My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


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Wendyknits has gone on vacation!

See you back here in a week or so . . .


Okay, I’ve got an inch-long burn blister on the side of the middle finger on my right hand. Yesterday when I knit, the yarn rubbed it and it hurts. Yes, I am a big baby.

But I’m pleased to report that it’s subsided quite a bit today.

Vacation Knitting

Like a spoiled little girl who breaks her toys as soon as she gets them, I finished my vacation knitting before my vacation. So what to knit on vacation?

Fortunately I know myself very well and planned for this. Lookie here.


This is more Gedifra Wellness, bought at Elann at their low-low price! It is destined to become this:


This design is from the same Rowan book that Smooch is in, and it’s called “Parched.” I like my colors better than theirs. 🙂

Lucy News

Lucy is busily packing her catnip mice and wadded up napkins to take with her when she goes tonight to stay with her daddy for her vacation.

She does take time out for a leisurely dinner, though.


Sunday night Lucy’s former foster mom, Barbara, came over to drop off some paperwork. I think she was pleased to see Lucy settled in so well. Barbara loved Lucy’s knitted catnip mouse and offered to sell them for me in the pet shop where she works if I was interested.

Rather than do that, I offered to make mice from time to time for her to sell, and keep the proceeds for her rescue organization, Capital Animal Care.

Okay, you Mouse-alongers. Anyone have some spare time to knit catnip mice? Donate them to a rescue organization close to you. They can either sell them at fundraisers or give them to kitties in their care. Or if you prefer, send them to me, to pass along to the wonderful people who rescued Lucy.

Barbara told me about a rescue they did Saturday night — a dog very much in need. As I’m sure you know, the people who do this truly are angels of mercy, and deserve all the support we animal lovers can give them.

By the way, Barbara told me that they are getting a sealpoint Siamese soon, so if you are in the Washington DC area and looking to adopt a “Meezer,” keep an eye on their pet listing.

And Speaking of Smooch

Were we? Yeah, I finished. Here’s a photo without the ends woven in.


And here it is completed and on me. Damned hard to take a photo of yourself!


I did raise the neckline one inch, and made the armholes one inch less deep as well. It fits very nicely so I’m pleased with the results. I could have left the neckline as it was, I think, but it looks fine.

The weather here has taken a dramatic turn — extremely warm yesterday and supposed to be mid-90s today!

Are You In Toronto?

Are you gonna be in Toronto the day after tomorrow?

Because I am.

And I’ll be at the Stitch ‘n Bitch Wednesday night with my knit-buds:

When: Wednesday June 25, 7:30pm
Where: 1984 Queen St. East
(In the Beaches a few blocks east of Queen and Woodbine)

So come on down!

Have I Ever Mentioned How I Hate Knitting With Cotton?

I’ve abandoned the Watercolor Camisole temporarily because of some some pretty severe pain in my right wrist. Due, no doubt, to the force I have had to exert to knit the blasted Ironstone Flake Cotton double. Ow! Ow! Ow!

I am no stranger to wrist pain — I’m an old hand at RSIs (no pun intended) so I know what I need to do to alleviate the problems.

So I started my Smooch tank on Friday night. The yarn I’m usng is Gedifra Wellness, 60% cotton and 40% acrylic (same composition as the called-for yarn, Rowan All Seasons cotton). It’s one helluva lot easier on the hands and wrists than that damned string I was using for the camisole.

Want proof? This is how much of Smooch I completed over the weekend:


That’s the front. I’ve got the back finished.


As yu can see, it knits up very fast. The bottom photo is more indicative of the true color.

Then, to make matters worse, I burned the $%&*@(# out of my hand last night, attempting to take a plate out of the microwave. Who knew a china plate with a Boca Burger on it would get so hot after a minute and a half? All knitting came to a screeching halt and I fell asleep last night holding a bag of ice. This morning the damage is not too bad — one finger is blistered. We’ll see if I can knit today.

Lucy would like to wish everyone a happy Monday!



More rain yesterday. And more coming today. Yikes and double-yikes. I’m wondering if we’re all gonna float away. Maybe I should get Lucy some little kitty water wings.

Got the hair trimmed last night — I can’t believe how much it grew since I got it cut less than four weeks ago.

Here is what I looked like before the haircut.

And here I am getting my hair trimmed.

Isn’t my hairdresser a hottie?

Due to afore-mentioned hair trimming, compounded by mundane household chores, little knitting was done last night.

But here’s a photo of my sock in progress. I turned the heel! Ooh!


As you can see, my official sock inspector is on the job.

And I did a bit more on the camisole, too.


May your Friday go smoothly. Have a good weekend everyone!

The Concept of Vacation Knitting

The other day in my comments, Peter remarked that he thought my vacation knitting project would “have to be a lacy shawl or enormous tablecloth. They would be the only 2 things that would keep you occupied & still knitting by the end of the holiday.”

Another of my dark, dirty secrets:

I very rarely knit on vacation.

My last vacation was a cruise, and I took a sock-in-progress along. It was a 10-day cruise and I believe I knitted exactly four rounds. Total.

Though I do remember a vacation in Europe years ago when I went out and bought yarn and needles halfway through the trip because I was jonesing for some knitting! But as I recall, it was a month-long trip and that’s a long time to be without knitting!

I have to say, however, that there will no doubt be lots more knittin’ done during my upcoming trip to Toronto and points north.

Check This Out If You Haven’t Already!

I love Anna Knits.

Not only is it a great knitting blog, but Anna has this totally cool scrolling marquee of blog buttons in her sidebar. I left a comment in her tag-board about it the other day, and she very kindly documented how to make your own on her Fun Blog Stuff for You page. Check it out!

Thanks Anna!

Watercolor Camisole Update

I started knitting things together! How cool is this?


And here it is with another diamond being knitted on:


As you can see, Lucy is just plain worn out with the excitement of it all.