My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Frog, Frog, Frognering Along

Why did I think that Lucy wouldn’t want to help when I made the button loops for Frogner?


Doesn’t her fur make a lovely backdrop for showing the button loops in progress?

As Alison correctly pointed out, the button bands are very narrow and there is no room for buttonholes. Hence the loops. The pattern directs you to crochet them, but I’m doing a two-stitch i-cord instead.

And here they are, completed!


And a closeup of the neckline:


So I’m continuing on with the first sleeve (one sleeve at a time for me, thank you very much). This sweater does have machine stitched steeks, and they are already done. All I need to do is knit the sleeves and sew them in.

I really prefer doing all the finishing work on the body before the sleeves are done. I really don’t like finishing work, so having it out of the way is a bonus!

Lucy News

Here is Lucy in her favorite spot (try to ignore the mess, eh?)


She drapes herself over the back of my desk chair while I’m at the computer (she’s there right now). By the way, in the photo that’s your blog, Claudia, on the computer screen. I think Lucy was hoping for a glimpse of Igor!

Lucy does not eat her Fancy Feast out of a crystal goblet, but from a handmade pottery bowl that has a little cat painted in the bottom. I bought it at Appalachian Spring, a crafts gallery at Union Station in Washington DC. L-B, I think an Appalachian Spring will be opening in Richmond. Beautiful stuff, but it ain’t cheap.

Speaking of beautiful . . . here’s the glamour puss!



  1. Hey! Your computer desk looks like mine! I can’t knit like you, but I can do clutter with the best!

  2. I really like the little loops with those lovely buttons.This wil be another one where people won’t believe you made it yourself – it’s so well finished !
    Actually,I think there is no better a finished garment than an expertly handmade one [knitted or sewn].
    Frogner and Lucy are beautiful.

  3. The buttons are perfect! And I learned a new way to make buttonholes–excellent.

    Lucy is such a sweetheart.

  4. A lovely way to do the buttonholes Wendy – it looks so professional and neat. Love the picture of Lucy – she has eyes shaped just like Sophia Loren!

  5. Kristin says:

    I am always amazed at how precise & even you knit, Wendy! Frogner is just stunning. I’ll bet you’re almost finished with the sleeves. Thanks for the cool close ups of the button loops. That’s (yet another) technique from you I’ll have to remember. I feel like I owe you teaching fees! LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. And Lucy is such a beautiful girl!! Each morning when I read your blog, Wendy, Teakie and Soonie are right here just admiring that winsome face!!
    I just have to ask – I’m in Richmond and, apparently, LB is too. When a child I lived next door to a couple who had a child named LB. She was somewhat younger than me but her parents were so nice. Her father was a photographer and they had the most adorable Xmas cards with their LB to adorn them. Could this possibly be the same LB??
    *Teakie and Soonie hope Lucy has a great day!!
    Beth in Richmond

  7. Someone one told Einstein, “A cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind.” He replied with, “What is an empty desk the sign of?”

    You’re damn fast. Someday I might get the courage to pick up some fair isle, but it’ll probably take me a year to complete!

  8. Wendy, Frogner is in the world of couture with those i-cord loops—perfect touch! Appalachian Spring is coming here? Now,who’s the enabler? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Beth–email me!People always remember me from those Christmas cards my Dad created! I’ll send you one,Wendy, so you can see why!

  9. Every time I come in here I am left in AWE at your work and finishing! And such speed! I curtsy to you ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. More oohs and aahs for Frogner. I’m so impressed by the i-cords, but it seems like a PITA to do over and over and over… But I must admit it really looks a lot nicer than crocheted chains.

    Your clutter ain’t got nuthin’ on my house or office, ma’am. A dubious honor at best, but I absolutely claim the title of clutter queen and challenge anyone to take it! Every morning I have to work to find a clear space on my desk large enough to put down my coffee. :-\

  11. When I was a kid our cats would join us at the sewing machine. One sat on the back of the chair with her paws on your shoulder, leaning over to watch the needle go up and down. The other would sit in your lap or draped like a fur collar around your neck to keep you company. Knitting with those two cats lurking could be a chore, too.

    Frogner is really looking nice. Soon you will start your next project.

  12. My kitten (Fancy) does that same thing, and I’m always having to vacuum the top of my desk chair. Although she is often forced down when my 2 yr old starts spinning the desk chair in circles. Poor kitty!

    BTW, I love Frogner. And the skinny button bands with the teeny-tiny i-cords are very nice!

  13. Wendy,
    Have you ever had Maine Coon cats? I have been thinking about it for years but visiting Lucy everyday has tempted me to consider Siamese. She is truly a gorgeous cat or extremely photogenic, probably just both!
    Lone star regards, deb

  14. Awwww . . . thanks you guys. I’m very pleased with how Frogner is turning out. I do love them skinny bands and loops. The buttons I used, btw, are the Dale Frogner buttons.

    “We are nothing if not authentic.”

    (Whoever can tell me where that quote is from wins a prize — hint: it was uttered by a musician.)

    Deb, my brother has a Maine Coon cat. Very sweet kitty, though not especially bright. Though that could just be him (the cat, not my brother).

    I highly recommend a colorpoint Ragdoll, which is what I’m convinced Lucy is. Though she’s a little too smart for her own good!

  15. Tell Lucy her wish is my command. I’ll work on getting some cheesecake shots of His Igorness….;-)

  16. I think on top of the computer chair is such a favored kitty spot because they get to be both a) close to you, and b) kinda high up. Sometimes we get kitty pile-up when they both try to get up there. Lucy looks as though she’s wondering why the seat is empty.

    Frogner looks fabulous! The button bands are grrr-reat.

  17. Wendy, those are beautiful cats (I just did some google-ing). Lucy sure looks like she could be. Thanks for the suggestion. Maybe I need both!!

  18. You know, even as a longtime crocheter (and usually a defender of crochet to knitters) I have to say, I think the 2 loop I-Cord looks much nicer than most crochet loops I’ve seen. Much smoother than a plain chain, or probably even a chain you went back over. Good design move!

    Looking forward to my next project – on your recommendation the other day I checked out Bea Ellis Knits and picked out a couple hats to do to try my hand at a two-color project that’s not quite so large as a cardigan ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks for linking to her!! Hopefully my brother in law will get a very nice Moose Hat for Christmas now, and I will get to learn a new skill! ๐Ÿ˜€

  19. I love the i-cord loops, I think the crocheted loops would just look tacky. (Or maybe it’s that my crocheting skills aren’t very good.)

    Deb, Maine Coon cats can be very sweet. But Siamese have SO MUCH personality. Why not get one of each! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. Frogner looks fabulous, but we expect no less from you. wink I am about 4 inches into my first generic toe up sock and I have to say it is the best sock pattern I’ve ever tried. By far. I can see why you just keep making it over and over. When you’ve found the best, why bother with the rest? I would highly recommend this pattern to anyone who doesn’t know how to do short rows. It’s is the best walk through of it I’ve seen. My advice for newbies trying this is to just “turn your brain off” and do EXACTLY what the pattern says. Do not assume anything, do not add anything. About the time you finish the toe the light will have dawned and you can turn your brain back on. If you try to overthink it before you really understand what you’re doing you’ll go wrong. My dh is rejoicing to see that snuggy seamless toe. Thanks for the great pattern!

  21. Thanks Tam! Your check is in the mail. *wink, wink*

  22. Wendy,
    Welllll, the photos of Lucy keep getting better and better. She is a beauty. I have 4 cats – one is a Maine Coon cat – he’s a reallll lap cat and a sweetie – he can look tough and he’ll chase after one of my other cats at the drop of a hat – you should have seen his face the first time by male friend came over – “And what do you think you’re doing HERE?! This lady is mine!” He’s calmed down since then. The bottom line is he loves to get in my lap – he’s a real lover, that one.

    Frogner is incredible. Knitting question: How much space do you place between the I-cord loops? Is there a formula? Would you put it on your tip page.

    As always, many thanks from a loyal fan.

  23. Wendy, the Frogner front is gorgeous! Loops are perfect (although it’s hard for my fingers to imagine a 2-st i-cord). Did there used to be an Appalachian Spring on Wisc. in Georgetown? I think that’s where I bought my favorite brass keychain that I lost on the Northern Neck in 1999. Beth & L-B: meet at S&B Tuesday!

  24. Maggi – yes, there was an App Spring in G’town — might still be there, but I don’t get there much anymore. I got a beautiful pair of earrings there once when I got a surprise $100 award at work — ran right over and spent it!

  25. Yet another person wowed by the buttonholes. This is definitely a unique, beautiful addendum to Frogner. Thank you for showing us all!

  26. Wendy, I see so many comments about how quickly you knit, and you do seem to be whipping out projects right and left, so I’d like to ask: is the only way to learn how to knit fast just simply to Knit Fast? Or are there other little tricks or techniques I could practice? I’m so slow!! and I have so many things I want to knit. And please forgive me if this isn’t the right place to ask this.

  27. Seeing your work is giving me the Jones for picking up color work again. I loved it years ago. I’ve recently resumed knitting after a several year hiatus, and am feeling kind of intimidated by the things I used to do without a thought.

    I followed your link to Bea Ellis and bookmarked. Yummy. I do need to do some stash busting before any more purchases…no…really.

    My cat Bella also sits on the back of my desk chair. When feeling particularly neglected, she places a paw on the back of my head.

    For someone asking about Maine Coons. I had one years ago. Ernie. He was kind of ornery at first pet, but a lover once you got to know him. He hated my boyfriends though. He once threw a tackle (landed with a healthy cling-on beau’s arm) from the kitchen counter.

  28. you put. the words. “frog frogner” in your title. sort of. enough.

    i had to hold my breath.

    VERY glad you didn’t decide, for some odd uncharacteristic reason, to rip the whole thing out. yikes!