My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


I’ve Got a Peaceful, Queasy Feeling

I was surfin’ around blogs yesterday and came across a surprise.

I went to a blog I’d never seen before from a link on another blog. I started reading and halfway through the current entry I opened up blogrolling and added a link to this blog from my blog because I enjoyed what I was reading.

Imagine my surprise when I got to the last paragraph of the entry. The blog author was bemoaning the fact that her blog was the only knitting blog that I don’t link to. She said it made her feel bad.

Yow. That made me feel bad.

In this case, the only reason I hadn’t linked to her was because I hadn’t discovered her blog until yesterday. I left her a comment explaining that, and saw another blogger had left a comment earlier telling her not to feel bad because I don’t link to her blog either.


Okay, now I feel really bad.

Linking to other blogs. It’s an art, not a science. And an uncertain art at that.

I have a long list of blogs that I read on a regular basis, and the list changes from time to time. I post this list on my blog for my convenience. If someone hasn’t updated their blog in ages, I generally drop it from the list, because I get tired of checking it and finding no updates. If I stumble across a new blog that I like, I’ll sometimes link to it on the spot. Sometimes I don’t, meaning to go back later. Then I can’t find it again.

I’ve had people who email me and say — “Here is the URL to my blog. Please link to it because I know I’ll get lots of hits from referrals from your blog.”

Okay, this one makes me feel really really bad. Particularly if it’s a blog I’ve visited and am not interested in readng every day. For whatever reason. If the main blog content is something I’m not remotely interested in, I’m not going to add it to my regular reads.

So . . . uh . . . no. Sorry. I’m not gonna link to something I don’t read just so the linkee will get more hits. (And I think the individual who emailed me that, verbatim, has incredible chutzpah to tell me out-and-out that the only reason he/she wants a link from my page is to ride on the coattails of whatever popularilty my blog has.) If I read it and like it, I’ll link to it. Besides, contrary person that I am, if you tell me to do something, I’m more likely not to.

What do my fellow bloggers think? What is good blog link etiquette?

So just in case you wondered . . . my list of blogs I read is not necessarily exhaustive, nor is it my final answer. Subject to change from time to time.

Note to the blog owner mentioned at the start of this post: I hope you are not offended by my mentioning this. I bring this up as an ongoing issue. Yesterday’s incident brought it to the front of my somewhat addled brain.

And another thing (while I’m whining). If you are a commercial enterprise, please do not email me and ask me to put a link on my site for your business. I have no commercial links (apart from occasional links in my entries for places I’ve bought stuff from and liked) and I don’t want any. I’ve been getting a lot of emails like this recently and I don’t want to have to spend good knitting time emailing back and explaining my policy (which is stated clearly on my blog etiquette page).

So there. (stamps foot)

On to Knitting

Whenever I knit a Dale, I always get a question about the neck shaping. Did I do it according to the pattern directions (back and forth) or another way?

I lifted this from my May 7 blog entry:

Because I’ve elected to do a neckline steek rather than knit back and forth, I’ve had to alter the neckline decreases a bit. The pattern directs you to cast off x number of stitches for the center of the neck on the first row, then to decrease x number of stitches (i.e., more than 1 stitch) on subsequent rows to shape the slope of the neck.

Well, you can’t quite do it this way with a steek. You can decrease one stitch at a time on either side of the neck steek on each row. So that’s what I do until I get the proper number of decreases. Yes, it does alter the shape of the neck slightly, but not enough to make a difference, in my opinion. I’ve done this on most of the Dales I’ve made without any problem.

And I find it sooooo much easier to simply do a steek rather than knit back and forth.

Straight from the horse’s mouth, as it were (whinney).


You’ve plowed through all of the above, so you are rewarded with a photo of Frogner, front bands and neckband completed.

And I’m working on a sleeve too.



I haven’t yet forgotten to feed Lucy. She would never let me. She has dry food available all the time and in the evening she gets some Fancy Feast.

When I get home after work, she is always waiting at the door for me. She says:

“Mommy, it’s time for dinner. Meow! Dinnertime, dinnertime, dinnertime. Don’t forget the Fancy Feast, Mommy. Fancy Feast, meow, meow! Dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner! Meow!”

She repeats this until I serve her Fancy Feast. I’m surprised she doesn’t require a sprig of parsley on the side.

Here, Lucy offers her opinion of Frogner.



  1. Hey-o. πŸ™‚ I’m not a blogger (though I will be when I can figure it out!), per se, but I have a Livejournal. We’ve got something called Friends Lists, which link to other people’s journals for easier reading (and special access). It’s very, very political. “I can’t add this person or I’ll look bad.” or “If I add this person, they think I LIKE them, but I just want to read what they say.” In my opinion, it’s extremely immature to get pissy about whether or not someone is linking to you or not, especially when you have to consider that no one knows EVERY blog out there. Maybe there should be a compromise – before being able to whine about not being linked to someone’s blog, they should email the person and say, “Hey, read my blog, and if you like it, link!” and then accept whatever that person chooses. Ignore the people who are demanding, cause they’re probably the ones who want to be associated with you and the other more popular bloggers.

    Fab how my first post in your journal is a whiny one, eh? πŸ˜‰

    I’m having fun reading you! So inspiring.

  2. Wendy, Wendy, Wendy…

    As Tipper noted, the whole blogging thing seems to be rife with politics and cliques. You’re never going to please others, and there’s no point in trying (but I know you know that).

    I build my list of regular reads much in the same way you do — I find folks whose work I like to follow and who I enjoy reading, I tend to change the list if I find someone new who interests me, and I take people off if they haven’t blogged in a long time. The list, as you’ve pointed out, is for *my* convenience, and reflects where I am and what I might be thinking about at any given moment.

    That said, I *am* pleased to find out someone has linked to me, because on some level it does mean they enjoy what I’m doing. Everyone likes a pat on the back once in a while, we’re only human.

    That said, I do wonder about the “etiquette” part. It does seem like good form to link to someone who links to you, and one never wants to offend someone. Maybe I need to post an explanation of how I construct my list of regular reads, that it doesn’t reflect anything but my current interests, and is subject to change…and that it doesn’t stop me going through the knit blog ring once a week to see what *everyone* is up to. I’d like to be able to do that more, but it’s just too big now…

    As always, Frogner is lovely…

  3. katherine: says:

    Oh, almost forgot — the song lyrics thing is *my* schtick.

    (Yes, I’m kidding, just in case your fans think I’m on the hunt )

  4. It’s like katherine said: It seems to be good form to link someone who links you – and I don’t like that. I link someone if I want to read this blog daily and there’s no “indebtedness” to do the same with mine just because I’ve linked you. (my english’s not the best, I hope you understand what I mean :-))

    There’s a question I have … what is the meaning of “chutzpah”? I can’t find this word in any of my dictionaries, also it doesn’t sound like an english word?

  5. vanessa says:

    who was it that said, you can’t please all the people all the time?

  6. “Chutzpah” is yiddish for unbelievable audacity and nerve. Sometimes it’s meant in a positive sense, but usually not. (Your English is great, Melanie, wish my German were as good. Like your blog!)

  7. I have been thinking about blog-iquette since yesterday too, Wendy. There are a number of people who read my blog who are not knitters but admire what I do, and my list of blog links is actually more for them than for me, to say, “you like my stuff? Check *these* people out!” I have a much longer list in my bookmarks, but felt uncomfortable putting that many links up on my site and I felt it looked cluttered. And I agree with Katherine–linking to a blog doesn’t make that blogger obligated to link to mine. I am more than pleased that you added me to your list and didn’t realize that you actually *read* all of them. And other people can make it through the entire ring once a week? Where do you find the time??

    Melanie, “chutzpah” is Yiddish and means “nerve” or “unmitigated gall,” and can be used in a more admiring context as “daring.”

  8. I was beaten to the punch on the def’n front. Cheers!

  9. katherine says:

    Em, I’m at home, so usually Mondays is my day to tackle laundry and ironing and housework. I start reading the ring, and every time I need a break, I read some more. It usually takes all day, in between everything else that needs to get done.

    If it weren’t for that, I wouldn’t be able to read the ring at all…

  10. I’m not going to comment on the whole linkage issue… I hate politics. πŸ™‚

    Frogner is a lovely piece of work Wendy. I really like the shape of the neckline. It looks like it will have some “breathing space” which some patterns do not allow for.

  11. I only have two things to say:
    One – Ginny is so cute (see above).
    Two – Wendy, you’re kind of a knitting god. Okay, you are THE knitting god. Let’s admit it. Blush away, we love ya, can’t wait to read ya, and love your blogroll. You keep it your way, W, and we’ll be back (obsessively?) daily.

  12. Kristin says:

    Well, well looks like the politics “bug” has reared its ugly head. Wendy, stick to your guns (and I know you will). I agree with your policy, ’nuff said.

    I almost snarfed my morning tea onto the computer when I read about Lucy and her “dinnertime” chant. LMAO! I’m waiting for the day when I come home and my cat bellows out “FEED ME!” like the plant from Little Shop of Horrors πŸ™‚

    Frogner is looking great. Are you machine steeking since this is a Dale?

  13. Dear Wendy: here is the credo for you: It’s my blog and I’ll link if I want to. All those cry babies need to take a shower. Cream rises to the top…maybe if they minded their knitting instead of being so desperate to garner readership they’d get there on their own.

    OKC: I have just swatched Marina and wow it is really subtle and beautiful. It’s coloration is more accurately portrayed in “This Morning Woolcraft” than in the The Scottish Collection. The color flow from one to another is almost seamless. The pattern is easy to remember too. You’d knock it out in no time.

  14. Wendy,
    Do you knit one sleeve at a time on your Dale’s? Frogner looks wonderful just like everything else that you do. Seems like your needles are magic wands! You are special.

  15. I am in violent agreement with Pubah on this one. It always bugs me when folks think that my blog should be done a certain way because it would somehow help them. How egocentric and selfish is that?

    The links I put on my blog are there for my convenience. If other blog readers care to, they can use them. I have even been known to remove a blog link because I don’t want readers to think I condone something someone else has blogged about.

    I will always check out blogs when requested to do so, and often go through blog rings to find other interesting, well-maintained sites.

    Thanks for bringing up the topic, and I’m loving Lucy more and more…she sounds like me when I get home.

  16. Half the time, that list of links doesn’t even display for me anyway. Does anyone else have that problem?

    I say link to who you want, and ignore all those emails!

  17. Shirley, in PA says:

    Wendy, I love reading your blog every morning during the week. Don’t change a thing. Do you serve Lucy her Fancy Feast in a crystal goblet? On a linen placemat? She’s as beautiful as the white Persian in the commercial.

  18. I agree with you with the links. I too feel bad that I can’t link to everyone, but the list is really for my convenience. I put people on it whose blog I want to read regularly. It may be that they’re just working on a project I like for a while and then I stop reading after that. Or they stop posting regularly. Or stop posting pictures (I’m a sucker for lots of pictures!). I feel bad changing my list, ’cause I know others use it, but I gotta have MY list somewhere and my blog seems like the logical place. Thanks for the link etiquette discussion!

    Frogner is looking super. What a difference adding the front bands makes. Will it have little hooks to hold it together? I don’t see enough room for buttonholes!

  19. I’m not a blogger, so I won’t comment on the politics, other than to say that I don’t think you owe anything to anybody. You’ve made clear what you are offering, and if people don’t like it, they can get a full refund of their click.

    I really like the neckline on Frogner, and I can’t wait to see it with the sleeves on! Have a great day!

  20. I think to say on your blog that you aren’t linked by Wendy is rude. Sure everyone wants to be linked by everyone else so they get people on their own blog.

    I would never go as to ask to be linked by someone though, I think YOU are allowed to choose who you want to link to. I drop and add links as I please, it’s MY blog, I do what I want! πŸ™‚

    That said, I might not be in your links but I know you have come by my blog a few times, I would never dare ask/impose to anyone to add a link to my blog, I think that is so un-respectable. This is *my* opinion, obviously! πŸ™‚

  21. good morning Wendy,

    how coincidental for me that you mention blog etiquette this morning or shall I say B’shert since we are learning yiddish today.I have a six day old baby blog (Amy and Jillian are my doula/blog nannies training me since I am out of my league here). While pondering blog topics,I remembered during my OT training (last century)we were told never to talk about politics, sex, or religion with our patients and began wondering what would be “taboo” for a blog. Am I sensing some “sibling rivalry” among the unlisted?
    Hey Wen. Happy Trails….. deb in austin

    B’shert means fate

  22. I love the Frogner. It looks great. By the way I once heard a great illustration of the meaning of ‘chutzpah’. A man is found guilty of murdering his parents. He asks the judge for leniency saying, ‘But please, Your Honour, I’m an orphan!’

  23. Barbara says:

    Thanks for the neckline instructions for Dale sweater patterns. I’m knitting matching Dale pullovers for my grandchildren and will try a steek at the neck.

    I don’t have a blog, but my two cents worth is link to blogs you want to read and leave it at that. Delete those emails from commercial sites that seem to think you’ll provide a free endorsement. They are just as bad as telemarketers.

    I love Lucy, she’s such a diva. Better get out a silver serving spoon and crystal goblet!

  24. Hi Wendy,

    I enjoy reading your blog. It’s always the last one I read because when I’m done, I visit a few of your links. Now for a non knitting related pet tip. Any dog we’ve ever had would always whine and generally make himself/herself a pest when we got home from work. We now have a puppy. He doesn’t get supper until 8:00pm. So, a nice peaceful reception upon returning from just about any outing before 7. It might be too late for Miss Lucy, old habits die hard.
    Thank you for the inspiration,

  25. Are we not free of petty ridiculousness anywhere?! I had no idea that blogdom was so rife with bickering and cliques until reading your post this morning and the comments. good grief. I personally think it’s pretty ballsy of people to ask you to link to their sites so they can use you like that. Rude rude rude. Frogner and Lucy are lovely though. πŸ™‚

  26. annmarie says:

    As a non-blogger I usually check out your list of links when I want to do a little blog-surfing. I know that you link to sites that I am probably going to enjoy myself- I trust your personal taste in this. If you linked to everyone who asked that certainly wouldn’t be the case now, would it?

    I know you don’t need the justification, but think of the great service you provide for those of us don’t blog.

  27. You know, someone needs to get a life if they are moaning about you not linking them.
    It’s not your job to provide traffic to their site.

  28. And here I thought Lucy was commenting on the linking issue…

    I really think she loves Frogner…

  29. Wendy –

    Wow, the nerve! I can’t imagine writing someone and asking for a link for the sole purpose of bumping up my daily hits! That’s not right!


  30. Oh Wendy,

    Think of it like this…you’re the popular girl in high school, gorgeous, with a bad-ass boyfriend, and we want to hang with you hoping the magic rubs off.

    It’s hard to be ‘da bomb!

    Nake-id Knits

  31. Wow! they sure come after you sometimes, don’t they!

    Frogner looks AWESOME!!! I LOVE the front bands! wow! I think this one is going to have to go in my “to do” list.

    One question, I’m just learning to do fair isle and I’ve been learning the two fingered Philosopher’s Wool weaving method. I see by the back picture you posted yesterday that you float … in your opinion, is that better than weaving? does it produce a nicer fabric?

    Thanks!!! you’re blog is always helpful! I can always find answers to my questions πŸ™‚ and if I don’t, I just ask and you always answer! You’re awesome woman! don’t let those people get to ya πŸ™‚

  32. it was definitely a warm fuzzy feeling the first times i found links to me out on the ring and too, a bit of why don’t they love me when i’m not… hope you can just shrug off the annoyances and know we love you and lucy just the way you are.

    shadow is still enjoying her mouse. send you a happy thought every time i see that.

  33. I have really mixed feelings about the blogrolling list of links on a blog. I stuck mine on my blog origionally because it seemed to be what you do with the list. Then I found that I can get it in a sidebar on netscape. So I can use it to hop around, but I don’t have to display it. [It’s been on and off and on again on my blog due to template problems, which I think are now, finally fixed.] Anyway, I’ve got the cool blog buttons for who I feel like advertizing my reading of, on my blog. And I’ve got my list of everyone I’m trying to read regularly that can stay private, since it’s for me anyway. I just wish the “who’s updated recently” part of blogrolling worked better!

    I’m always pleased to see that someone has linked to me. But I wouldn’t want to ask to be linked to. It would take something away from my pleasure at finding a link to myself on a page I’m enjoying reading I think. And I have quite a few people with buttons that I’ve snagged, which are just waiting for me to find the time to do the appropriate editing to add them to my button stack.

    I think rather than asking to be linked to, it’s more pleasent to write, read, do comments, join knit alongs — sort of like talking to people at a gathering. You get to know some, wander from place to place, make some potential friends, and enjoy yourself. At a gathering I’d much rather do that than hang around one popular spot bemoning that I haven’t been noticed.

    Of course I aspire to being crumugonly myself – not even with a capital C, just the ornery do what I want to style in general.

  34. Thanks to you creating an RSS feed, I’m able to see when you update your blog via my livejournal friends page. Livejournal lets you create a syndication feed, which is what I did, since I’m too lazy to make a list. πŸ™‚ I think we have 15 or so livejournalers using it now.

    Anyways, while I have a blog, I hardly expect anyone to read it, much less create a link to it. Don’t feel bad that you don’t return the favor of linking everyone who links you – I mean, it’d practically be impossible to do that! Link the people you like to read, forget all the rest. πŸ™‚

  35. Asking for someone to link you on their blogroll is bad form. Period.

    I am a new blogger and I was inspired by the great blogs I was reading on a daily basis like yours, to start my own. Still I went in with the mentality that I was starting it for my edification and enjoyment and hopefully other people besides my mother would also stop in once in a while. The blogroll I put on my page is the sites I like to read and they are fluid. There is no tit for tat with the adding of sites.

    With all that said, when people stop by my site it is a “pat on the back” as someone commented earlier and it makes me happy when they link. It means they enjoy following my knitting adventures. And when someone like you, whose work and blog I admire and enjoy so much, links to my site, it is an honor. But I won’t be upset if it is ever dropped off your blogroll, because I blog for me.

    On a last note, Frogner is gorgeous and Lucy’s evening litany sounds exactly like my cat guest Keek’s cries! Except as a hungry teenager, he voices it everytime we walk near the kitchen!

  36. Hi Wendy,

    I rarely link to anyone unless I know them personally. (i.e. I’ve actually met them.) Its not that I don’t read other blogs… In fact, I go through the entire Knitting Bloggers ring at least 3 times a week. And then there are the Knit Bloggers I read daily, like you…

    The reason I don’t have an extensive links area is that I’m pretty lazy about updating things sometimes. The Knitting Bloggers index is frequently updated so I link to that instad. That way I don’t feel bad if I leave someone out.

    Anyway, I wouldn’t feel bad. We all think you’re wonderful and busy. I mean, who has time to manage links when there’s all that knitting to be done. — Frogner looks awesome!

  37. The divine Miss Lucy is extremely eloquent. And, she’s kindly insuring that Frogner will come pre-covered with cat hair! She’s so good to make sure you can’t forget the fancy feast. Our large kitty, Buckley, just runs into the kitchen should you take a step or two in that direction. If you actually keep him company while he eats, he purrs and purrs. There’s a reason he’s called tubby.

  38. Wendy, what a great place your blog is! Not only are we allowed to admire your gorgeous knitting work but reading it is also a great way of learning new words at least for us non-native English speakers. Think, a few days ago ”barf-glob” ;-), today ”chutzpah”. Yay for Wendy and her combined knitting blog and language school! (Sorry this post is a bit off the topic but could not resist :-). As to Frogner, it looks beautiful; that goes without saying!!!)

  39. Personally, I only link to blogs that I love to read on a daily basis. Blogs that talk about more than just knitting, but about the individual’s life, beliefs, politics, struggles, ecetera. Content with depth!

    When ever I link to a blog I never expect them to link back to me, that’s not the point. I link to people because it give me quick and easy access to their site, but also, it gives me (and others) a chance to share (what I consider to be) above average knitting blogs. That’s the real drive for my linking; wanting to share what I’ve discovered with those that haven’t found these on-line treasure.

    Though, if there’s anyone who doesn’t want to be linked to me, I quickly remove their link with no ill feelings or questions asked.

    I guess the reason why that certain blogger felt bad about you not linking to their site is because, for some, to be seen on your site “is a big deal”. In the knitting blog world, you’re a Knitting Goddess, Wendy :cP

    So for many, your list may read as a “who’s who” list. Seems shallow, no? But what can ya do?

    Perhaps eventually, people will understand that linking is not about “getting traffic”, or being seen on popular blogs, but about sharing with others something that you personally feel has value and substance.

    Interesting topic, Wendy ^_^

    Take Care.

  40. Oh my dear, ever popular, Wendy…. To those who want to ride the Wendy Express.. FOR SHAME! I guess these are people who just want to be followers in life, not leaders! (Hey everyone… Are we still in HIGH SCHOOL?!?) I don’t have a blog, and really, don’t want one. I visit blogs as my source of inspiration, wit and helpful tips, something I don’t have here in person. It’s a personal cyber knitting group to me, with people I choose to “be” with. Which are people who are funny, helpful, informative, inspiring, of all diffrent levels of expertise, and are generally people who I would have as my own friends in my own life. Besides, who really gets to visit all of their friends furry companions everyday!?!

    Wendy, don’t waste your precious knitting time over petty people with petty grievances.

    As for Frogner…. FABU-LOUS! Sam and Mags start to beg at about 3:00pm till dinnertime (which is 5:00pm). I feel like I cannot get up and head for the kitchen for fear I would get this barrage of meows and kitties stepping in front of my path, injuring kitty paws.

  41. Wendy, this is exactly the reason I don’t link to other’s blogs at all. What I do instead is to regularly point out in my blog other blogs I’ve found interesting, like yours of course. And of course I try to comment in other blogs if I am enjoying the writing.

    There are so many blogs to choose from and so many different kinds of knitters that it is really quite difficult to pick any for a list. I prefer blogs from experienced knitters and/or any kind of spinners who post frequently and on topic. Someone else might prefer blogs that focus more on new yarn acquisitions or learning to knit or other non-fiber events.

    I really enjoyed Lucy’s comment on Frogner!

  42. Wow, Wendy, sorry to hear about the grief you’re getting about links! I was honored to have mine up here for a while, and notice that it’s no longer there, but it’s your blog, you can link to who you like to read! I guess my challenge is to make mine better πŸ™‚

    Have a great day!

  43. The links are for whomever you feel like linking to, and not for anyone else.

    As a blogger, being linked to from other people’s blogs is a big compliment – but only if you let them decide for themselves to link you.

    I only link to people I read everyday. And actually, since I started using a special bookmarking program on my computer, I haven’t been keeping my link list on my blog that updates. My daily reads have moved into my bookmark list and not necessarily made it into my links list at

  44. Wendy, I read your blog and Bonne Marie’s Chicknits for months before deciding to commit to the care and feeding of a blog of my own. I would never have had the gall to ask you to link to my blog, especially with the expectation of driving traffic to it. How impolite. How lazy.

    Frogner is gorgeous. Your work is so inspiring. And I can only dream of matching your speed! You are the most prolific knitter I know.

    Hey, my Fern is a Fancy Feast gal, too! Once in awhile, I run out and have to substitute albacore tuna, and boy, do I get “the look” from Fern. Sends me right to the grocery store, it does πŸ™‚

  45. And now I will be humming that Eagles song all day…. πŸ˜‰

  46. Err . . . posting my comment again, in the correct thread this time . . .

    I’m with you on the blog roll. It’s your show, so you get to put in whatever you want to put in. Sure, I’d like to have everyone put me on their blogroll, but I don’t go around pushing it onto them. I just try to keep my blog as interesting and updated as possible and hopefully traffic will pick up.

  47. guess who says:

    I didn’t expect wendy to read that post. I admire wendy, and felt that a link from her would be, what, like a sticker on my paper from a teacher. I don’t need more traffic to my site–I get that. I would never ask to be linked, I don’t think that someone should be “obliged” to return a link or whatever. I was having a crappy, feeling-sorry-for-myself day and I said something I shouldn’t have. what, like no-one here has ever had a day like that? so shoot me. wendy, I know you’re not castigating me in any way. I’m just explaining myself to all of you who are more than eager judge me.

  48. You know, anything we do online has this strange dynamic to it — we each make our own pages for our own use, but we clearly want other to see it (why put it online if you don’t want to share?). We’re sort of taking other’s opinions on if we put our pages online. I know I’ve had my share of “opinions” on how to run my blog and websites, and I like to read what others think about particular topics, but then I still form my own opinion anyway.

    Personally, I’ve opted to put all my links in a “portal” page on my site, and keep them off my blog page. I just didn’t like the visual of that many links on my sidebar.

    I also wanted to thank you for linking to so many blogs — I have found lots of new pages to read by following your links. Thanks!

  49. Tevilla says:

    First of all, thank you for even putting ONE link to other blogs. I don’t expect you to do that but enjoy the journey I take when I link to one. I am always amazed at how often you are quoted on other blogs and am VERY glad I found you as my first knit blog!

  50. to “guess who” I think the ilk most of us (at least myself) are annoyed at are the “Link me for traffic!” contingent πŸ˜€ In your case, wanting to be linked by Wendy, well, who wouldn’t! but saying “Gee, I wish Wendy would link me” implying that you would like to be the sort of blog Wendy keeps up with is WORLDS apart in my book from the “Link me so I can get more hits because you are popular!” that’s nothing but looking for advertizing, and that I have to sniff at πŸ˜‰

  51. You go, Wendy! It’s *your* blog & don’t feel bad about cheeky folks wanting you to link to them. Personally, I read your *blog* – not generally your links.

  52. The linking thing is a strange beast – I have such a hard time keeping up with my links that I put them on a separate page (I had so many that my code was too long for blogger)

    I am bad at editing. And I feel guilty when I leave someone off. I used to rotate my links randomly because I didn’t want to ‘favor’ anyone, but now I just list them alphabetically. Politics sucks.

    Being linked to is a nice feeling – but I write my blog for an indefinable reason. I think I want to give my ramblings about knit design a forum, but I stray off topic so much that I’m probably really boring to read. I do have a little button, but it’s not on my blog page.

    I have noticed that the surefire way to get a lot of comments is to post a picture of my cat. When I do that I get TONS of comments!

    Oddly, I get none when I post photos of the kids. Hmmmm.

  53. I think the problem is that people post links on their blogs for different reasons, as we’ve seen through this conversation. I originally only posted links to blogs that I loved, and that I didn’t see linked on every other blog. It was my way of letting people who stopped by know about blogs that they might not have seen before. I didn’t link Wendy, because she’s linked all over the blogging world. But I read Wendy, because I use more than just my own links when surfing through blogs.

    Since Wendy is a very popular blogger, and an inspirational knitter, people want to be linked to her for different reasons–for a sign of approval, for increased traffic, for advertising reasons, for a warm fuzzy feeling, whatever. But now Wendy has clarified what her links are for–herself. And now people need to respect that.

    And now we all know that there really is no standard rhyme or reason as to why we may or may not be linked to a site. That, for me, gives me some peace of mind.

  54. Links, schminks. If you want the recognition (and who doesn’t?), get involved. Join a knit-along, leave a note on a tagboard, whatever. I love finding that I’ve been linked by a blog that I also enjoy reading. But I think I love it even more when someone leaves me a comment or asks me a question, because it means they’re actually reading my blog. I also agree with most everyone here: a blogger’s links are a blogger’s business. Let’s not make this a popularity contest.

  55. Personally I blogroll the blogs I actually read on a regular basis. I also have a link to the KnitBloggers index so that people can see all the blogs in the ring if they want, because if I tried to link all of them my blogroll would be impossibly long. πŸ™‚

    Frogner is looking great, by the way.

  56. These people obviously have more front than Macy’s. My retort would have been: happy to link your blog to imporve its hits. But only on receipt of the monthly $100 yarn voucher from Virtual Yarns.

    It’s pretty sad when you know you are such a boring little tick that the only way you can get people to read your blog is thru public endorsement.

    Thanks for linking my blog BTW – the cheque is in the mail. – naughty grin

  57. The topic of linking caught my interest too. Although I would never say anything, I am one who has a secret wish that I would sometime see a link to my blog on your page. I’ve also wondered about what the expectations are on the exchange of links. You helped me when I was just getting started with my blog, when I wrote to you and asked some questions about using pictures, and I still appreciate that. A link to you was one of the first things I added, and I meant it as a thank-you for helping me. At that point I had not seen many blogs, and had no idea how popular yours was. I just knew that I liked it. To see my page linked from yours would make me feel good. It would be a sign of approval, or even a hint of popularity by association. To see that other blogs that link to me and that I link to have links here sometimes makes me wonder what’s wrong with me that you don’t link to me. I have taken note of your comments that you don’t link to commercial sites though, and since I do have some commercial links on my site I have figured that’s probably it. But since I am a very insecure person, the less rational part of me keeps asking why I’m not good enough. None of this reflects on you – it’s all me of course.

    When I discover that someone has linked to me it makes my day, whether it is a blog I love or someone I have never heard of before, and I usually link back to them, again as a way of saying thank-you. I have other links that are just to sites I like, that may or may not ever take notice that I have linked to them, and that’s okay. I also have a great many sites that I like and/or have planned to link to and haven’t gotten around to it yet.

    I apologize for taking up so much space in your comments. I’m envious that so many people comment on your site. I have asked questions about issues like this on my site and nobody comments, so I guess you go where the crowds are. Thanks for sharing such a great site with all of us!