My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day to all who celebrate it.

Lucy plans on spending the day just lying around.


We had a lazy weekend. Watched a couple of movies so I got a lot of knitting done — I’ve started the armhole steeks on Roscalie:


I’ve also started the decreases for the v-neck, sp we’re just rolling along.

In retrospect, I suppose I ought to have ordered a smaller size than a medium — the medium seems pretty big around. Oh well. I couldn’t change my mind after ordering it because Virtualyarns sent the pattern adjustment to turn the vest into a cardigan (the patterncard is for the vest only) in one size only — medium. Though I could have gone back to the original pattern from In the Hebrides, I suppose. Too late now. I’m not overly concerned — I like things oversized!

Mouse Along Gallery

I’ve added a second page to the Mouse Along Gallery (link to the galler in the sidebar). I love seeig everyone’s kitties playing with their mice! There are even a couple of dogs in there too!

Lucy sez:

How cute am I?



  1. vanessa says:

    roscalie looks great, i’ve heard the weather’s been yucky there, good knitting weather! lucy looks right at home!

  2. Wendy, Lucy is a beautiful girl. I’m so happy the two of you have found each other. Roscalie also looks good. You are really an inspiration to a lot of people. Have a great holiday!

  3. Wendy–
    When you move on to a new sweater, we stop talking about the finished ones. Of the ones you’ve made recently (Oregon, Hank VIII, St. Moritz), which have you worn the most? Are you pleased with them? Would you do anything differently if you were to do them again?

    For me, the real test of a sweater is after it’s done–how often do I reach for it?


  4. Lucy, you’re too cute for words! Meoooow!

  5. Roscalie is a stunner, Wendy. Steek away!

  6. Wendy,
    I can’t get over how beautiful Lucy looks – especially since her fairly recent trauma. She obviously is thriving in her new home. Do you do anything additional to brushing her? Like give her omega 3 oil or put something on her coat? She looks so healthy! It probably helps that she is an indoor kitty unlike my two ruffians who have acres of dirt to roll in. I have to do the Martha Stewart thing and put coordinated throws on the furniture to keep down the kitty dust. We brush them when they come in but its hard to get them completely clean without a through bath – which they hate.

  7. I know a certain someone who could wear a medium cardigan with no problem and has a vest to match. The cardigan would be just the thing to cover the
    damn oversized armholes that keeps this person from wearing the beautiful vest. If you need her address just let me know.

  8. Thanks for all the beautiful kitty photos. Rebecca’s kitty (on page two) looks JUST like my Morgan – it’s uncanny. Or should that be uncatty?

  9. Dear Wendy,Thanks for the mouse-along idea and the photo gallery. I never would have thought of making a catnip mouse, but it is just the thing for my the cat loving members of my family. I will be visiting many of them very soon in Arizona, Nevada, and California. I live in Austin, Texas, moved here from Virginia last October. I told my mother about the mouse-along, she is in California, so she is planning to knit some mice, also. It is amazing that you have people all over the country doing this. Wish I had the capability to send you a picture of my finished mouse. Glad you had a relaxing weekend. Lucy is just beautiful. You go well together.

  10. Lucy is gorgeous!

  11. Shirley says:

    Lucy is looking good – she’s the picture of contenment. Have to agree with you about the knitting magazines. I let my Knitters subscription expire last year, and when it appears at my local book store check it out to see if there is anything in there to make me buy the magazine. Not yet. The summer IK,though, has a gorgeous entrelac lace shawl designed by Faina Letoutchaia that is worth the price of the issue. That I’m planning to knit as soon as my alpaca lace weight arrives. Nothing else in the magazine excites me.

  12. Love your haircut — it looks very fab!!