My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


One Little Sockie

Ooh! Ooh! Isn’t it cute?


I’ve been on quite a roll with the socks lately. I went through a period of sock doldrums this past Spring, but now I’m back in the sock-saddle again.

As it were.

But after I knit the mate to this little cutie, I am going to knit a pair to give to my dad for Christmas. That would be my dad who has size 13 feet.

The horror.

The horror.

You can be durn sure his socks will be knitted from sport weight, not sock weight yarn.

Knitting Kitty Kuddles

(Sorry about the kutesy spelling there.)


We’ve had some discussion in the comments about lap cats and knitting. Lucy is the first cat I’ve had who will happily lie in my lap and let my knitting in progress not only touch her, but lay on her, drag over her, etc. It does not phase her. Given an opportunity, however, she would gladly chew on my prized ebony needles.

She will never be given that opportunity.

Oh, I forgot to show you — look what I got:


This is Daletta, ordered from the wonderful Bea Ellis, to knit this, the design I mentioned in my blog a couple of weeks ago.


This is design #10903, from Dale book 109.

Don’t you all think this looks like a Solveig Hisdal design? I bet she designed it. I mentioned that to Bea, who told me that Hisdal did design for Dale, and that Dale doesn’t credit individual designers, so it’s not mentioned in the pattern book.

What do you guys think?

Have a great weekend! See you Monday.


  1. You know, when I first saw a picture of that, I was sure it was a Hisdal, and went looking in Poetry in Stitches to see if I could make it. I don’t have as easy access to Dale yarns as I do to the PiS yarns, but one day…

  2. You are not helping me to control the length of my project wish list at all. (sigh)

  3. I envy you your well-behaved Lucy. My cat is jealous of my knitting. The sweater is amazing–is that the next project after Frogner? I can’t wait to knit vicariously with this one!

    Thanks for putting a link up to my blog!

  4. vanessa says:

    love the new sweater kit! have a great weekend!

  5. Your Opal sock looks ‘Great’ I simply adore the colours…… Fun to have a tranquil cat that will curl up in your lap – my Persian ‘Charmi’ loves to do this too!

  6. i love that sweater! and some of the dale patterns credit individual designers – i don’t remember Hisdal though.

    my cats sit on my lap when i knit – one of them is perfectly impervious to my knitting. the other one is a pain in the arse – she never used to be bad, but now that she’s 12, i guess she’s getting feisty.

    happy weekend!

  7. Kristin says:

    I’ll bet you’re right, Wendy. The flower motif looks VERY Hisdal. Just look at the red & orange sweater in PIS. I definitely wouldn’t be surprised if that’s one of her designs. It’s lovely! I know you’ll have that finished in no time.

    Hey, I thought you liked liked pullovers better than cardis. What’s with all the cardis lately? LOL ๐Ÿ™‚ Still plugging away on Armaugh. It’s pretty but the pattern repeats are B-O-R-I-N-G so it’s hard to get the motivation to knit on it everyday. Hmmm, maybe I should take your cue and go on a sock fest? ๐Ÿ™‚ LOL

  8. I agree, it looks so much like her color choices.

  9. I tried last night and today, but the blog etiquette link is down.

    I don’t remember if this was addressed in the etiquette or not, but I’m setting up my own blog and was wondering what the tactful thing to do about buttons was. I know to download the button unless told otherwise, but what is the etiquette on linking in the first place? Should I ask people’s permission first, or can I just put up a links section of my favorites?

    Thank you.

  10. My husband has size 13 feet, and I am knitting HIS sock out of Emu Superwash I got off on US#5s. he doesn’t mind at all since he was wanting house-socks anyhow, and I know that “cheating” like this means they will actually get DONE. Still, I expect when I make mine with this yarn, I’ll prolly use size 3s.

  11. Unlike Michelle, I don’t keep adding to my list of things to do but you sure do inspire me to get this Kongsberg done. Thanks again for sharing your wonderful talent, couldn’t live without it! Have a great weekend and I hope you are feeling better.

  12. Hi Lydia — thanks for lettng me know the etiquette link wasn’t working — I’ve fixed it.

    You don’t need to ask permission to link to other people’s blogs. If they put a button up on their blog for you to download and put on your blog, I think that’s implied permission to link to their blog — and most people are delighted to see that other people are linking to them. I know I am! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. That sweater is gorgeous. Definitely Wendy material!

  14. THAT’S a Dale design? I thought for sure it was a Hisdal piece! I certainly think she had a great deal to do with the look of the sweater.

    Is that going to be your next project?

  15. Barbara says:

    Yummy sock! I have been trying to limit my sock knitting lately to finish a couple of stalled sweaters, but the night before last I couldn’t help myself and I started a new pair. I’m three quarters done with the first sock, but nothing else is getting any knitting.

    Many dogs and cats who have been abused seem to feel more secure hidden under a blanket or similar. In addition to how great it is to lie in Mom’s lap while she knits, Lucy may enjoy the covering up under your WIP. I once had a beagle that someone had dumped in the countryside. She would nose her way under the folded quilt in her bed and sleep completely covered up, obviously under the impression that she was completely hidden. I always wondered how she could possibly breathe under there, but she always slept that way. She used to sneak into our bed at night too, and we would find her under the covers down at the foot of the bed.

  16. Oh Wendy………My 17 yr. old son has size 13 feet. I hope this will be the extent of it!! Never seen such big footsies in my life!! When I start knitting socks I doubt he’ll be the 1st I knit them for………

  17. Linda B. says:

    Anyone notice that Elann has their “Norwegian Sport Wool” on sale? $4.00 CDN.
    It looks like a dead ringer for Daletta. Has anyone used it yet?

  18. Love the colors/patterning in that Opal sock. Very pretty! And I *adore* the new sweater kit!! Looks *very* much like a Hisdal design (and very much like something I need to add to my wishlist!)

  19. Mags loves to sit under my knitting (under the sheets, the blankets, coats on beds, in duffle bags….), especially if it’s a shawl or poncho. As for Sam, he would bat at the yarn till I was plum loco and would move him!

    I could have sworn that sweater was a Hisdal before you mentioned Dale…. Fabulous!

  20. What is it about cats and wooden needles? Emma is pretty aggressive about them, I have to be really careful about laying down my sock knitting. And, of course, she’ll chew the wool yarn strand in two. She also has a thing about string and rubber bands. Can’t resist them. I wish she would lie quietly in my lap when I knit.

    I sure like these self-patterning sock yarns. Some day I will tackle a fair isle sweater, too. Your blog is an inspiration to try something new. Thanks!

  21. I used to have a Guinea Pig that liked to crawl up on my shoulder and hide his head under my hair. He must have thought he was well hidden from predators under there — despite the fact that his fat rump was sticking out.

    And my parent’s dog (who is the biggest cutie) has gotten jealous of my knitting. Whenever I’m over at my parent’s house, and I’m knitting, he tries to jump up in my lap (and he’s about a 30 or 35 pound dog). And if I take my knitting out of my bag, he’ll jump up as high as he can trying to see what I have. One time he tried to grab a SIP in his mouth. one of the DPNs kind of caught his nose and hurt him a bit. Now he doesn’t grab for them. But, he gets really mad if you don’t let him sniff and taste the knitting for a minute when you take it out.

  22. Hi Wendy,

    I have tried your sock pattern (unsuccessfully) a few times and I have a couple of questions. I know that you said before that when you knit the wraps you insert the needle into the wrap first then the stitch…so when you purl do you do the opposite (wraps then stitch)? Also…when I pick up the stitches off the crochet chain they always end up twisted…any idea why this happens?

  23. Hey Wendy, totally off the current topic, but, for the past few days, did you know that you haven’t been showing up as *updated*? Are you not pinging or are you thinking you are pinging but you really aren’t? Just wondering, you are always at the top of my list in the morning, but have been creeping down the list the past few days.

  24. I did know, actually. ๐Ÿ™‚ When I publish in the morning, and it pings the server, it sometimes times out and says the server is not responding. But I’m not too concerned because everyone knows I update every weekday.

  25. What a gorgeous sweater Wendy – I just had to order the pattern straight away, before they are all sold out. This will definitely be my next project – could you possibly tell me the gauge so that I can look for a similar wool. Many thanks. Have a lovely, stress-free weekend.