My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



We took some Hank photos over the weekend.


There are more on the official Henry VIII page.

We had a photo shoot on Saturday — an overcast day, but good for photography.

St. Moritz

I did a good bit on St. Moritz — I’m within a couple of inches of started the colorwork on the body. I’ll try to post a photo tomorrow.


Izzy is not feeling well, so no photo of her. I’m not going to shove a camera in her face while she’s not at her best. Hopefully, she’s just feeling under the weather, as she doesn’t seem terribly ill, but because she’s as old as she is (close to 17) I’m worried about her. So that’s why this is such a short entry. We’ll hope for the best.


  1. I hope Izzy perks up quickly.
    You look stuning in Hank.The colours really suit you ,and it’s a perfect fit.

  2. Good morning Wendy – I hope Izzy will get better soon! And Henry VIII looks wonderful.

  3. Vera Butler says:

    Yes – a beautiful fit and looks lovely! Well done! You whipped up those sleeves pretty quickly – I hardly saw it happen! I know how you feel about Izzy (I have an old dog, sorry Izzy.) She may just be having a day where she wants to “be alone”.

  4. Vera Butler says:

    Yes – a beautiful fit and looks lovely! Well done! You whipped up those sleeves pretty quickly – I hardly saw it happen! I know how you feel about Izzy (I have an old dog, sorry Izzy.) She may just be having a day where she wants to “be alone”.

  5. Wendy–
    Your HenryVIII is a work of art! Love the pictures.
    I have a question about fair isle tension–I’m having a hard time adjusting to get flat fabric. I am a pretty loose knitter usually; in the fair isle sections I’m alternating between stranding too loosely (so that the stitches and patterns sort of move around–not good!) or overcompensating and puckering up. Do you have any tips to help me find a happy medium? Thanks so much!
    PS–Hope Izzy feels better soon!

  6. Hope it’s just the Monday morning blues that Izzy has. Henry looks great on you!

  7. I do hope Izzy is well… first Jerry at “When Knitting Was a Manly Art” has problems with one of his old toms, now Izzy is under the weather. Sending hopeful and healing vibes your way.

    Am looking forward to seeing St. Moritz. I popped up to Dale’s site, and saw the completed project. You have nerve, my dear!

  8. Chandra took the words right out of my mouth! Hank is truly a “work of art.” You really outdid yourself (which is saying a lot.)

    L-B’s Lucky is also under the weather. She’s taking him to the Vet this morning. Let’s say a little kitty prayer and hope that they’ll both be back to normal soon.

    P.S. How’s the bracelet fund going?

  9. Thanks for all your good wishes for Izzy. She hasn’t eaten for a couple of days and is, not surprisingly, weak. But I’m pretty sure she’s drinking water, and she can still get up on the couch and the bed, though she is very subdued. But she’s purring. Maybe after a quiet day at home while Mommy’s as work (which I am) she’ll feel better. I hope so.

    I hope Lucky is feeling better soon!

    The bracelet fund is well over halfway there!

  10. Yep! Lucky’s at the vet, but appears better this morning–wouldn’t touch food or water this weekend. I hope Izzy is better,too,today. The more we love ’em,the more we worry. Hank 8 looks terrific on you!

  11. Do you think Lucky and Izzy have conspired on a hunger strike? I hope not!

    Glad to hear that Lucky seems better today!

  12. Dear Izzy, Get Well Soon.

  13. wendy, henry is lovely with your red hair! give izzy a kiss for me when you get home!

  14. As spoiled as those two are, I
    can’t imagine what they could be striking for! I’m hoping that with the warmer weather and shedding that maybe it’s just a major hairball problem. I hope it’s something that simple for Izzy,too!

  15. Big hug for sweet Izzy… and good thoughts that she will be back to herself very soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Poor Izzy ๐Ÿ™ I hope by the time you get home she’s feeling better. You must be so worried.

  17. Get-well vibes are going out for Izzy.

    Get well soon, you beautiful cat!

  18. Awww…poor Izzy! Get well vibes~~~~~ from my cats (Sidney & Roenick) ~~~~~ to Izzy ๐Ÿ™‚ Please post an update when she’s feeling better. Are you taking her to the vet today or are you just going see how she feels tomorrow?

    I just looked at the official Hank VIII page. What a gorgeous sweater it is!!!!!!!!!! I know I’ve said so many times before, but Wendy, you are truly a fantastic knitter. I know St. Moritz will be done in no time.

  19. cloverknits says:

    Thinking of Izzy and you, her Mom.

  20. I hope Izzy feels better soon. Sounds like a trip to the v – e – t may be in order. Don’t put it off too long if she doesn’t eat something. Work can wait.


  21. I’ve not yet made the v-e-t decision. I’ll see how she is tonight. She seemed a tiny bit better this morning, so we’ll see how she looks when I get home. She is drinking and using her litter box and able to jump up on things, so that’s a good sign, I think.

    I really really want to avoid unnecessary trips to the vet because she gets incredibly stressed going there. But obviously if it’s needed, she’ll go.

  22. Maybe she’s just feeling like me, bloated and icky pre-bathing suit season? Hehe. Seriously, I hope she is okay, but if she doesn’t eat today, you should definitely take her to the v-e-t.

  23. Keep and an eye on Izzy. Age and illness do not go together well.

    And Hank looks great.

  24. Virtual under-the-chin scratches for Izzy! I hope she’s better very soon.

  25. Oh, poor Izzy…Lily the dog, my son Dane and I send our best wishes to him and hope he feels better soon. Tell Izzy my 14 year old son likes to see Izzy’s new picture every day.
    On the knitting end of things, Hank is GORGEOUS and yet another inspiration to knitters everywhere!

  26. Hope Izzy feels better by the time you get home, Wendy! Good vibes to Izzy from my kitties, Tyronius Finch: the Cyber Kitty and Cat(OK. Actually she’s named Haloween, but she’s my husband’s cat. He’s almost always called her Cat)

    Henry VIII looks soooo good! Museum quality!

  27. Anne and the WhiteStar sammies says:

    Zoe the siamese and the WhiteStar sammies send best wishes to Izzy.

    You might want to take her in for bloodwork Wendy… at her age and given the symptoms you decribe I’d be concerned about her renal values. And…not to worry you… but purring can also be a sign of pain in cats.

    Hank is gorgeous and you have inspired me to try my first “small needle” fair isle. I went to my not so local yarn store yesterday and bought a gazillion colors of Jamiesons and Scottish Campion to make the Kestral cardigan from the Jamieson’s book. Now I’m asking myself.. can I actually DO this???

    Meanwhile my goal was to finish my Philosophers Wool Colour Your Own before you finish St. Moritz…. I had both sleeves and the body ribbing done when you started.. but I bet you still finish before I do!

  28. Thanks for the good wishes, all. Anne, I am aware that cats will purr in pain, but I’m pretty sure Izzy is not in pain (and she purrs in response to her usual cues, not all the time).

    But as I said, I’ll make the vet decision when I see how she is later.

  29. Aw, tons of love to Izzy! I hope she’s feeling better soon! Your Hank 8 is just stunning and those flowers behind you really set off the colours! I’m looking forward to more St. Mortiz pictures as that is on my To Do list for the year!

  30. I add my HURRAH to the long list to praise you and your Henry VIII! Bravo! Long live the King and Queen! And you look loverly in it. Many thanks for the many photos.

    While I would never speak for my four cats (Max, Sam, Jazz & Daffy), and bunny (Hunny Bunny) without checking with them first, I know that they would want me to wish Izzy alll the best from all of us! Get Well Soon Izzy – you and your Owner are in our thoughts and prayers.

  31. henry viii, like all your projects, is gorgeous- your work always reminds me there is such a difference between handmade and homemade-

    to izzy- get well wishes from the spoiled ‘fur children’ here- moondancer, princess godzilla, and weasel all hope you a speedy recovery from what they hope is just spring fever-

    knit on-

  32. Hank looks even more beautiful on you, Wendy!

    I’m sending ‘get-well’ energy to Izzy.

  33. Hank looks aboslutely beautiful on you Wendy!!! wow! just stunning ๐Ÿ™‚

    Healing energy to Izzy!!! you rest up girl ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Karen Berglund says:

    Best Wish to Izzy from my Spooky, and all the rest.

    Wendy, on St. Moritz, is there a reason that you picked Heilo wool over Falk? I realize the yarn was a gift to you, but I’m wondering if there’s a major difference between the two other than the fact that Falk is washable and Heilo is not.

  35. Rose, Maggie and Sam says:

    Oh our little granddame Izzy…. We are sending good vibes and many wishes to you! From your fellow furry friends, Sam and Maggie, and their mom.

    Hank looks FABULOUS!…. That’s it, I will brave a Starmore as my next project!

    Hope Monday gets better for the both of you!!!

  36. Hi Wendy! The sweater looks gorgeous on you! Great job! I had a 17 year old cat who stopped eating and believe it or not, creamed corn was all he would eat. If you don’t want to buy a whole can you can buy corn baby food instead. Get well Izzy!

  37. Hank looks great. I noticed your Hank page yesterday when I was looking through all your sweater pages again.

    Get well soon to Izzy. Maybe it is the change of the seasons. I really hope she is better when you get home.

  38. I’ll be thinking of you and Izzy (and Hank VIII–that thing is gorgeous). It’s so hard when a furbaby is sick.

  39. Hank is lovely!

    Sending good vibes for the Izzy-girl. I’ll keep her in my thoughts …

  40. Linda Poehlman says:

    O.K. The Knitflame list? I have definitely not
    heard of this one. Could you give the address
    of this, I tried and could not find it. Don’t
    you just love people who can’t take a joke? I
    have given several people your web address and
    told them you do the best work I have ever seen.
    Keep knitting.

  41. You look beautiful in Hank – the colors are so you. I like your hair longer too. I hope Izzy feels better. I had an old Siamese cat (lived to be 22 years) and she reached a point when she wasn’t able to absorb her food. She became thin and just layed around. The vet suggested I sprinkle a little meat tenderizer on her food and it did the trick. She gained pep and weight and lived another 4 years. It’s something you might ask your vet about, if that’s her trouble too.

  42. Sending some “get well” vibes for Izzy…and also, Hank 8 is just GORGEOUS. Your work has inspired me to think about making a Dale sweater for my sister’s 40th B-day in September. I figure if I start now, I MIGHT be able to finish by then. I am torn between Kashmir and Ridderspore…any thoughts on which would be better for a Dale novice?

  43. Catherine says:

    Sending virtual head-butts Izzy’s way …
    I must echo Anne’s suggestion that Izzy’s renal function be checked.

    My two old Siamese boys started losing kidney function at about 15 years of age. After a change in their diet they lived to be 22 years old.

    St. Francis of Assisi is remember Izzy in his prayers, too.

  44. Wendy,

    I’m so very sorry about Izzy. You did the right thing; someday she will thank you for this and for your long happy life together.


  45. I’m so sorry about Izzy. She was a lovely kitty, and I always looked forward to seeing her pictures. It’s a terribly hard thing to do to let her go like that, I know- you did the best you could for her.