My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


The Mouse Goes On

Some of you have already sent me photos of your kitties enjoying their mice. Thanks! There’s a link to the Mouse-along Gallery in the sidebar, so check it out. There are some really cute photos there that are guaranteed to make you smile, no matter how sucky a day you’re having! I’ll be updating as the photos come in, but if I get alot at one time, it could take me a while to get them all posted. But I will . . . eventually.

Here is Lucy’s mouse before sewing or stuffing.


And here it is sewn up, being played with by Lucy.


And being used as a pillow by Lucy.


She very graciously played with it (and slept on it) all evening, taking time out from playing with the toys that Aunt Lolly sent her last week (which she has been playing with nonstop since receiving!)

Bloggie Bye-Bye to Kate

Last week Mama Kate announced that she’s taking a possibly permanent break from blogging. I’ve been thinking about it for a few days, and about the future of blogs in general. As I surf around the knitblogs, I see some people talking about blog blahs. I know the feeling — I go through periods when I’m burned out and feel as though I have nothing blog-worthy to say. I’m sorry to see that others are going through this too. I’ll miss you, Kate. I would not have gotten to know you if not for blogging. I hope you’ll come back someday but even if you don’t, the knitblogging community is a better place because you were here and helped start it all.

Lookie What I Got!

This came in the mail on Tuesday. Ooh! Ooh! I can’t hardly wait . . .


And this came in the mail yesterday:


A box that was on the outside marked “Killer Brownie” from Teresa. YUM and thanks!

Lucy’s Roots

Yesterday in a comment, Marta suggested that Lucy might be a Ragdoll. I looked up the breed description and it sure does fit Lucy in both physical description and personality. So as far as I’m concerned, Lucy is a Ragdoll. Not that it matters, but maybe Lucy feels better, having a sense of her own identity. Ya know?


  1. justyna says:

    Although English is my foreign language and I don’t “feel” it like my native Polish… I love the word “Mousie”! (myszka) I call my little tiny daughter “myszka” but Mousie has a cute pronunciation tone for something sweet and dainty.
    Pity me with no cats…but I can make a mousie all the same…
    Do you sew the mousie after it is made or not?
    faithful reader

  2. vanessa says:

    wendy, can you please tell me what the yarn for the poetry in stitches sweater feels like? is it soft? thanks, vanessa

  3. justyna says:

    …stupid me… of course you do sew up the mouse. Poor eyesight .

  4. Hi Justyna! Nice to see you. ๐Ÿ™‚ I like the word “mousie” too!

    Vanessa, I haven’t opened the bag and fondled the yarn yet. I guess that makes me weird, huh? ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ll fondle it tonight and report back tomorrow!

  5. Mary from MD says:

    I must be going over the edge! The bag of yarn looked more appealing to me than the brownies and I normally would do anything for a brownie. I love those colors!

  6. katherine: says:

    Wendy, is that the Hifa yarn (which if I recall correctly, is called for in PiS)? I’ve got the book coming (DH is picking it up in the US when he’s there in June), but have been mulling over whether to get a kit when I go to Sommerfuglen next week — either the one you’ve got, or another one in blues…

    But I’m curious about the kits available in the US…

  7. Yes it is Hifa, and Debbie from Nordicfiberarts very thoughtfully included a color card for it with my order. What a nice range of colors! Go to to see her listing for PiS kits.

  8. Love the yarn colours for the PiS jacket. Saw the following car licence plate number the other day: M1 WOW. Is this what Lucy will say when she sees the completed Roscalie?

  9. Those are the cutest kitty w/mousies photos on the Mouse-along gallery page…what a great day brightener! The pups would make short work of a mouse (they make pretty short work out of everything), so I’m really enjoying watching the Mouse-along progress. Thanks for the photos!

  10. D’oh! I guess the virtual catnip got to my brain. I wanted to ask what conclusions you were coming to re: the future of blogs. I’m missing Kate already.

  11. Lisa, I don’t know. I hope blogging isn’t just another “phase” that will die out. There are a number of the “Original” knitbloggers who are gone now. I have no plans to stop, though.

  12. Wendy, I’m glad you don’t plan to stop blogging. I recently found your blog and have become a regular visitor, enjoying your work, comments from others, and of course, updates on miss Lucy. By the way, Lucy seems incredibly pleased with her blue mousie!

  13. Hey Wendy – I should have mentioned it on my blog (but I’m too lazy), I’m pretty sure I’ll be back to blogging soon. I want to revamp the page and add some stuff I haven’t the time for when I’m actively blogging so it’s less boring for me to look at every day!
    I’m loving the Lucy updates, it’s wonderful that you’ve found each other – you two seem to be a great match!

  14. The PiS fibres look lovely Wendy… can’t wait to see you transform them into a work of art. And I will chime in with everyone else… keep on bloggin’. Many of us would miss our morning stop by here, and you always have something to contribute.

    Thank you for the Brown Sheep suggestion. I will look into that once my son’s off to school and I’ve returned the rest of the hateful cotton.

    Sorry about the arm in my picture of Tannis and Frodo (they were rather unimpressed by Mousie and I had to take the pic fast!)

  15. Thanks Wendy, for continuing to blog, and thanks too for the update from Kate. Long may we blog…

  16. That’s great news, Kate! ๐Ÿ˜€

    I adore Lucy. I still miss Izzy terribly and think about her every day, but Lucy is a joy. At this point I think you’d have to kill me to take her away from me.

    Ginny, I almost posted a photo with my arm in it, dangling the mouse for Lucy, but she graciously decided to play with it without my intervention!

  17. The mouse along is such a great idea! The project seems so fun and now we can see everyone’s kitties. Thanks for hosting all the pics. I’m really enjoying them.

  18. Long live the Bloggers! Where would we be without you? Wendy, I’m glad to hear you have no plans to fade out and Kate, I’m delighted you will be returning! Wendy, how could you resist opening your yarn yesterday? I’ve been rushing to finish some socks to give a friend this weekend, then I’m starting on my Karakul-Aran-Catnip-Mice! Can’t wait!

  19. Yes please don’t stop blogging, this is my first stop every morning! Lucy looks quite lovely with her blue mousie.

  20. Perhaps you can at least slow down during the summer? That way, you can pace yourself, enjoy the weather and slower mode of life, and not get burned out by blogging? Now, if only the rain would move out to the ocean and we could get a week of sunshine . . . I do need to get my gardens going!

  21. Oops – looks like I typed your name instead of mine – sorry – can you go in and fix the error?

  22. I have a mousie question: Do you just put catnip in the mouse before you close it, or do you put some cotton balls or something else around the catnip? If not, doesn’t it come out? (Not that the kitty would mind. Yum! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    The ones I have bought have cotton balls in them.
    They are incredibly expensive, by the way! That’s why I have been thinking about making my own for ages. Thanks to this mouse-along I finally will! ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Lola, I fixed yur comment. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I think you misunderstood — I’m not thinking abut stopping blogging — I meant that I have been thinking about Kate’s decision to stop blogging.

    Marit, you can certainly stuff some cotton in with your catnip. I don’t — I just stuff with catnip, and it does come out eventually — I have a few old empty mice lying around the house! But my kitties have always seemed to prefer the pure catnip ones.

    I used to put the catnip in the toe of discarded pantyhose (as someone posted in yesterday’s comments) and stuff that in the4 mouse, but someone told me if the rips the mouse open and gets at the pantyhose and swallows it, it can cause serious problems for the cat! So I don’t do that anymore.

  24. This gallery is more fun than the brief guest kitties — I love seeing them all at once, with their mousies. When I started mine (his) last night, Ethan uncharacteristically made off with the little ball o’yarn for play — and he’s 17! So I think he will love his mouse, and I look forward to adding to the gallery. Thanks, Wendy!

  25. OMG is lavender Lucy’s color, or what? Wendy, I love your new “front door”. I’m knitting up my catnip mousies today — can’t wait to see how they turn out ๐Ÿ™‚


  26. Say Wendy, I have a question that you or others may be able to answer: Can the dye in the yarn be harmful to our kitties? I love how pretty these catnip mice are compared to store-bought and want to make some colorblock mice and some out of “pretty yarns” like Noro Silk Garden but I’m a little concerned about the dye.

  27. Good question Roi – I don’t know. I’ve never had a kitty get sick from a handknitted catnip mouse, and I doubt that dyes used in commercial yarn are toxic in any way. After all, people knit sweaters for babies and toddlers, who might very likely suck or chew on their clothes. Think of the lawsuits involved if a child got ill from toxic dye in yarn or clothing!

  28. Actually, yes, Lucy does have that Ragdoll look to her! Maddy is half Ragdoll and is just a sweetheart. I love the photos of Lucy getting settled – she’s such a doll!

  29. Cheryl F. says:

    The mouse along was a great idea. I finished mine this A.M. and Mr. B took right to it. I took a picture and will send it tonight after work. A nice break from those “never ending” projects.
    Wendy, do you use a wooly board for your sweaters or just wash and lay flat somewhere? I’m sure you’ve covered your blocking procedures before but I missed them.–Block before steeking (especially Dales?)–or just throw caution to the wind (like no swatching). Hmm. Maybe I don’t want to know, if I find out your stuff looks that great without a little help from water and steam!!

  30. What great cat and mouse pictures! I just got a digital camera, so I’ll have to contribute once I make a mouse. (I’m actually thinking of stealing some yarn from the PW kit I’m making now — there are bound to be leftovers, right? Or I’ll use the DK — I just feel so left behind already!)

    I’m also glad to hear that Kate will likely blog again — I enjoyed will-knit-for-food quite a bit!

  31. I finished my second mousie, but I won’t sew it up till I can buy some new catnip. One look at poor Morgan’s eyes as seen in the photo gallery and I knew she was thinking, Geez, mom, what pathetic old catnip. So on Saturday we’ll buy some good stuff and stuff two mousies. I’ll probably unsew and empty the first one today so it won’t get lost between now and then.

  32. Karianne Wyse says:

    Dear Wendy. Lucy seems like the perfect knittind kitty! I am so happy she has come to your house to live! ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. I can’t tell you how excited I am that my kitties are on the mouse gallery page. Seriously. I can post their pics on my site till the cows (mice?) come home, but it’s so much more fun seeing them out there in someone else’s cyberspace. Yay!

  34. I did it! I haven’t done a cable in 20+ years, but I made a Mousie! I would love to send a pic of my girls (I have 3) when my camera batteries get charged. Now, I have to make 2 more so everyone has her own…and to get my mom to make some for her two.

    Lucy is lovely, BTW. And Izzy was one of the prettiest kitties I’ve ever seen, with a real light in her eyes.

  35. That’s it – I’m making the mouse for Mr. Butkis (named after Dick Butkis) the cat I’ve loved for 11 years this March. I watched the little stinker since the week he was born (my cat had kittens when I was away – missed the actual birth)

    But I digress… I think if I didn’t knit/ teach/ design for a living I wouldn’t blog – or wouldn’t keep it up – but for me it’s part of sustaining a community. Makes me feel less lonely when I’m on hour 27 of revising sleeve patterns or working up a new lace stitch.

    Kate – come back soon! Wendy – you are a knitting goddess, sweetie!