My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Yeah, It’s Done

In spite of feeling ill, going to work and surviving the Meeting That Would Not Die, I did indeed manage to finish Roscalie yesterday.

Hey Joe! Did I beat you? Did I? Huh?

I know. It’s not a contest.

Here it is, in all it’s splendour, complete with buttons, which arrived in the mail on Monday.


It is, of course, too big for me. As some of you may recall me mentioning a while back, I ordered the size medium. The cardigan kit comes with the patterncard for the vest, with an addendum to turn it into the cardigan. The addendum is for one size only — the size you order.

So I was pretty much stuck with knitting the medium. I suppose I could have contacted Virtualyarns and asked if they would send me the adjustments for a smaller size, but I’m lazy.

Looking at the photos of the original designs in In the Hebrides, where Roscalie was first published, I see the cardi looks pretty oversized on the model there. I’m not overly concerned anyhow.

But still, I need to remember: “I am a small, I am a small, I am a small.”

Lucy News

Lucy’s favorite new toys: wadded up paper napkins. She likes to have two in play at all times. When I got home from work yesterday, both of them were placed neatly beside her food dish.

At night Lucy sleeps on my bed. She carries her napkins in, one by one, and places them on the bed before she settles down for the night.

(Note: I do replace the napkins from time to time with new ones!)

I talked to Lucy’s former foster mom, Barbara, last weekend and told her how well Lucy has adjusted to her new home. I do notice a change in her personality in the four weeks since I got her. She’s less needy and desperately affectionate, and seems much more confident and independent, although she never strays far from me when I’m at home.

I mentioned to Barbara that I have the feeling that her former owners weren’t particularly nice to her. First time Lucy jumped on a chair, she looked at me as though she expected me to yell at her. Same with the bed. And other things like that.

Lucy’s former owners gave her up because they let her out and she was attacked by a dog. (I mentioned this before.) Her owners did not want to pay the $200 vet bill to care for her after this. They had a third party bring her in to a shelter and claim that he just found her.

This was the first I had heard that last bit, and for some reason it bothers me even more than the fact of the moron people not wanting to pay for her medical treatment. It bothers me that her owners let her down so badly. She is such a beautiful, loving, sweet, and well-behaved kitty, in spite of all that.

I have apologized to her for the stupidity and unkindness of her previous owners. I’m glad she doesn’t hold it against the human race as a whole and me in particular.

By the way, I started Roscalie on the evening of May 11, about an hour before Lucy came to live with me. It’s her first completed project. She seems proud, doesn’t she?


Mouse-along Update

There are some new photos in the mouse-along gallery — we’re up to four pages. Go see!


  1. Both you and Lucy should feel very proud ! Roscalie is beautiful.
    Hope that you enjoy wearing it ,despite it being a bit big.
    It’s funny how we’ll forge on with something despite knowing it won’t turn out quite right.I do that ,and wander why !

  2. Lucy’s napkin-herding reminds me of a friend’s cat. At first they lived in a rural area, where there were lots of fieldmice, and the cat brought two mice to her human every day. Then they moved into a wooded area, where mice were scarce. After the initial adjustment, the cat starting bringing her human TWO PINE CONES a day. My friend used to have a nice, fresh bowl full of them in the living room.

  3. Vera Butler says:

    Emma – re your comment on forging ahead. It’s the pleasure in actually knitting and creating isn’t it as well as having a beautiful garment to wear (in Wendy’s case, anyway!). Lovely jacket Wendy – looks just my size!

  4. I agree with you guys abut it being the process, not the end product. I’ve got some sweaters I’ve never worn, but loved making. And thye are lovely to look at.

    Theresa, I’m glad Lucy is bringing only paper napkins! Though if she were to bring me large chunky diamonds I wouldn’t object!

  5. Roscalie is a work of art! Perhaps you should start hanging your least-worn sweaters on a wall to admire!

  6. My previous cat loved crumpled up balls of paper. My housemates would open their mail when they got home, then wad up anything that was junk and throw it for her to chase. We moved the couch once and found about 30 paper balls.

    Roscalie is beautiful, I particularly love the little blue edges at the cuffs.

  7. Shannon says:

    My kitties love plastic grocery bags. Ty Kitty loves to actually climb inside all kinds of shopping bags or in any part of a box(even the lids of shoeboxes!). I think my sister’s cat would round up paper napkins and place them on her pillow at night.

  8. Kristin says:

    Ooooh, it just makes me so mad to hear stories of people who treat animals poorly! Grrrrr! I’m SO glad Lucy has a great home & a wonderful mommy to take care of her. Poor little girl! She’s so sweet and deserves to have all the love she can get. I used to work for a vet and some of the horrible things I’ve seen happen to pets just tear my heart in two. Lucy is lucky to have you ๐Ÿ™‚

    Wow, Roscalie is stunning, Wendy! I can’t believe how quickly you finished it. Wait a minute…I CAN believe it. You knitted it…LOL!

  9. We used to throw the twisty-ties that come on some bread wrappers for our first cat, Tuppence, and she would fetch, drop them on us and wait for us to throw them again. My dog Max, however, sits and looks at us with her tongue hanging out when we throw things for her. Animals do make life more pleasant, don’t they?

    Roscalie is beautiful!! And I’m not at all dismayed that you finished that in one month and I’ve been on Catherine of Aragon for almost four months….no, not dismayed at all (big sigh).

  10. lucy’s prior owners sicken me. it really disturbs me the way some people think it’s OK not to commit to a pet. i’m glad she found her way to you, where she will really be cared for and adored.

    N-cat’s thing isn’t so much the paper napkins and towels – though he’ll play with them if allowed – it’s really licking plastic bags, especially shopping bags. drives me crazy. he always does it at odd hours, too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Roscalie is amazing! I was wondering how you are able to put all the finishing touches on the sweater so quickly. Do you weave in your ends as you go along? Your pictures of you sweaters in progress always look like the ends have been woven in already even as the sweater is still being knitted.

  12. Roscalie is gorgeous. I am so glad you have Lucy now. She really needed a good home. My cats like balls of hershey kisses wrappers. There are probably about 10 under various couches or bookshelves in the house. The catnip mouses are put away unless supervised as the dog got a hold of one and wanted to chew it up to see what was so exciting about it, it still needs minor repairs.

  13. Roscalie is muy bueno! It just sickens me to hear more about Lucy’s previous owners….. It would be even more scary if we were to find out if they have children…. Sounds like these people don’t deserve either. Mags just loves rubber bands, she can smell them a mile away. We had to finally throw them out every time we got our paper, because she would get this cross-eyed, head-bobbing (sniffing), wild look to her trying to find out where we hid them. Sam loves his fur mice and would puff his tail like a raccoon’s and cry like a hungry kitten when we would touch the drawer where the toys are stored. Then he would go on a wild fetching game with my husband. Who needs a dog when we have Sam to fetch and beg for scraps?!?

  14. P.S. I hope you are feeling better!

    (Note: I don’t let Maggie play with rubber bands unsupervised!!!)

  15. Thinking of people not committing to their pets…
    I have the most adorable long haired dachshund that my husband and I adopted from a shelter. It was her second time in the shelter. She was 3 years old when we adopted her, and the previous people that had her didn’t want her because she wasn’t housebroken. She is the best little dog I have ever had, and occasionally she has an ooops. But her happy little personality outweighs the occasional oops.

    Wendy! Roscalie looks wonderful! Definately time for me to try a Fair Isle cardi!!!

  16. My ginger boy, Monty, loved wadded up paper and would fetch and drop it at my feet. He’s been gone 8-1/2 months and I still find them around. Aren’t quirky behaviours great? Roscalie is indeed, beautiful. Congrats to Lucy on her first finished project. Glad you’re feeling better Wendy!

  17. Oh, how beautiful. I love the richness of the colors, and the design reminds me of tapastries. It even looks like it was a joy to create!

    It’s also wonderful to hear about how Lucy came from that situation to a loving home with you!

  18. Congratulations on completing the newest addition to your sweater family. Roscalie is a beautiful garment, and Lucy did very well on her first sweater.

  19. Lucy is such a pretty girl. We adopted a greyhound named Vogue (or as a friend puts it, the dog formerly known as prince). He is the most loving dog – I think cats and dogs appreciate a good home when they find it. By the way – I keep telling myself that animal abusers have a special hell just for them.

  20. So nice to see both Roscalie evolve to completion and Lucy relax in her new, safe, and loving home. People who don’t see animals as the special souls they are must be … well, I don’t know what they are. Not the sort of people I want to have anything to do with, that’s fer sher.

  21. Roscalie looks GREAT! I’m glad that Lucy is adjusting well to her new home. I’m just about finished with my Lake Placid…pix are on my blog, but I cut the neck out too large. Arrghhh! But I’m going to add a collar within a collar though. Hope you feel better soon. :-))

  22. Lucy is very fortunate to now have such a loving owner.

    I find it so amazing when I hear stories of less-than-well-treated pets who continue to show love and loyalty to the human race.

  23. Wendy, not only did you beat me, but your sweater came out great. I hope to finish Donegal by this weekend. I will always bow down to the master, and when it comes to Fair Isles, you are clearly the master.

  24. You and Lucy are lucky to have found each other. It seems like a wonderful match. I’m really happy for you. ๐Ÿ™‚