My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Roscalie Ravings

Now that I’ve got a bit of Roscalie completed, I can take a good look at it and tell you what I think about the colors in this version (knitted from Virtualyarns 2-ply Hebridean) as opposed to the original (knitted in Scottish Campion? J&S? I forget. And Lucy’s in my lap so I can’t go get the book to check).

I am making the Roscalie cardigan. Virtualyarns sent me the color patterncard for the Roscalie vest, along with an insert with instructions that revise the vest pattern into a cardi.

The photo on the patterncard is of the vest, knitted in the exact colors that I’m knitting my cardi in. And is unfortunately often the case with Virtualyarns, I don’t think the photo on the patterncard accurately depicts the colors. In the photo, the whole vest looks much more “orangey” than it does in person.

Teresa, did you find this to be true? I went back to your blog to see once again the photo of your finished Roscalie vest, but couldn’t get access your archives.

In my opinion, the colors of my Roscalie look much more like the original photo in In the Hebrides, but richer, more glowing colors. But that of course could just be bad photo reproduction in the book.

So I looked at Geane’s Roscalie, which she knitted from presumably the original yarn. (Didja, Geane?)


Very close indeed, I think.

Catnip Mouse Knit-along

So when do you guys wanna start knitting? I think most of us are ready, right? I can post the basic pattern tomorrow and you all can jump in when you’re ready.

Here are my supplies.

Some Brown Sheep Naturespun wool, a tub o’ catnip, and a 16 inch circular needle in US size 5.


Oh, and if you don’t cable without a needle, you’ll need a cable needle as well. And a tapestry needle for sewing up the mouse after knitting it.

We’ll be knitting back and forth, so you don’t need a circular — straights are fine. And the size is not hugely important. Just go down a couple of needle sizes from what you usually use for worsted. I generally knit Naturespun with a US size 7, so I’ll be using a size 5.

I usually buy Cosmic Catnip, but this little tub of catnip looked intriguing — bought it in PetsMart over the weekend. We’ll see how Miss Lucy likes it.

I plan to make a catnip mouse gallery page, so when you’ve finished your mouse, you can send me a photo for the gallery if you like. If you can photograph your kitty with the mouse, that’s great too!



Yesterday was the first sunny afternoon since Lucy came home, so I was able to clearly photograph her sweet little face.


  1. vanessa says:

    lucy is so sweet! now i’m going to be singing “we are siamese if you please” in my head all day!

  2. Hi Wendy,

    I’ve used that catnip with my gang before. They like it, but I don’t think it has the potency of Cosmic, so you might need to store the mousie in the tub sometimes to get that “Fresh Catnip Scent”. πŸ™‚ Hopefully Lucy will deem it worthy!! Hehe.

  3. I’m ready to knit whenever everyone else is Wendy! Lucy’s sweet little face is so precious… her eyes give her a lot of character. She looks like an absolute doll!

    The colours of Roscalie are rather pink and blue, are they not? They’re quite pretty, actually.

  4. BTW Wendy… do you find that your Fair Isle sits a lot flatter with the jumper-weight wool as opposed to a worsted weight? I only ask this because I’m about 6 inches into a Lopi Fair Isle pullover, and I don’t find the pattern sits nearly as nicely as a lighter weight sweater.

  5. Ginny, I lover her little crossed eyes! My first Siamese I had when I was 12 years old was cross-eyed, and I’m reminded of him.

    I’m not sure I’ve ever done a worsted weight fair isle. But I would imagine the bulk of the heavier yarn would make it not quite as flat. Still, a good blocking and steaming when you’re done will probably make a huge difference in how it looks.

  6. What looks like pink on Roscalie in my photo is actually sort of a brick red. I find it very hard to accurately photogrpah reds indoors.

  7. And I really can spell. Honest. I just can’t proofread. πŸ™‚

  8. Lucy is so adorable.
    I can start the mouse whenever you post the pattern. I’ll have to make two, of course…

  9. Beth S. says:

    Wendy, thanks for your comments on the new Roscalie! I think there is more contrast in the new version–the colors seem more vivid, but maybe a little less harmonious.

    I’ll happily join the mouse knitalong, even though Lola turned up her nose at the feline dim sum I made her. Perhaps she felt it needed bobbles. πŸ˜‰

  10. Something’s up with my archives…you are correct and I can’t fix it…Blogger is doing an upgrade or over-haul or somethin’ so it’s probably due to that.

    I’m emailing you the picture of my finished vest. I have only seen Rosecalie as photographed on the pattern. I *was* surprised at the difference between the photo colors and the actual yarn. To me the photo shows the colors much more vibrant or bright – especially the gold. I agree with you, the actual yarn color is more rich.

  11. The original version used Scottish Campion. Still have mine on needles, with sleeves that need to be done. I was working on it when Starmore had The Big Meltdown, and I haven’t really been able to get back to it since then – still brings up all that angry feelings for me.

  12. Roscalie is gorgeous! (I hope Theresa didn’t hear you yesterday calling it “easy”!) I really love the colors from In the Hebrides, and I agree that yours looks like that. (NOT the gold and black version, of course!)

    Now tell the truth — you changed the text colors to blue to match Lucy’s eyes, right? I’m not going crazy again, right? Right???

  13. Yes, Andrea, I dd just change the link colors to blues. I felt that the blog should match Lucy, as I am completely and utterly besotted with her!

    Teresa — thanks! I’ll look forward to getting it to compare. πŸ™‚

  14. Good morning Wendy, I’m ready to start mices anytime. I am an ADD knitter so what’s one more project? Just adds variety to my day. Lucy is so precious – and saying that I’m beginning to wonder about my sanity:( I still miss Izzy! How can I feel such affection for these virtual kitties? And, furthermore, how can I have such intense feelings for all this fiberspace fibering? Gosh, am I the only one who questions spending so much time blogging? Well, blog lurking, in my case.

  15. Cheryl F. says:

    Cosmic catnip. A cat’s equivalent of pork chops to Homer Simpson! We’ve got an industrial strength tub for our “little” man. Although this morning, he ran full tilt at his scratching pole (like he usually does) and, um, missed. And this was without benefit of mind altering plants!!
    Maybe I’ll have to make him a placebo mouse instead! Love Lucy and Rosecalie–Vanessa may have the Lady and the Tramp song in her head–in mine it’s the I Love Lucy theme song. Oh well!

  16. I’m ready for the mouse-along! Got everything all set and can’t wait to get started. πŸ™‚

  17. Robin S says:

    Wendy, Lucy is absolutely gorgeous…I’d say along the lines of your knitting! πŸ™‚ You and her are very lucky to have found each other…I’ll be knittin’ micies along with you…

  18. Hi Wendy, thank you for the compliment; means a whole bunch to me coming from you!

    I love-love-love that you’ve changed your links-color to match Lucy’s beautiful eyes!

  19. Spelling apologies — I meant Theresa, not Teresa.

  20. yup. And that was when you could buy it right off the yarn store shelf. This was my Boothbay Harbor Vacation knitting and I remember buying 2 hanks of Campion (forgot to pack enough) at Willow’s End. They were even sweet enough to wind it up for me. This was BB..before boys.

    Ahhh, I remember knitting.
    Lucy is a Beauty! Do you girls share hair do’s and don’ts?

  21. Oooo Oooo…. I am ready for the mice!!! I’ve got some Galway ready to be used up and everything else. I have to leave for vacation early tomorrow, so I will love to print up the pattern and bring it with me on our road trip!

    Cosmic catnip rocks! I love to put it in their cat beds and I’ve made Dimsum for them in a variety of colors (haw gow or shui mai anyone??).

  22. Once again, thank you for sharing. You really inspire me. So I took a look at your “100 things about me”. We share some of the same; I also like β€œLast of the Summer Wine.” But I also like “EastEnders”.

    I too, prefer Pepsi, infact I mostly drink caffine free diet Pepsi (Dr. recommendation).

    Since I live in Houston I keep trying to find reasons (read justification) to knit more of the intricate color patterns. Wool winter sweaters are used as jackets here. LOL…. but cowoby boots are forever in any weather.

  23. Wendy, I like the blue links. They seem easier to identify. Bet I could get lots of mice knitted next week on my 1500 mile round-trip vacation! Oh, but, I have a sweater and new fair isle gloves to complete.

    I’m also reading a blogging how-to book. I think I’ll try blogging when I get back. Do you have any advice on blogging to share?

    Thanks. Keep knitting and petting that beautiful cat!

  24. Wendy, I know everyone has said how beautiful Lucy is, but seriously, I can not stop looking at the picture of her laying on her back at the end of your post a few days ago. Her eyes are captivating. I can’t have a kitty cuz hub is allergic-boo. So, I just live my kitty dreams vicariously(sp?) through your blog!! My 3 yo yorkie, Smudge will love a mouse with a squeaker in it!! Can’t wait to start knitting!!

  25. That’s the exact catnip I use with my kitty and she loves it. I keep it in the freezer which helps keep it fresh longer. She loves her cat nip toys and will soon have a new mouse from the catnip mouse pattern. Lovely! Also Lucy is quite the cute little kitty! I bet she’s a joy to pet!

  26. Ready when you are! (Oooohhh! Jumping for joy!) And once again, your work is gorgeous.

  27. Sometimes it pays to visit you late—I just discovered the Aran Mouse pattern! Thanks for a smile at the end of a horrendous day! πŸ™‚

  28. Whoa — really, I meant *Teresa* of One More Row And Another Latte — I paid attention when she made Roscalie! Honest!

  29. Valerie Jackson says:

    Ooh, I recognize the Whisker City catnip in that picture, Wendy! My little kitties love that stuff! It’s at least as good at the Cosmic stuff – but hey, good catnip is good catnip. And has anyone noticed that catnip is an ingredient in some herbal teas? I wonder what catnip does for humans.

  30. The polls are now officially closed here, and overwhelmingly it has been decided that I must make 4 different mice… one for each cat, you see? Then there are my favorite cats to visit… I foresee a summer of little mice. However I will have to go couch diving for the bottle of catnip once I have a mouse to stuff! They are cheap cats, they like any kind of catnip.

    The sooner I start the more of them I can knit… hmmm wonder where those #5 needles went?