My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.




Well, hello there. This sheepy charmer is for Lindsey-Brooke, who couldn’t make it to the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival this year. There’s a whole page of photos here.

The highlight of the festival for me was seeing my dear friend Geane. Here we are — left to right are Geane’s friend Berma, Geane, and me.


Okay, that’s terrible photo of Geane, so here’s another.


With that photo you get a lovely profile view of my hair.

Geane’s on her way home today, but I’m sure you’ll see her sheepy photos up on her blog later this week.

I also met my online buddy Lola at the fesitival. Lola, I am very flattered that you recognized me and so happy you said hello!

So the only thing I bought was festival t-shirts. Weird, ain’t I?

And then last night, another treat! Laurel and Karen (who some of you may know as Auntie Lolly and PBK) came down to Virginia and had dinner with me. They came from California for the festival and we made plans to hook up. Here we are! Left to right, me, Laurel, and Karen.


And they are even more fun in person than they are online. We had a great time!

What Did I Do on Saturday?

Well, I met “in person” a rescue kitty that I saw in an online posting. I talked to the adoption coordinator yesterday and . . . well . . . if I pass the home visit, I should be a mommy again very soon. The volunteer is going to bring the kitty along when he checks out my living conditions, so if I pass, said kitty will stay with me.

So keep your fingers crossed for me. You’ll get all the details about the new kitty as soon as the adoption is official.

This is bittersweet for me. I’m still grieving for Izzy and missing her dreadfully, and at the same time looking forward with great excitement to my new little furry baby. But I think I’m making the right choice moving so quickly to adopt a kitty. First off, this kitty has had a rough time and needs a home. Second, I think what Jerry said on his blog last week about it being hard to stay sad when there are other kitties around is very true. I think a new kitty will help me move more quickly to the point where I can start remembering Izzy with more happiness than sadness.

St. Moritz

And with everything else going on, I did work on St. Moritz.


This photo shows the front. Notice how the center motif, the edelweiss, dips down into the border? Know what a pain in the ass that is?

You are directed to duplicate stitch that in afterward (because the darker blue color isn’t carried around in those rounds). Not me. I just introduced the new color, leaving a short tail, then cut it off leaving a short tail, on each round. Then I carefully wove (weaved?) the ends in. I think this is preferable to duplicate stitch — you don’t have the bulkiness this way.


  1. Good luck with your new kitty. It will never replace Izzy, but will be just another starting point for kitty love… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And, young lady…. You’re one heck of knitter. I’ve only done one try at stranded knitting (my infamous, or not so imfamous, Dubblemossa), but the St. Moritz is beautiful.

  2. Wendy, St. Moritz is exquisite. You knit so fast – can’t wait to see it completed. I’ll put in an early vote for Marina next!

  3. St Moritz is *gorgeous*! Love that colorway! This was already on my “someday” list, but may move up in the queue… Glad you had a good time in MD – I’ve only ever been to that S&W once, but it was a fabulous time. Can’t wait til we can see the new kitty!

  4. Thanks,Wendy,for my virtual visit to Md S&W! I was in a real funk this weekend knowing what I was missing. Glad you met up with so many friends! My fingers and toes are still crossed for the kitty adoption—makes it hard to knit,though!

  5. Janice says:

    Thanks for the report on Md’s. S&W festival. I was supposed to go this year with two of my knitting friends and they had weddings to attend. got several rows done on my Kongsberg and then went biking. Thanks too for the (no duplicate stitch) review!!

  6. About how you did the third color – that’s a great solution. Will have to keep in mind when I have a Dale project where I got to put in a 3rd color for couple of rows.

  7. Just wanted to share kitty stories…. I just adopted a kitten Saturday from our local shelter. I lost my Winston last fall and it was very hard living without a cat for the winter. So I support your decision to get another quickly. My little guy is in my lap, purring right now… boy I missed that sound!

    St. Moritz is beautiful, thanks for sharing. It is great fun to watch your progress and hear your tips. I think I have to adopt your best tip though, the “one project, complete before next” philosophy. (Something my husband would appreciate also)

  8. Good luck on the home inspection…does that mean you have to clean up all the yarn? Getting a new kitty after our first cat was put to sleep was the best thing we did. Hope it works out for you as well.

    As for the St. Moritz, I would have hated the additional bulkiness of duplicate stitch right in the middle of the chest. I like the way you handled it, and will use that technique in similar situations (despite what a pain it was). Nice to have an expert around.

    Finally, thanks for the pictures of MD S&W, I love Laurel and Karen’s writing on one of the lists, so it’s great to see what they look like.

  9. Andrea says:

    Good luck on your home inspection, Wendy! I hope that kitty comes home to you soon.

    I was at S&W Saturday, and limited myself to just one ball of sock yarn (Opal) and one book (Celtic Collection). I think my husband was happy! And my kids had the best time looking at and petting the sheep. I was surprised they got kind of bored watching the dog demos — I thought that would be their favorite part. Go figure.

    Have another nice day off! St. Moritz looks great, and you’ll be done in no time!

  10. St Moritz- fantastic!
    I started Baby Norgi this weekend. Love it – quite fun.
    Have a great day!

  11. got my fingers and needles crossed for the home inspection. ever wonder just what they’re looking for? I’m sure you’ll do just fine. can’t wait to meet the new baby!

    St. Moritz is very lovely.

  12. St. Moritz is Amazing! You are such a fast knitter. Good luck with the kitty home visit. This kitten couldn’t get a better home.

  13. Wendy, would you consider showing a photo of the inside of St. Moritz at the center motif? What a clever cheat, whoops, make that innovative technique.

  14. Many thanks for the photos from S&W. It was great fun. By the way, were your ears burning over the weekend? I met many knitters at MD S&W and the topic of conversation always worked its way around to “have you seen Wendy knits! yet?!!” You have many appreciative fans.

    Good luck with the home inspection – that kitty is going to be very fortunate to be coming to you and your loving home.

  15. Oh, yes – don’t wait to get a kitty. Izzy would not want you to be alone and it really is so much easier to get through the day. There are still days, however, when I expect to see Nick round the corner (it’s been two years) – it’ll never go away, but it does get easier.

    St. Moritz looks fabu. I agree – pleh on dupe stitch, pleh on intarsia, pleh on sewing of any kind. Can’t wait to see it finished. ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. Best of luck on the adoption Wendy. I don’t suspect there will be any kind of problem during the inspection, if your love for Izzy is any indication of the kind of person you are and the kitty-friendly home you keep.

    How on God’s green earth do you manage to knit so quickly? My fingers positively sludge along in the muck compared to yours. Do you have any quick-knit tips to share?

  17. St. Moritz is gorgeous…. but could you try knitting with one hand behind your back so I can keep up? I was ahead and now I’m way behind.

    I sort of quit working on it because of the duplicate stitch thing. I didn’t like the way it was turning out on the sleeve.

    I’m sure your home visit will go fine. They are probably looking for poisonous (to kitties) plants or other kitty hazards.

    Looks like MS&W was a blast. Someday…..

  18. St. Moritz is looking fabulous.

    I think you are wise to go ahead and get another kitty right away. I have always heard that with pets it is the best way to grieve.

  19. yuenmiao says:

    as for me, i knit like i am knitting with two strands (one strand per hand) and leave the third hanging. i bring it up and knit it in when its time. i dont weave or cut or know or anything, i only make sure that it is in with good tension, not too loose, but definitely not tight. the bulkiness just isnt very noticable for me and i dont mind the fact that im slowed down with the third strand. but then again, i havent had to deal with too many.

    from the norgi list that wendy mods, a tip that suggests you use those slip stitch/mosaic knitting techniques:

    “By the way, I got a great tip from the knitlist on how to do those pesky 3 color rows in Dale patterns which I just tried and it works like a charm! Just leave off one color that is used enough not to need to be caught up behind. Knit the other colors and SLIP the third color. Then re-knit the same row and slip the already knitted sts and knit the third color you just slipped on the row. It works really really well!! YAY!”

  20. That sweater is gorgeous!! It is knitting up so quickly! I really like the pattern alot and can’t wait for you to model it ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. The way I knit with 2 colors, I keep both on my right hand, wrapped around my pinkie and tensioned under my fingers and over my index finger. I keep the background color to the back, and I scoop under the the foreground color when I knit. When I purl, it’s the same, except that the background color is to the front. This technique is described in Feitelson’s FI knitting book. And also in Knitting FI mittens, I think.

  22. Hey, you got photos of a couple of nice Jacob Sheep. I see the front is a 2 horn ewe. Does the back one have two or four horns?

    Good luck with the adoptable cat and the home visit. We just got my foster dog adopted out this weekend – to good folks and thank goodness he’s not in my house any more. I’m sure you’ll pass the home visit. But I’ll think good thoughts for you and the cat too.

  23. Good luck with the new kitty. Your St. Moritz looks FAB as always. My Kongsberg is nearing completion, but of course, I’m still in the finishing stages of Lake Placid, so who knows WHEN Kongsberg will get finished :-)) LOL

  24. Hi Wendy! St. Mortitz *still* looks great (says Lolly, gloating, because she just got to see it in person last night!) Thanks again for a great time at dinner and for your wonderful hospitality ๐Ÿ™‚ What a treat to be able to fondle dozens of beautiful *Wendy’s* — I’m absolutely stunned at the contents of your cedar chest ๐Ÿ™‚ Your new kitty is one lucky puss! Thanks again for a wonderful evening!!



  25. Yeah…here’s me provin’ you don’t have to be thin to be a friend of Wendy’s…g

  26. Hey Wendy! I still wish we’d thought to take a photo of us rolling around in your FO’s. We would have re-folded, we swear.


  27. OMG – Those pictures of the animals are so delightful! I think the shorn Llama looks a little like he’s about to say something to you like “hey lady, get that frickn’ camera out of my face, can’t you see I’m naked?!”

    Every year, my buddies and I go to the LaPorte, IN Co. Fair. My favorite things to do are to get a roast beef dinner from the Methodist Church folks, then go to the sheep/goat barn. One year we walke around and named really goofy goats after all of our co-workers.

    Can’t wait for this year!