My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Contest Winner!

Here are all the license plate suggestions I got. Thank you for playing — there are a lot of really cute suggestions here!

And the winner is (selected using a random number generator):

Sara Ellis, who sent in:


Sara wins the Knitty license plate frame and bumper sticker. Congratulations to Sara, and thanks to everyone who played.

(Sara, I emailed you Friday night — email me your snail mail addy and I’ll get your prize to you asap.)

Aran Catnip Mouse Knit-along

Wow! I’m so happy that so many of you want to join in on this and make a gift for your furry friends. Lucy is psyched about it too!

Okay, here’s some preliminary info on the catnip mouse.

I’m going to design my own mouse. I’ve been knitting catnip mice for my kitties since I was a teenager, and they were always gratefully received, so I’m an experienced Mouse Knitter.

I always use wool (because every cat I’ve known loves wool), but if your cat shows a marked preference for a certain yarn, by all means use it.

For this knit along, I’d like to use a worsted weight wool, so we’ll all be on the same page and not have to re-figure the design for a bunch of different gauges. After you make your initial mouse, you can experiment with different yarns and gauges.

Although we’ll be using worsted wool, we’ll be knitting it at a tighter than usual gauge. This is to make the mouse more durable, as it is likely to become your kitty’s favorite toy and we’d like it to last longer than a few days!

My plan is for a mouse with a center cable running the length of the body, with seed stitch panels on each side. We can all pick different cables for the center motif — during the course of the project I’ll offer some cable suggestions.

So for today, we can talk about yarn and catnip. I’m going to use Brown Sheep Naturespun worsted. I’ve got some left over from other projects . You only need a little bit to knit a mouse — this is a great way to use up small leftovers!

As for the stuffing . . . I’ll use some catnip I bought at PetsMart, but really, any catnip will work. I know Lisak has some killer weed — she stuffed the mouse she sent to Izzy in January with it and I can attest to it’s potency! If you’ve got home-grown, use it!

Official St. Moritz Photos

For L-B, who asked very nicely, we did the St. Moritz photo shoot. Photos are on the official St. Moritz page.

But here I am in the elevator, on the way to the photo shoot!



Lucy had a great weekend. She now has her daddy wrapped around her paw. Here she is, in Ian’s lap:


And of course she wants you all to see her pretty blue eyes:


She also met her “grandparents” this weekend, my mom and dad. I think she was in my mother’s lap, purring, within 90 seconds of meeting her. And she proved once again what a remarkable kitty she is: she quite obviously understood when my dad spoke to her in Swedish!

Last but not least . . .



We had a really busy weekend, but I managed to do a bit of knitting. I’ll discuss Roscalie and how I think it differs from the colors used in the original design at more length tomorrow.


  1. I think I’ll do the catnip mousie knit-along too. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have a ton of Naturespun left over from my fair isle pillow cover, and no plans for it, so now it has a purpose in life! ๐Ÿ™‚ Cosmic Catnip is my choice here. I haven’t found anything my furballs like more than that stuff!

  2. Shannon says:

    I’ve got a ton of Naturespun left over from one of my first projects! My kitties (2) will love some home knit mice! I’ll even knit up some for my sister’s kitty, and my aunt, and all my friends in Utah who have kitties, and…Ok I guess I’m a bit eager to start on this one!

  3. Actually Wendy… count me in for the knit-along too. This is the only one I can afford that is going on right now, as I just blew a wad at Philosopher’s Wool.

    Only you, my dear, could knit up several inches on a Starmore and call it “a bit of knitting.” ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. An extra-generous dose of eye-candy today! Lovely St.Moritz photo-shoot–Thanks,Wendy! I could melt into Lucy’s blue eyes—looks like Ian already has! I spun some Karakul yarn this weekend for the Aran mouse project. The fleece is too harsh for regular knitting, but perfect for a less-destructible mouse and has the sheep scent my cats go bonkers over!

  5. I would like to do the catnip mouse knit-along too but will have to make a pair because my friend has two kitties who both love catnip. Congratulations on the St Moritz – it looks stunning – and the Roscalie promises to be another jewel in your knitting crown. Anne

  6. Lucy is obviously a very special cat! What a beauty.

    I have scraps of Galway I could use to make catnip mice – of course I will need to make 2. I’ll try to follow along.

    PS is there a place in your archives that shows the mechanics of knitting a sleeve saddle together with the top of the body? I’m getting ready to do that again and I wasn’t happy with the result last time I tried it, so I need to review. Thanks! I think I was messed up on when to knit vs. purl vs. slip….

  7. Happy monday, guys!

    Caroline, I don’t have any info on my site about the mechanics of knitting a shoulder strap to the body of the sweater. We took some photos of the process while I was knitting Fulmar, but the color was too dark and the stitches too small — you couldn’t see anything from the photos so I scrapped them. When next I do a light color aran I’ll try again.

  8. NatureSpun it is for me too! THe funny thing is that it is the yarn my kitties most frequently bring to my bedside in the middle of the night! Sometimes they get a hold of three or four balls of it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Lucy is wonderful!

    Please count me in for the catnip mouse knitting. I have a bin of leftover balls of handspun that will be perfect for making a mischief of mice.

  10. Your knitting is incredibly beautiful. I love seeing you in the finished sweaters and the St. Moritz is one of my favorites. You really are an inspiration.

  11. I actually may need to buy some yarn for the mouse/mice. I’m not sure I have any worsted wool leftovers. (How can that be??) I’ve always wanted to knit Fuzzy Feet, though, so maybe I’ll just buy some for those, and assume there would be enough left for a mousie!

    Great photos of Lucy and St. Moritz!

  12. The St. Moritz looks lovely on you. Great colors. Lucy is a gorgeous kitty. I’m allergic so no cats for me, but my brother has FOUR and I wonder if his cats would like a few of these little mice….hmm. Perhaps I’ll follow along.

  13. Hello Wendy,

    Love your St. Moritz. I have a question, when you knit Dales, do you knit by counting rows or do you follow the instructions and knit them by inches.

    Thank you.

  14. Barbara says:

    St. Moritz is beautiful, I’m getting psyched to knit an AS sweater just looking at it.

    Who could resist those big blue eyes? Of course Lucy has wrapped everyone around her paw. She seems very happy to have such a loving home. She deserves a little spoiling for what she went through.

  15. I have all the yarn for the Roscalie. You’ve just inspired me to wind those pesky skeins up and getta goin’. Thanks for the kick start. Give all the tips you can as you progress.

  16. Ana, on a Dale I knit the plain areas by the inch and the charted are4as by thew row. ๐Ÿ™‚

    MKaye, never fear, I’ll document Roscalie in the same nauseating detail as I do all my projects. For a Starmore, it’s actually pretty easy — small pattern repeats that are easy to memorize. And it’s fun to knit too!

  17. I have some lambs pride worsted left over from some projects, should be grand, and the catnip is hidden away in the freezer waiting, otherwise she finds it wherever I put it!

  18. I wanna make a mouse too. My Risha loves her catnip filled eggroll from Knitty. I use the organic catnip available at Target. Costs a bit more than the non organic, but she likes it…. latifa

  19. Fun thoughts about the catnip mice knit-along. It looks like Lucy approves! I’m never sure exactly what is so fun about a KAL, but I just love them, and am almost always ready to jump aboard. I was thinking about using leftovers from my recent Fuzzy Feet adventure (three pairs in Peace Fleece). I loved the way this yarn felted; the mohair content made it very light and fluffy. I think I may make felted mice, or perhaps a felted fish. I have fuschia, periwinkle, and acid green. Ought to make some neon mice, eh? I hope Isis and Osiris will consider this proper homage.

    Oh, and Wendy, you’ve inspired yet another blog. I’ve been enjoying yours and others so much that I finally succumbed and had to do my own. I’m narrowing it down to talk about adventures in lace knitting, and starting out with way more detail than most people will ever want to know about knitting Norwegian doilies (translating from the Norwegian). Url is linked to my name, in case anyone is interested.

  20. Is it too late to join the mouse knit along? I have a new kitten who would love it!

  21. Please, please, me too! Knit me along with the catnip toys. BTW, I’m totally addicted to your site. Thanks.

  22. For my mouse KAL, I have decided on the homespun dk that I used for the R&L gansey I recently completed. I’m used to knitting toys, so needle size ain’t an issue for me. I might just add a few extra stitches to make it compriable in size. Nanna nevers does exactly what everyone else is doing :-p

  23. Okay, you’ve twisted my arm and talked me into it. ๐Ÿ˜‰ At first mention of the mouse knitalong, I figured I don’t have any cats so I have no need for a catnip mouse. However, my mom has two cats that would enjoy a catnip mouse, so here we go! Thanks for the great suggestion!

  24. St. Moritz looks great on you! Congrats on another awesome project. And I’m glad to see that Lucy is happy in her new home.

  25. You never fail to inspire / daze / amaze me. Gorgeous sweater, wonderful ideas! I can’t wait for the knit-a-long… My friend’s cats are ready.

  26. Stephanie Coote says:

    Wendy you look beautiful in your beautiful St. Moritz. They are the colours of your gorgeous Lucy.
    I would love to join your mouse knitalong. Are they very strong as Puss Puss is a supreme hunter – mice, birds and an occasional rat!

  27. Wendy, I like the blue links. They seem easier to identify. Bet I could get lots of mice knitted next week on my 1500 mile round-trip vacation! Oh, but, I have a sweater and new fair isle gloves to complete.

    I’m also reading a blogging how-to book. I think I’ll try blogging when I get back. Do you have any advice on blogging to share?

    Thanks. Keep knitting and petting that beautiful cat!

  28. Judy Hammond says:

    Wendy, your comment on bogblahs scared me! Your blog is one of my favorite web destinations. It is a true oasis for those of us who love traditional knits. You are a real source of encouragement to many,many knitters.Please don’t leave!
    BTW. I’m knitting Roscalie too.