My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



A question from yesterday’s comments. Rose asked:

Are you just a fast knitter in general or does it depend on the project? Or better yet, do you go into denial on a project and let it linger for a long time? I seem to be real fast on some projects, and real slow on others, regardless of difficulty, yarn, size or needles. I don’t think it’s the lack of enthusiasm for a project or the yarn either… (Anyone else have this issue???)

I am a fast knitter in general, but my speed does vary depending on the project. There’s some stuff I just knit faster than other stuff. And if it’s something I’m bored with, I knit fewer hours per day on it. Something I find interesting will always go faster for me.

I tend not to let projects linger. If I’m bound and determined to complete them, I will, in a fairly timely fashion. It I decide I don’t like something, I’ll abandon it and never return to it. I don’t think I’ve ever picked up an abandoned UFO in my life.

I have a “Celtic Dreams” pullover languishing somewhere that is totally done, except for half a sleeve. I suddenly went “off” it and abandoned it (remember that, Geane?), I may not even have it anymore. I might has thrown it out in one of my cleaning frenzies. I’m not even sure why I don’t like it — it’s a perfectly nice design.

(BTW doing a Google search on “celtic dreams” will give you links to places where you can buy the pattern, with photos, in case you don’t know what I’m talking about.)

Something I Didn’t Abandon

Remember the Dale baby sweater I made in June? Here it is, shortly after the mom-to-be opened it at her baby shower last weekend.



Just relaxing on the couch . . .


. . . with Lucy in my lap!



  1. Both the baby sweater and Frogner are beautiful. Did you sew a label in the baby sweater? Do you sew labels into all of your sweaters or just gifts?

  2. I did sew a label in the baby sweater. I usually do that just for gifts, though sometimes I’m too lazy to actually sew the label in, even for gifts!

  3. Kristin says:

    Ahhh, the abandonned UFO. Hmmm, maybe we should trade UFOs? You can finish mine & I’ll finish yours 🙂 LOL

    The baby Dale turned out so cute! I’m sure mom-to-be was just thrilled.

  4. I love Frogner…I’m a sucker for ‘checker board’ design…it looks like fun! For sure, it’s going on my ‘to do’ list!

  5. My dearest Lucy,

    Thank you for calling me a hottie. I am so under-appreciated around here.

    You are a fine-looking feline yourself. It is sad that you are far away. I am being kept prisoner in my Person’s house, so I’m unable to pay you a visit. I’ll bet you are a Prisoner too. What’s up with that?


  6. Wow, I made it on your blog!!!! Thanks for answering my question… You are such a speed demon, I always wondered if you had any UFOs or is actually SLOW (eek!) on some projects.

    I also either trash or rip out something that just doesn’t do anything for me. (I will never make anything with Weekend Cotton again!) My big problem is that I collect patterns and tell myself I will make it, get the yarn, needles, ect. (with much enthusiasm), then I don’t make it. But I always seem to be knitting something, usually of my own pattern…. Go figure. Perhaps I am afraid of written patterns…..

    I love your blog and I love Lucy, you are very much an inspiration to me…. Best wishes and plenty of good karma to you!

  7. What usually slows me down is suspecting that something is wrong and it will be the wrong size or I’ll have to frog. I can put off knowing for sure if I don’t knit for a while. After it sits and stews and I get used to idea, I’ll go back to it and find out. I usually finish everything I start (eventually).

    Love Lucy and your blog. Wish I could knit as fast and as well as you do.

  8. Hey, Igor! If I could find you, I’d meet you for a gentlecat’s duel over our fair Lucy!

  9. Ah, about the little needles. According to G.Gordon Liddy, if one knows how, a *pencil* can be used as a lethal weapon!
    It also strikes me that possum fur in yarn is the best possible use of the animal. They’re mean! On our “farm” (all we raise are cats) the b***s eat the barn cats’ food while they helplessly watch. I suspect one killed one of our cats – she resembled your Lucy in looks. Ming was a nice cat, though she could be a psycho-kitty toward other cats.
    Your knitting is just gorgeous!