh heh) But those days are gone forever! Comfort is my first priority these days!

But I digress.

As to needle length. It depends. I’m using a 32″ needle, but considering I’m making one of the smaller sizes, I coulda used a 24″ comfortably. For a larger size you definitely want a 32″ needle. I’m hoping that when I start the sleeves I can start them with my 12″ Addis. And then continue on with 16-inchers as I work my way up the sleeve.

Yup, I’m using my Addis for St. Moritz. Ebonies for fair isles, Addis for Dales. The Addis are faster needles so for all that boring plain knitting they’ll move things along nicely.

In my comments yesterday Chery said: “As for the duplicate stitch area, I plan to use a short length to knit two-color and cut at the end of those stitches, weaving ends when the area is completed. I do not like duplicate stitch and this way the level of the stitches should be the same as the rest of the area.”

Great minds think alike! I’ve done that in the past and will probably do that here too. Assuming I don’t cheat and simply . . . uh . . . knit the back chart for both the front and back of St. Moritz. Yeah, it crossed my mind to do that. But I’ll probably end up “doing the right thing” and doing the front chart, like the good girl that I am. Simply because I love how the center motif dips down in the front.

Stephanie mentioned how small the sleeve chart is for St. Moritz. Yeah, what’s with that? I noticed that all the charts are different sizes, which irks me no end. Because I’m making the crewneck version instead of the zip-neck, there’s a separate chart that you insert in the center of the front chart. And it’s on a different scale from the front chart, so I can’t simply copy it and perform surgery on the chart and tape it together. I brieifly tried resizing the charts on the photocopier to try to get them all the same, but a photocopy wiz I ain’t. Hmmmmmm, one of my coworkers used to work at Kinkos . . .

But I will enlarge the sleeve chart.

Not a whole lotta progress last night, but I did get past the ribbing!



  1. Way to go on the bracelet donations! You are so well loved by your readers, that it does not surprise me in the least that you are already at the 25% mark. Hey, if people want to donate, why not let them? I never read the flaming comments yesterday, but I imagine some people are just jealous of your popularity. Believe me… you deserve every penny of that bracelet.

    I’m off to find a picture of St. Moritz completed. I so love watching your children grow, but I don’t think I can wait this time!

  2. I totally agree. Obviously it was a joke, but if people want to send you money paying for part of it, that is their choice. You provide this awesomest of blogs free of charge to countless people everyday. Sometimes I think I even learn more from you and your blog (and links ot others) then from some of my knitting mag subscriptions.

  3. Hey now, don’t be dissing LiveJournal by associating us with that Kerry person. She’s on journalspace. ;-D

    Personally, I thought you were making a joke, and that yes, the gold bracelet would be lovely with Hank. I really enjoyed watching it take shape! My LYS has _Tudor Roses_ but it’s not for sale — I wonder if the owner would let me sit in there with my knitting and use the book? πŸ™‚

  4. Thanks for the support guys. It’s nice to know that you “get” me. πŸ™‚

    Tasha, I apologize! You’re correct, of course. I only went there briefly to see what she had to say, and of course forgot exactly where it was.

  5. Thanks for the good laughs this morning Wendy… my goodness. I must have missed the flaming posts yesterday, and the button to donate for the bracelet… but I did like the thought that if everyone who reads and enjoys your daily efforts donated one dollar you would be well on your way!
    Going to find the paypal button πŸ˜‰

  6. Hey Tasha you can find Tudor Roses at so you don’t have to pitch a tent at the yarn shop! Always happy to enable others to spend as much knitting money as I do….

  7. PS…. whats the Knitflame list? (blushing)

  8. Kateri, Knitflame is a Yahoo Group — like the Knitlist. Well, it’s not likle the knitlist in content, but the Knitlist is also a Yahoo Group. πŸ™‚

    How coherent am I this a.m.?

  9. Karen Berglund says:

    Wendy, are you doing the crewneck version or the zipper version? I’m thinking of combining the ribbing with the crewneck; I assume it would work?


  10. It better work, cuz that’s exactly what I’m doing! Crewneck, with ribbing. πŸ™‚

  11. Boy, Wendy, when you want to spice up your blog, you really go for it! Can’t accuse you of being boring anymore! (Not that I ever did…)

    I’d like to give you credit for posting a really useful entry today, on top of all the fun-poking at Kerry (whoever she is). I agree with the people who have pointed out that you have invested so much in your blog (monetary and otherwise) that accepting donations, even if they are solicited in jest, is hardly beyond the realm of reasonable. And the things (both tangible and intangible) that you’ve given to us all — the free patterns, the contest prizes, the responses to our burning questions and the inspiration to stretch ourselves as knitters — more than justify any gift that any reader voluntarily chooses to give you, even if it’s a donation toward a particular purchase.

    That got longer and loftier sounding than I intended, but I want to give you much credit for being a very classy knitter and cyber-citizen.

  12. Nathalie says:

    I am french and as everybody does know it French people are not very talented with foreign language BUT I am proud to say I’ve understood that it was a joke to ask for money for this bracelet…
    Your “Hank” (we say “Riton” in french..) is marvellous.
    I enjoy a lot reading your blog every day.
    Thanks for you great sense of humour and your knitting talent.

  13. Thank you, Andrea. If I were wearing my hat, I would doff it and bow my head. πŸ™‚

  14. I’m still convinced it would be a perfect collar for Izzy!

  15. It did not occur to me that the bracelet thing was anything but a joke, but after reading today’s post I will be happy to contribut to the fund, (Wow Kerry thanks for the great idea!!). Call it Karma. You’re a good egg and so generous with the free knitting advice. But I do want to see a picture of it with the sweater.

  16. Good Morning Wendy,
    WOW—Never thought my previous post would cause such a stir! all your true loyal followers are behind you and when I mentioned the donation, it truly was a joke but now I need to press the pay-pal button and contrubute to the cause that I started—tee hee hee. I started to e-mail Kerry and tell her off but changed my mind. Who wants to be negative, we were having fun!!!

  17. Thanks Stacey!

    Yes, the bracelet is getting closer and closer! And the first thing I’ll do is have a “Hank & bracelet” photo shoot! πŸ™‚

    And I won’t let Izzy borrow it for a collar πŸ˜‰

  18. You GO Gurl!

    It’s part of my daily routine to check your comments several times during the day and when I came across the offending post yesterday all I could do was shake my head and mutter, “Some people…”

    What I loved was that just as quick as that comment appeared – loyal blog readers came to your defense!

    You are truely beloved and appreciated! WendyKnits Blog Readers have got your back! Even though you are clearly a master at taking care of yourself!

    Have a great week-end!

  19. I think Lisak summed it up nicely yesterday in my comments when she said:

    “It wouldn’t be any fun if somebody didn’t whine.”

    Thanks everyone for your support! πŸ˜€

  20. Wendy, I sent a little something to the bracelet fund. I read your blog everyday and appreciate your hard work and excellent inspiration and advice. I hope you get enough for the bracelet! (I must admit I also donated to spite Kerry…I’m such a bitch πŸ™‚ ! )

  21. I also felt right away that nobody was actually serious about the bracelet fund, so I found it amusing that it started to happen anyway! I don’t participate in Knitflame but it’s my understanding that it is a place where people can go to write nasty messages about things and people that annoy them on other knitting forums where flames are not permitted. So the fact that Wendy has been flamed over there means in a way she’s ‘arrived’, doesn’t it!

  22. Andrea M. says:

    Gads… This Kerry can’t possibly have anything going on in her life… Good for you to give her what for!

    I and everyone else, I’m sure, learn tons from your blog, and reading it each day is an amazing treat. Were you to receive enough donations for a gold *tiara* that matched Hank, it would be more than well deserved : ) I’ve made a contribution, and I only wish there were some way to cc: Miss Kerry on the PayPal email to show her just what sort of effect her pathetic sniping had…

  23. ROFLMAO!!! that Kerry lady is a real JOKE herself! wow! I never stop getting amazed at the lengths people will go to to attack another person on the net!!! … hmmmm … would she do that in real life?? face to face … I think not!
    I took the bracelet thing as a joke too! but am very glad that you are getting donations towards it!! You provide a HUGE wealth of knowledge to all of us for free! why you even pay for your web site!!! and still give us all this good stuff for free! YOU GO GIRL! and don’t let the Kerry’s of the world get you down … it’s just not worth it πŸ™‚

  24. Cheryl F. says:

    So much for Blog-Malaise!
    What are you going to do next week to whip up a frenzy–have a full frontal of Izzy?? Shameless!!
    Thought about joining KnitFlame at one point, but then figured who wanted to read a constant stream of whining and b***hing all day. I get enough of that at home!!
    As for the 3 color thing, I was reading Ann Feitelson’s Fair Isle book last night (1/2 price at Interweave press!) and she has some very clear drawings with several different variations on holding 2 strands in one hand. I think I may practice with some of those–if I ever get the nerve to pull out that %$**”!!* Cottage Garden cardigan from beneath the litter box!!

  25. I am writing to show my solidarity and support for you Wendy – I also have learned more about knitting from your blog and your knitting “community” than from other sources. You are a treasure and an incredible resource and a damned good writer. Not to knock Knitty and your articles in that fantastic webzine, but now that knitting is “in” some magazine should pay you BIG bucks to write a column for them. (Are you listening Vogue, Vanity Fair, Glamour, Cosmopolitan and even The New Yorker?) There, I got that off my chest. There are allll kinds of ways to “flame”.

    From a dayly- even hourly – reader; fan and another “good” girl.

  26. Karen Berglund says:

    Thank you for your assistance in the blog this morning, Wendy.

    I have ordered the yarn to make St. Moritz (in the purple) and am looking forward to the challenge.

    Best wishes to you and Izzy for the weekend.


  27. Me too…”I want to give you much credit for being a very classy knitter and cyber-citizen.”

    Especially a classy Cyber-Citizen !

    Read you every day, and have already in the two weeks I’ve been reading, learned lots. Your an inspiration to us all too.

  28. My 10yo DD and I think Izzy and you are splendid fun. Izzy could wear the bracelet as a tiara!

    Color knitting. I like up to two colors in each hand, right knitting English and left knitting Continental. If there are any purl stitches, I put the main color for those on the inner right (easiest for purling). Large expanses of knit stitches for the inner left (fastest). Thus, main colors are inner, and incidental or accent colors are outer right (putter, putter), then outer left (slow-poke).

    It’s not quite a mirror image, but it is comfy.

  29. HA! What a psycho B!tch that Kerry is. If I weren’t a broke college student, just her comment would have inspired me to donate. While I am unable to contribute at this time, rest assured that I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you raise enough money to get the bracelet!


    PS–>For the record, I’ve never had a problem understanding your humor. Great minds think alike, huh? πŸ˜€

  30. At the risk of annoying lots of knitters, I have to say my piece.
    I thought it was funny that you suggested for someone to buy you the bracelet. I got it. I thought it was funny when you put up the paypal button. I even thought it amusing that people are showering you with money. Yes, I have a sense of humor. What I don’t find so funny is you taking the money from people. I obviously stand alone, and I mean no disrespect, but it goes against my grain.
    Standing alone,

  31. sandy, i donated money to wendy’s bracelet fund as a gift, to not even partially give back a little something for all the time, encouragement, wisdom, creativity, etc. that wendy gives to all of us! i would venture to say she has never even met most of us in person, yet she has never failed to take the time to answer every one of the questions i have asked her, both on the blog, and in private emails. i hope when wendy wears that bracelet she thinks of all of us who admire and appreciate her! knit on!

  32. eeeek! Oh HELP! Paypal won’t let me sign up since my DH already has my email addy on his account. Harrrumph. Will you take a check? πŸ™‚

    I know, I know..3 kinds of ID and a piece of skin from the back of my neck…

    I am so jazzed that you ruffle so many feathers, Wendy! That bracelet will be yours soon enough!!

  33. If it was a joke, why are you keeping people’s money????

  34. In the midst of this conversation I want to note that for people who knew Glenys/Toad – she died yesterday. I know of two tributes online: and . Sorry to take up space with this for people that don’t know her but I am not sure how to reach people that don’t read ASOF anymore. Thanks.

  35. Caroline, thanks for letting me know. I only knew Glenys slightly, through email correspondence with her, but my experience is that she was a lovely person. She will be sorely missed. πŸ™

  36. I also gave money to Wendy as a gift and I want her to keep it and buy the bracelet. I thought about how well done her site is, how consistent she is in posting, and how much great information she freely shares. If Wendy charged a subscription fee, I would pay so I could continue to read it every day. And if she did, she could spend that money however she liked.

    My share is a gift from me, Wendy. Thank you so much for the gifts you’ve freely given me.

  37. As one who has only been visiting your blog for a few months, its obvious to me you don’t need the contributions to buy the bracelet (if the cowboy boot collection is any indication:) I contributed for the hell of it, no one coerced me into it. I just thought it’d be fun to see the bracelet and Hank together – actually I’m leaning more toward a pic of Izzy wearing it – thanks L-B!

  38. Karen Berglund says:

    Regarding your comment on the St. Moritz sleeves, you are not going to pick up stitches and knit down, like you did with Hank? I’m interpreting your comments to mean that you will knit the sleeves separately and sew them in. I’ve been reading the pattern and noted the armhole steeks but there is not a front neck steek (that I noticed; I’m still looking at the pattern), are you going to create one? I believe the pattern has you cast off the front neck edge and knit the left front & right front independently.


  39. Hey! Not all the comments on KF yesterday were blasting Wendy — in fact, I think the final tally was old-timers 6, newbie sh*tstirrers 0… and some of us even contributed to the bracelet fund. Well sure, we did it mostly to spite Kerry or whatever her name was because she’s an idiot, but also because Wendy is a beloved KF member and enormous contributor to the knitting community (and we actually have senses of humor over at KF, despite our reputation).


    ps, the link associated with this post is to the pattern for the WITW sweater, designed by Glenys Skipper-Franks, who was the beloved voice of Toad on KBTH. She will be very much missed. Proceeds of the pattern sales will go to her family and the group is asking for donations to the fund in lieu of flowers so that her family can honor her memory as they see fit (if you’d prefer not to buy a pattern or already have one, you can make a paypal donation to )

  40. Troiscoquettes says:

    Sorry, previous comment got cut off.

    You can purchase a pattern in her memory at
    or make a donation via PayPal to

  41. troiscoquettes says:

    Dang it. OK. Last try and then I give up.

    You can purchase a pattern for the sweater Walk In The Woods in her memory from (put the http part in front)

    or make a PayPal donation to her memorial fund to Toad& (using an @ instead of &)

    I hope it shows up this time.

  42. WTF? Wendy, I can’t believe people are asking why you’d keep the money if it was just a joke – for starters, what’s the likelihood that they themselves wouldn’t??
    Think about it, people – if you gave a loved one a gift (I’m projecting here as I didn’t/won’t donate myself but I gather that most donations are not specifically for a bracelet but rather a ‘thank you’ for too many gifts Wendy has shared to mention here) wouldn’t you be offended if they refused it? And if said loved one let you know exactly what gift they were hoping for (yes, even in jest) would you actually NOT do what you could to see that s/he gets it simply because they asked?? If so, I’d hate to be on your sh*t, er, gift list.
    xo, Wendy – make sure you bring that bracelet of your’s to show off when I see you!

  43. Thanks Wendy for sharing your projects with us! I can not believe how fast you can knit! I am still on my first Jamie(or ei?)son spindrift fairisle and will not admit how long I have been working at it!

    Re: Carrying three colors in a row…. In Wanda’s email which you quoted on 4/25 Wanda said she carried three colors in one hand. I carry two in my left by threading them in different paths thru my fingers but I can not figure out three. I just keep getting a big mess and loose stitches….

    Will someone who carries three in their left hand share their secret with me??

    Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated! I really want to learn to do this, at least passably!


  44. Whew! What a way to spice up the morning! I had the day off from work yesterday and spent it AWAY from the computer, so I missed this until now. I can’t believe that woman’s nerve. Personally, I think Wendy’s donation of free patterns would be worth people contributing a little money toward her, and what about the contests she has when she gives things away? It’s not like Wendy is some queen on a pedestal who just brags about her knitting in a holier-than-thou fashion (funny mental image though) πŸ™‚ I also don’t see any problem with her keeping money people gave as a GIFT. My husband visits a blog site with news links and photoshop contests and the guy who runs it puts his birthday wish list on (with a huge range of priced items). Some people buy him things, because they enjoy the site so much. It’s the same thing.
    To get back to knitting comments, I JUST tried Addi turbos for the first time yesterday. I was leery of them because I HATED metal needles, but I have to say that I am liking them.

  45. I’m thinkin’: “People living in glass houses should not be throwin’ stones.” Gee, should I go right NOW and buy Kerry a week, a month or (right) a YEAR of access to HER JOURNAL????? Unbelieveable..there’s nothing there to read for one. And I’m NOT “subscribing” just to go see someone’s knitting pages. Give me a break. There are plenty of knitting pages to view that don’t require a 16-click process! Shimenie-Christmas!

  46. Thank Goodness, she wasn’t reading when the great Birthday month was happening. I personally have regarded the initial part as a joke followed by close cyber friends giving a gift to their close pal. $1 or so is very little. I do it all the time to people who leave work all the time. I don’t regard that as soliciting either.
    I look forward to some show pony pics of bracelet & sweater.

  47. I think you should post a “Wendy-Meter” sort of like the thermometer drawings they use for blood drives and United Way fundraisers. We could all track the progress of the bracelet progress and cheer you on!