My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Lucy’s Got A Boyfriend

Look at this handsome young swain.


What woman in her right mind could resist such a dashing fellow impeccably turned out in full evening dress?

This gorgeous hunk is Lindsey-Brooke’s Lucky. Last weekend he sent Lucy a little love note (she let me read it) and enclosed his photo. Since then, Lucy has been fluffing up her tail even more and walking around with her nose in the air!

And look at what Lucky was seductively stretched out on!


It’s Inishmaan, knitted by L-B from wool from her stash. Here’s the back view:


And here’s a closup of the shoulder strap. Gorgeous!


I’ve always loved this design. I think it’s the only Starmore aran I’ve seen that has a different central motif for the front and back. Heck, it may be the only aran I’ve ever seen with a different central motif for front and back. Thanks for sharing, L-B!

And Now, Your Moment of Zen

With apologies to Jon Stewart.

Proof positive that I am a former space cadet:


And the flip side:


This is my cotton summer-weight Dark Side of the Moon sweater. Knitted many years ago. Probably the first sweater I ever designed.

Lucy, of course, has to get in on the act:


It’s knitted in sportweight cotton, I don’t remember what it was, exactly. (Yes, I used to knit in cotton. So sue me. Or bite me. Whatever.)

I made the front and back separately and attached the shoulders using a three-needle bind-off. Picked up stitches for the sleeves and knitted them down from the shoulders. And (get this) I duplicate-stitched the entire color pattern onto the front and the back. Duplicate-stitch on black. Yes, I was young and foolish. But I think it turned out pretty well.

I used to wear this sweater to Pink Floyd concerts and I got a lot of attention, let me tell you. I always had guys trailing after me begging me to knit them a Floyd sweater. Some of them begged for other things as well, but that’s another story. (I was quite the Hottie With the Killer Bod back then.)

Ah, memories!

I think I ought to wear it to work one day, just for fun.

One More Thing . . .

How cute am I??!!



  1. Love, love, love the haircut!

  2. Johanne says:

    Wow, Wendy! We immediately got the sleeve out to compare and the sweater is a true masterpiece. Another item to add to my knit-list…
    And the new hair cut is very sophisticated!

  3. Great haircut. Cool sweater.

  4. vanessa says:

    love the new haircut! hearing dark side of the moon instantly takes me back to parking in the summer with me old high school boyfriend… love it!

  5. Love the “grown-up hairdo”. Lets us see more of your face. This is a good thing, by the way, so no funny comments!

  6. My sweater on Wendyknits–I’m humbled! Duplicate Stitch on black? Ah,youth! But,what’s really amazing is that you can still wear a sweater you made that long ago—not many of us can say that! Looking forward to seeing your new “do” in a sweater photo shoot!

  7. Ah Wendy…your beautician must be a gay man (or was one in a prior life). The haircut is PERFECT for you. I’m sure guys are still following you begging.

    I’m assuming you got the Mouse-Along picture of Gage I sent you (it’s different than the one on my blog).

  8. Love the hair!

  9. The short cut looks great on you. I won’t mention the Pink Floyd sweater to the husband….who has that poster up on the bedroom wall BTW.

  10. Wow, it’s a big step to cut off a lot of hair! Very stylish!

    LOVE L-B’s sweater. That was always my favorite of all the Starmore aran designs. I will make it some day!

  11. Wow! Great haircut! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I was away for a few days (sudden infection of the gallbladder… out of the blue and NOT FUN) and I missed so much! Lucy has a boyfriend ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have to comment on your subtle (lol) suggestion that Knitters has gone down the tubes.
    I used to scurry to buy it, couldn’t wait! I have not bought it for the past 6 issues. What a waste of trees! I am amazed that they can put that out there and be proud of it. Wow. WOW.

    And the Dark Side of the Moon sweater! I love it!
    When I was a kid, my parents were big hippies. I remember going to the midnight release of that album at the local record store. Soon after, my parents bought a van. They hired two guys to airbrush the Dark Side of the Moon cover art around the van, and they also turned the inside of it into a shag carpet, bed with an indian bedspread, and hanging shells and beads wonderland. We travelled around the country each summer in that van for many years! Cool sweater, Wendy. If I find a picture of our van, I’ll email it to you!

    Cheers… and Roscalie is so beautiful!

  12. Thanks everyone for the hairdo compliments! And it’s nice to see some of you are “Dark Side” fans. Kateri, I would LOVE to see a picture of that van!!!!

  13. I’ll do my best to dig one up!

    I am finally getting to my catnip mousies! Speaking of knitting for kitties, did any of you see the cat basket in this months Spin Off magazine? I love it! I am going to try and whip one up with scraps of Lopi and unspun icelandic. All kitties should have one of these!

  14. I love your haircut, Wendy! Very grown-up, as someone said. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I like your Pink Floyd sweater, too. That’s the kind of thing I would have thought of, but wouldn’t be able to follow-through on. I learned duplicate stitch in high school, and had all sorts of ideas about what I *could* do with it, but never did. ๐Ÿ™ I’m also impressed that you could wear it today. I haven’t exactly let myself go, but I really was a twig in my youth, and I’m just not anymore. *sigh*

  15. Wow – the conventional knitter gets a trendy new doo! Makes me wonder what’s next – In Style knitting?

  16. WoW! The hair cut is great for you! You have a beautiful face Wendy…short hair is the perfect way to show it off! You go gurl!!!

  17. I love Inishmaan, and of course your new haircut. I see from your page of finished work that this design can be found in Fisherman’s Knits by Alice Starmore. Is that the same book as Fisherman’s Sweaters, published in 2000, by AS? I’m guessing that it is, but since the titles are just minutely diffent, I want to make sure before I order it.


  18. How cute? TOTALLY damn cute — love love love the new ‘do! I’m a short-haired gal, and I love the wash&go ability this time of year. And wow, the Floyd takes me back, too. I heard some over the weekend and recalled seeing “The Wall” — but I never saw a live show.

  19. Karen, it’s the same — I posted it erroneously. At least I got the Fisherman part right, eh? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. BEAUTIFUL hair. It makes you look much younger as well.

  21. Karen Berglund says:

    Thanks Wendy!

  22. Maggi, I was in the fifth row center for “The Wall” in Nassau Coliseum (I think) in . . . 1979 was it? I do remember I went with a guy named Mario who was a total jerk. But he had tickets for the fifth row center.

  23. I’ve been waiting for you to show us that sweater ever since you mentioned it months ago! Man, you were one cool chick ๐Ÿ™‚ And the new haircut looks great on you – really shows off your eyes!

  24. Cute “do” Wendy!! I’ve been looking for one myself and just haven’t found it yet…I know you discussed not being tempted by Arans anymore…how about lace?

  25. “Lucy and Lucky sittin’ in a tree
    First comes love, then comes marriage,
    Then comes Lil’ Lucys in a baby carriage.”

    Sorry, couldn’t resist, having a juvenile moment this morning. I assume neither Lucy or Lucky have the, ahem, ability to produce kitties anymore.

    The sweater is phenomenal, love the color.

    And the new do is very becoming!

  26. Wendy, I really do like your “summer” cut.
    What I would like to see is you in your boots and a sweater !!!! Please indulge me.

    Ruth Dennis
    Houston TX

  27. Susan in New Mexico says:

    Ooooo! Great hair cut. I finally had to post a comment. I’ve been lurking for the past couple of months and have thoroughly enjoyed your blog. Wendy, that haircut is great on you! The shorter style not only makes you look younger but will be a snap in the mornings.

    Thanks for the blog!

  28. Wow – this is THE haircut for you – it looks fantastic on you and really compliments you ๐Ÿ™‚ Did you ask for this particular style or did your haircutter suggest it?

  29. Catherine says:

    There must have been a huge pile of hair on the floor when Monsieur Claude got through with you!

    “Grown-up hairdo”? I don’t think so, Girlfriend. Now you look more like the sassy youngster you are. The new coif suits you. Feminine and smart.

    Who knew you had such pretty curls?!!

  30. Forgot to mention — L-B, your Inishmaan is gorgeous! Do you recall what kind of wool you used for it? You did an amazing job, whatever it was. Take a bow!

  31. BEAUTIFUL new do!!!! love it!

  32. Again, thanks guys! I bought a magazine of hair styles and picked this one out of it. My stylist, Maria (who I’ve been going to for years) has always said that I don’t deserve curly hair because most of the time I blow dry my hair straight. She had lots of fun playng with my new short curls yesterday!

    Grown up do? Maybe I’ll spike it tomorrow. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Today I just towelled it and let it air dry — it’s a lot curlier than the dorky photo I posted.

  33. Thanks,Andrea! I had the yarn in my stash with no labels, but it may have been Patons Classic Wool. And,Diane, Lucy has nothing to worry about from Lucky, but he is very affectionate!

  34. Cheryl F. says:

    Love the new ‘do Wendy! It really updates your look. I need to get my hair cut as well-right now it’s too long and out of “regulation”. Inishmann looks interesting-think I may have to put it on my to do list. I need to find a pattern for some Bluefaced Leicster I scored at Herrschners!
    So, with x years of sweaters in your closet, do you have more sweaters or cowboy boots??????? Or, do you make your sweaters to match your boots–heh heh!

  35. WAY cute for a REAL sweetie.

  36. Wow, this is exactly the sweater I knitted about 1979 or 1980!!!! I used Mohair and thick needles – so the thing ist long gone. Yourยดs is much better of course…
    Love Your hairdo, too
    Greetings from Munich

  37. Got back from vacation… My gosh, lots of progress on Roscalie (lovely), new boyfriend (cutie pie), new do (fabulous)! Girlfriend, it’s been busy around here! Just started the aran mouse last night (a vacation involving too many family members make a REAL BUSY vacation, with no knitting involved… EEK!)… How long are you going to keep the gallery up? I really want to post my photo, but don’t have a digital camera. (Don’t go there… My hubby would lecture me about how we have to have one if he saw my last comment. And he doesn’t want your average $99 one. We’re talking the $600 one. OUCH.)

  38. Got back from vacation… My gosh, lots of progress on Roscalie (lovely), new boyfriend (cutie pie), new do (fabulous)! Girlfriend, it’s been busy around here! Just started the aran mouse last night (a vacation involving too many family members make a REAL BUSY vacation, with no knitting involved… EEK!)… How long are you going to keep the gallery up? I really want to post my photo, but don’t have a digital camera. (Don’t go there… My hubby would lecture me about how we have to have one if he saw my last comment. And he doesn’t want your average $99 one. We’re talking the $600 one. OUCH.)

  39. Back then??? I think NOW, hunny! And the hair is to die for!! Adorrrrable! You must be getting out of the condo at least 6 minutes earlier in the morning! ๐Ÿ™‚

    L-B! YoW! Nice Job on Inishmaan! I’ve always shied away from that one as it looked puffy in the picture, but yours is perfect! Good yarn choice!

    Hey, Wendy! I’m getting a contact buzz from your sweater! Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. Renee in CO says:

    I love your haircut! I did something very similar about two weeks ago. My dog barked at me when I first came through the door. This is gorgeous. AND — the sweater is hilarious. Of course, it’s excellent work as usual, but still funny!

  41. Rose, I think the gallery will be a permanent fixture on my website – I love looking at everyone’s kitties enjoying their mice! So you have plenty of tme to get a photo in. ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. Fantastic hair cut! I think everyone should have short hair.

  43. Suzanne says:

    Love the hair, Wendy! I just grew mine out one length but am due for a trim soon. I know I will eventually end up cutting mine. Most likely when I finally get another job and have to get out of the house quickly.

    I also love Inishmaan, L-B. I will have to take another look at that sweater and maybe add it to the list of somedays.

    Lucky Lucy. My little Olivia is a little jealous. My male kitty, Jensen can’t stand her (and vice versa) so she has to stick with Mommy or the dog for affection.

  44. I’d love to play Mouse-along! But 9 month old KittieGirl acts very offended at the scent of Catnip, no tippler is she. Is this common? She just doesn’t like it… Is she too young?

  45. I’ve had cats who had no interest in catnip. I’ve also had cats who had to “grow into” their penchant for catnip. Maybe KittieGirl would like a mouse toy stuffed with plain old cotton?

  46. Girlfriend, you look *goooooood*! My hair used to look that cute before my stylist/colorist ran off to another state to find more affordable housing. Maybe next time I’m in VA, I can get an appointment with yours? And, once again, reading your blog is hazzardous to my wallet: L-B’s Inishmaan is so lovely I’m off to hunt down so yarn for it. Bad Wendy! Bad, bad Wendy!



  47. Lookin’ good, Wendy!

  48. Now you’ll be known as Hottie With The Killer Haircut! It looks wonderful!

  49. My husband happened to look over my shoulder and asked about the Dark Side of the Moon t-shirt. I explained that it was a sweater you had designed and knitted. He is now professing his love for you… guess he liked it, huh?!

    Great sweater, love Lucy’s boyfriend, great haircut!


  50. Lovely new haircut, Wendy.

    Now, a question, purely out of curiousity; I’ve been purusing your archives and gallery with interest and admiration, as well as hope that someday I’ll have your skill (been knitting for a month now). I notice, however, that you have very little in the way of ‘summer’ clothing. Why not? No designs that catch your eye, or a dislike of knitting with fiber other than wool?


  51. Marty Frey says:

    Love the new hair style, Wendy. I wasn’t sure it was you at first.

    Am finally on the second sleeve of the “fearless”, I will finish it, I promise.

    The Starmore sweater ” Adult’s Beadwork” is wonderful.
    You have such great taste in your sweaters, I think.

    I would love your sweater wardrobe. If I live long enough I might try to duplicate a few on them. My next sweater is the Luskentyre. I have the yarn, and am ready to knit.

    I bought the pattern on e-bay that came from the Tomato Factory, before the previous owner of the pattern. I was delighted to find it, but spent way too much money for the pattern.

  52. Easy care hair, that’ll give you more time for knitting & snuggling with Lucy!

    L-B: Inishmaan’s gorgeous!

  53. Also, are we voting for your next project? If so, put down a vote for an Aran! 2nd choice, Poetry pattern…

  54. I think she’s settled on any small ball of Bartlett Yarns worsted as an exciting toy. Tons of fun, somehow. Maybe because it still smells like sheep? I’ll keep trying the ‘nip every other month or so. Thanks! One day I’d like her to have her own knitted mousie!