My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



Okay, I’ve got an inch-long burn blister on the side of the middle finger on my right hand. Yesterday when I knit, the yarn rubbed it and it hurts. Yes, I am a big baby.

But I’m pleased to report that it’s subsided quite a bit today.

Vacation Knitting

Like a spoiled little girl who breaks her toys as soon as she gets them, I finished my vacation knitting before my vacation. So what to knit on vacation?

Fortunately I know myself very well and planned for this. Lookie here.


This is more Gedifra Wellness, bought at Elann at their low-low price! It is destined to become this:


This design is from the same Rowan book that Smooch is in, and it’s called “Parched.” I like my colors better than theirs. ๐Ÿ™‚

Lucy News

Lucy is busily packing her catnip mice and wadded up napkins to take with her when she goes tonight to stay with her daddy for her vacation.

She does take time out for a leisurely dinner, though.


Sunday night Lucy’s former foster mom, Barbara, came over to drop off some paperwork. I think she was pleased to see Lucy settled in so well. Barbara loved Lucy’s knitted catnip mouse and offered to sell them for me in the pet shop where she works if I was interested.

Rather than do that, I offered to make mice from time to time for her to sell, and keep the proceeds for her rescue organization, Capital Animal Care.

Okay, you Mouse-alongers. Anyone have some spare time to knit catnip mice? Donate them to a rescue organization close to you. They can either sell them at fundraisers or give them to kitties in their care. Or if you prefer, send them to me, to pass along to the wonderful people who rescued Lucy.

Barbara told me about a rescue they did Saturday night — a dog very much in need. As I’m sure you know, the people who do this truly are angels of mercy, and deserve all the support we animal lovers can give them.

By the way, Barbara told me that they are getting a sealpoint Siamese soon, so if you are in the Washington DC area and looking to adopt a “Meezer,” keep an eye on their pet listing.

And Speaking of Smooch

Were we? Yeah, I finished. Here’s a photo without the ends woven in.


And here it is completed and on me. Damned hard to take a photo of yourself!


I did raise the neckline one inch, and made the armholes one inch less deep as well. It fits very nicely so I’m pleased with the results. I could have left the neckline as it was, I think, but it looks fine.

The weather here has taken a dramatic turn — extremely warm yesterday and supposed to be mid-90s today!


  1. Wendy, Smooch looks great!
    Have fun in Toronto.


  2. Smooch is beautiful, and You look like quite the Babe! Enjoy your vacation!

  3. Have a great trip. I am sure you already know this but try to keep that blister intact (even if it means not knitting for a couple of days). I really like Parched. So far I have resisted Elann but don’t know how much longer I can hold out!

  4. Funny you mention donating mice. ๐Ÿ™‚ I take my oldest cat on July 3rd to live with my mom, and I plan on knitting up about 10-15 mice before that time to take with me for the cats at the vet’s office there. Something nice for them to play with while they have to be caged during their stays. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Smooch looks awesome, great color! I am still debating making one..that neckline, even adjusted, just looks a little too daring for me and my girls. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. You and Smooch look adorable…wow that was fast knitting. I’m very tempted to make one for my beautiful sister now!

    P.S. I think I’m having pre-separation anxiety from your blog-vacation!!! Wishing you a wonderful trip…hurry back!

  6. Wowza! Great looking Smooch. Hope you get a chance to wear it on your vacation. Glad to see that you enjoyed the Wellness (and the all seasons cotton book) enough to do another sweater. Isn’t it fun to knit in that big, soft cotton? Everything seems to go so fast at that gauge, I too can’t help but plan more projects. It was fun having you knitalong with us all!

  7. Thanks youse guys!

    Alison, the Wellness was quite nice to work with, so I’m looking forward to using it again. This really was a fun project — thanks for organizing it.

    Lisa, I think I’m suffering from blog pre-separation anxiety myself! Yikes!

    Daphne, pat yourself on the back for your mouse donations — good for you!

  8. Wow Wendy!!! You look great in smooch, and so speedy!! I’m always so inspired as I read your blog faithfully.
    Have a great vacation!

  9. Smooch looks great on you. You are definately “boob-tacular” enough to pull it off. The question is: am I? (Hardly!)

  10. The smooch looks great! I’m really excited to see your colors for the “Parched” sweater. I was wondering — what # is your Rowan book? I went to see about purchasing it because I love both those sweaters.

  11. The book is the Rowan All Seasons Cotton Collection — here’s a link that shows all the designs:

    (Right click on it and select “open in new window”)

    Steph, being “boob-tacular” definitely helps with this tank! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Woo-Hoo, you can really pull off the Smooch look,Wendy! What an image change after all of the winter sweaters! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Love the colors for your vacation project. Tell Lucy to email Lucky for solace if she gets separation anxiety. But,then,she’s in good hands with Ian,so maybe you’ll be missing her more! Have a great vacation!

  13. WoooooHoooo – aren’t you a hottie? You’re going to have all the cottage studs (betcha Kathy laughs her ass off if she reads that, from her description of the ‘studs’ up at the lake!) going ga-ga!
    Now I’m just going to make girly squeally noises as I think that you’re going to be here TOMORROW!! Yeeeeeeeee…..

  14. Kate, I’ll join you:


    Actually I wasn’t going to take Smooch with me, as I’m all packed already. What do you guys think?

    L-B, I’ll tell Lucy that she can email Lucky if she gets lonely. But I’m betting that she’ll be in Little Kitty Paradise while I’m gone . . . I happen to know that her daddy has fashioned a very nice kitty playhouse out of an empty vacuum cleaner box.

  15. From the limited viewpoint that I’m working with, I can see that Smooch looks great on you! I don’t think I could quite carry that off myself.

  16. Who knew such a babelicious body existed under all those roomy sweaters? Besides the neck and armhole adjustments, did you do anything different from the pattern re the body shaping?

    Lucy’s foster mom visit brought back memories of my follow-up adoption visits. Not only have I had numerous adopted pets, my two children were also adopted. And I wish more pet adoptees would realize adopting a pet can be as much of a commitment as a child – up to 20 yrs or more.

    I love the way the new sweater will accentuate Lucy’s beautiful eyes:)

  17. Just so you guys know . . .

    All comments containing the words “babelicious body” or similar phrases are welcome. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Roi, other than the armhole and neckline adjustments, I made no changes to the pattern. I made a size medium, btw.

  18. Oh, very nice! I like that color more than I thought I would. Looks great on you! I think I like the neckline the way you did it–an inch higher would have been perfect for me. Maybe I’ll make another one and change that….

    I LOVE the colors you chose for the vacation project. Yup, they are nicer than the one in the pattern book. Very cool.

    Enjoy your vacation!!

  19. Smooch is SO cute. Now I want one! ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a great vacation!

  20. P.S. Amen to your comments about the rescues and helping them out. I’ve been knitting mice to go the Humane Society or a rescue myself. One for cats I know, one for cats I don’t know. Once I get a bunch built up, I’m taking them in.

  21. SHHHHWING! ๐Ÿ™‚

    If I wore that they’d have to retitle it “pooch”.

    I was hoping that your vacation knitting was going to be a pair of scanty panties for/modelled by Ian. That’d give us quite the thing to look forward to! ๐Ÿ™‚ oh, sorry…

    I’ll go back into my cave now…

  22. Geane . . . down, girl!

    I think you need to cut down on caffeine. Yeah, send me ALL your coffee. ๐Ÿ˜€

  23. Send a drop of coffee my way Wendy. I’m still trying to recover from the gas at the dentist’s this morning. A stop at Caribou Coffee helped some, but not enough (yet).

    Seriously Wendy, on Smooch (waiting for my book — Knitting Garden is temporarily out) did you do major alterations to the pattern like Allison did? Or did you just adjust the sleeve and neckline height?

  24. Have you seen Garfield this week? His nemesis is a ball of yarn!

  25. Smooch is very pretty… looks lovely on you! And just in time… it’s hotter than Hades in this neck o’ the woods!

    Have a blast in T-O!

  26. Wendy: that green Smooch! looks BEAUTIFUL on you & I think you should take it on your vacation…

    re: donating catnip mice, that’s a great idea… I’ll see if my local shelter would like a few knit especially since my 2 oldest have been knitting lately… ‘cept they’d want to give it to our cats!

  27. Wow! Gorgous! I’m not sure how to type a whistle…

    Is the bottom crocheted? I like it!

  28. I apologize, Wendy, shouldn’t have posted my question about alterations you may have made to Smooch until I fully woke up/got out from under the gas influence…. I see you answered the question already in an earlier comment today.

    Have a great vacation!

  29. Lisa, bottom is knitted — it’s a very clever way of doing it, too.

    Karen, you are forgiven! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  30. Wendy, the fitted look certainly suits you. You’re so slim – I never realised having only seen photos of you in heavy winter jumpers! Enjoy your holiday.

  31. I appreciate the Gefifra Wellness sale tip as I enjoy Rowan ASC but hate to invest that much repeatedly. Your yarn substitution suggestions are useful. Also, glad to see you Smooched. This tank has quite a sirens call.

  32. Have a great time in Toronto! I hope to visit that wonderful city sometime next year. And Smooch looks fabulous on you!

  33. Babelicious indeed ! I agree with all the previous comments, how good it looks, how sweet it is when you can make something like that and model it yourself – and look MAHVELOUS !

    Have a Peaceful Vactaion, and take SMOOCH with you !

  34. Wow that sweater is fabulous and looks fantastic on you!

    I’m now inspired to knit some more mice and donate them to a rescue organization.

  35. Smooch looks great! Nice job on donating the knit mousies… great idea. I just finished some stitch markers for Dance As Ever’s raffle (on my Blog) but I think it would be neat to do something for animals, too… now ya’ got me thinkin’…

  36. Get busy with work for a day and look what I missed! Wow, Smooch is wonderful. You’re making me want to knit it. We had 90 degree weather yesterday too (after the longest cold rainy spring ever) and now I want to knit summery things. I hope you brought it on your vacation.

  37. I I did not give Smooch a second thought until I saw it on you. It looks fabulous!

  38. OK, like the soup nazi from Seinfeld, from now on, “Only size small sweaters for you!” I’d love to see a small AS on you! Have a great trip.

  39. I’m in love with Lucy… reminds me of my dearly-departed Siamese, Wolfgang. Someday I’m going to do a sweater based on the Siamese point pattern…