My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


May Day


This lovely basket of plants was sent to me by the ever thoughtful Lindsey-Brooke, in Izzy’s memory.

Izzy would have been thrilled with this basket. I was never able to have a living plant at home with her. She destroyed plants and flowers thoroughly, systematically, and with great joy.

So I’m thinking these plants are a nice tribute to her. They are on the table next to the window where she loved to sit and look out. Perhaps her little spirit will enjoy them.

In answer to your inquiries, I will at some point put up an “Izzy Gallery Page.” All her photos will remain on this site.

St. Moritz

Here are my progress pix on St. Moritz.


I’m about an inch away from startin the pattern chart on the body. And I also have a bit of a sleeve done as well.



  1. I have been thinking about you!

  2. Hi Wendy,

    Thanks for posting the pretty May Day flowers and providing the update on St. Moritz. It’s great to have you back.

    I am a new reader to your blog (and an inexperienced knitter) and have been so inspired by Hank and your other work that I went home the other day and started over on a 2-color sweater (for the fourth time). It was uneven and ugly.

    After reading through your readers’ tips and your past blogs I have discovered what I am doing wrong when knitting with two colors. I finally realized, it’s the tension, (dummy)!

    I’ve found that if I spread the stitches out before knitting the next color it makes for a smooth surface.

    Thanks so much!

  3. I am so pleased to see you “up and knitting again”. I find it interesting, that in great times of stress or unhappiness I am unable to turn to my knitting. When I finally do, it is one of the things that helps me the most.

    I was sharing your story with several of my officemates, and they commented that I seemed as concerned as I would if this had happened to one of my own friends. It did. Wendy, you have earned and nurtured a wonderful circle of close friends. I am proud and honored to know you.

  4. Lovely to have you back, Wendy.

  5. Wendy — Great progress on St. Moritz! Bet you are looking forward to getting to the pattern!

    Here’s my questions — I’m about to make my first full sized fair isle (I’m about 75% finished with a Dale kids sized sweater) and I am going to make Besseggen (from Dalegarn NR 121) and it says that you can use Heilo, Falk or Tiur. I see you are using Heilo for St. Moritz. Do you prefer Heilo? Just curious as I am about to spend a good chunk of money on yarn for this sweater! Thanks!

  6. Good thoughts are coming your way from nyc…

  7. Many good vibes are being sent your way from Seattle…… I am still sad about Izzy…. You and Izzy have made me feel like I am a part of your knitting circle that I keep in touch with daily. I am with SnB in Seattle, but our group weekly is small and I don’t know many other people who share my knitting interest. I thank you for that.

    Wendy, I have a question, and I am hoping and praying you could answer this for me!!! I am going to start on my first Starmore (either Mendocino or Oriental Flower from the Children’s Collection by A & J Starmore) and I cannot figure out how much yarn I need. What do you substitute for Starmore ‘Scottish Campion’ and for Starmore ‘Bainin’ and, more importantly, how much do you estimate is on each of those Starmore skeins (the pattern each ask for about 4-5 skeins, but does not give yardage or weight… is this a marketing ploy????)? Thank you, thank you, thank you in advance!!!! My yarn store is stumped!!!

  8. Cheryl F. says:

    Maybe being busy at work is a blessing right now. I know Izzy is looking down on you and will always be there in your heart. Glad your knitting can help in these trying times.

  9. Thanks for your support, guys. 🙂

    Julie, I prefer Heilo to Falk, because as a rule I don’t like superwash wool (which Falk is). Heilo is handwash. I’ve never knitted with Tuir, though I fondled a skein once — I believe it has a little mohair in it? It felt wonderful and I’m sure knits up beautifully. Of course the best thing to do is to fondle them yourself and see what you think!

    Rose, Scottish Campion is shetland jumperweight wool and you should be albe to substitute Jamieson & Smith or Jamieson Spindrift shetland for it skein to skein. It’s the same yardage (I believe that’s like 120 yards/ounce?) Bainin is aran weight wool — a heavy worsted. Substituting is a tad trickier because during the time it was manufactured, it was put up in two different size skeins. I think at different times it had 170 and then 190 yards per skein. You’d be safe in your substitution by assuming it’s 190 yards/skein, I think.

  10. Rose: the beginning of chapter 5 of Aran knitting gives this info about the yarns you mentioned:
    Socttish Campion is a light weigh Sheland wool, 140 meters/150 yards/28 grams/1 oz…
    Bainin is a heavy weight Aran style yarn, 140 meers/150 yards/150 gm/3.5 oz…
    I don’t have specific suggestions for substitutes, but hope this weight & yardage info helps!

  11. Thank you for showing us the flowers – they are a beautiful tribute to Izzy’s spirit and your love for her.

  12. Bless you Wendy… You are a knitting goddess!! YOU are the reason why I am going to try a Starmore!!!! I went in to my yarn store and we spent an hour trying to figure out this info!!!! I finally gave up and went home… Now I can shop, shop, shop! I am thinking about a mauve Mednocino and try to replicate Oriental Flowers color for color…. Wish me luck!

  13. Oh THANK YOU to you Jessica!!!! I just went back and didn’t realize you wrote to me too!!! This is why I wish I had FABULOUS knitting friends in Seattle…. I have the gift for gab and it’s ALL ABOUT KNITTING for me right now (well the last three 1/2 years)!!!! Merci Beaucoup to you and Wendy!!!!

  14. Wendy … somehow, the plant feels just right as a tribute to Herself. I’m thinking that the page has a link that compares the various incarnations of Alice Starmore yarn, as well as Shetland yarns such as J&S and Jamieson’s. The link might be of help to Rose and others.

  15. Wendy — thanks so much for your reply! I have heard that superwash wool sometimes behaves badly (stretching out) after washing. I believe the Tiur is a bit more expensive — probably because of the mohair. I’ll have to find a store that carries them all so I can feel them to see if its worth the extra expense.

  16. So sorry to hear about Izzy. I am bummed I won’t be seeing any more new pics of her. She was a double for my cat Bonnie when I was growing up, so I know what a good cat she was!

  17. Valerie says:

    Hi Wendy,

    New to your site and wanted to send warm thoughts your way for Izzy. Went through the same thing a year ago March. My sweetest kitty PC (Peter’s Cat) named by my son–passed away.
    We had PC for 18 years–Peter’s entire life.
    I waited almost five months and got our new kitty Marty. He is not sweet PC but a frisky little grey Maine Coon Cat who torments my other senior cat Heidi–poor gal was thinking she would be the princess now–sorry Heidi ;0)

    Anyway, love your site. Love your sweater. A doctor colleague of mine knits with Heilo and loves it. I have used a wool Peer Gynt and love that too. Well, sorry to go on so long, just think nice Spring thoughts and know you have a lot of folks out here who care.

    Peace and Joy,

    Valerie in New Hampshire