My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


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Knitting Magazines . . . the horror!

Yesterday Marit, who is in Norway, asked:

Can I ask you guys about knitting magazines? I am considering whether I should subscribe to one that I can get here in Norway, and I wonder which one(s) you would recommend? I remember you wrote about one that you thought was boring in your blog earlier, Wendy. Any others I should avoid?

Ah, knitting magazines! A thorny subject for me. Be forewarned — all of this is my personal opinion!

Knitters — avoid it like the plague! It has gone from being a great magazine in its early years to the current appalling mass of mediocre patterns. At best.
Interweave Knits — used to be great, but has deteriorated in quality. I’ll reserve judgment about it until after the new editor has taken over.
Vogue Knitting — I haven’t subscribed in years because there was never anything I wanted to knit it it. I bought a copy of the Summer issue (I think) this year and found some items of mild interest, so I’ll probably look at the Autumn issue to see if I want to buy it.

That’s it for personal magazine experience for me. I know there are others. Anyone want to jump in to recommend or un-recommend?


Still working on it, albeit slowly. I’ve not spent a lot of time knitting this week, not sure why. Due in part to my pathetic, ineffectual attempts to clean up my home. And in part to heat, humidity, and fatigue from work.

Those are my excuses, anyhow.


I think I need to jazz up this blog entry. So to close, a glamour shot!




This is posted outside my cubicle at work. Do I think it’ll keep the morons away? Not likely. Perhaps if I brought something more deadly than 2mm Pony Pearl dpns to work with me, the sign might take on some meaning.

But if I brought something more deadly than 2mm Pony Pearl dpns to work with me, the security guards would likely take then away from me at the security checkpoint at the entrance to my building.

And I would cry like a little girl.

The “Beware” sign was sent to me by the ever-generous Lindsey-Brooke.

More Prezzies!

Can you hear my gleeful gloating from where you are? It’s because I got this in the mail the other day:


Furlana possum/wool yarn, send to me by my very good friend Geane. Yummy stuff!

As you can see, Lucy is quite taken with it as well.

I’ll be using this to knit Geane’s very clever and all-around wonderful, not to mention free Ex-TREME Hedonism neckwrap pattern.

Thank you Geane!

And Speaking of 2mm DPNs . . .


Here’s a pic of my latest SIP. Knitted in Regia, details in the sidebar. I started it on the train on Monday. Thanks to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority and their “15 minute delay” on Monday afternoon (which delayed me almost an hour — I don’t think they can tell time), I got a lot done on it.


And here’s a photo of Lucy, looking very pleased with herself. I think she’s figured out how to leave comments on other blogs . . . and she may be getting herself in trouble by flirting with too many of the handsome boy-kitties out there on other blogs. Hussy!


A question from yesterday’s comments. Rose asked:

Are you just a fast knitter in general or does it depend on the project? Or better yet, do you go into denial on a project and let it linger for a long time? I seem to be real fast on some projects, and real slow on others, regardless of difficulty, yarn, size or needles. I don’t think it’s the lack of enthusiasm for a project or the yarn either… (Anyone else have this issue???)

I am a fast knitter in general, but my speed does vary depending on the project. There’s some stuff I just knit faster than other stuff. And if it’s something I’m bored with, I knit fewer hours per day on it. Something I find interesting will always go faster for me.

I tend not to let projects linger. If I’m bound and determined to complete them, I will, in a fairly timely fashion. It I decide I don’t like something, I’ll abandon it and never return to it. I don’t think I’ve ever picked up an abandoned UFO in my life.

I have a “Celtic Dreams” pullover languishing somewhere that is totally done, except for half a sleeve. I suddenly went “off” it and abandoned it (remember that, Geane?), I may not even have it anymore. I might has thrown it out in one of my cleaning frenzies. I’m not even sure why I don’t like it — it’s a perfectly nice design.

(BTW doing a Google search on “celtic dreams” will give you links to places where you can buy the pattern, with photos, in case you don’t know what I’m talking about.)

Something I Didn’t Abandon

Remember the Dale baby sweater I made in June? Here it is, shortly after the mom-to-be opened it at her baby shower last weekend.



Just relaxing on the couch . . .


. . . with Lucy in my lap!


July Contest

Here’s what you gotta do:

Tell me what your favorite fiber-related festival is. If you have the info, send me the dates and any website for the festival. I’ll compile a list if fiber festivals and post them on my website at a later date. Email me (see the “Contact Me” link in the sidebar) by 5:00pm Eastern Time this Friday, July 18, with your entry, to be added to the drawing for this prize:

20 skeins of Berroco Sensuwool:


The color is sort of olive green — color on my monitor is pretty true. This is 80% wool, 20% nylon, worsted weight (5 stitches to an inch on US 8 needles) and 96 yards to a 50 gram skein. You get 20 skeins, enough for a fairly large project.


The ever-wonderful Lindsey-Brooke sent me this:


This is a lavender wand, made from L-B’s own lavender stalks. Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s going straight into my yarn stash to scent it nicely and ward away any unwelcome beasties.

And L-B’s kitty, Lucky, sent these for Lucy:


This is a package of very dainty napkins, perfect for my little princess to play with! Here she is, resting after playing with one of her new toys:


Lucy and I say thank you very much to L-B and Lucky!


I finished my current pair:


These are knitted from Regia color number 5163, using my generic toe-up sock pattern and size 2mm needles.


Made some progress on Frogner:


That’s Lucy’s little head at the top of the photo. She’s inspecting my work.

So that was my weekend. Hope yours was good too!

Some Progress

Here, what you’ve all been waiting for:

A progress pic of Frogner!

(You have all been waiting for that, right?)


I’ve not been spending as many hours knitting as usual. I was caught up in Life of Pi and finished it yesterday. As Christopher Walken as the Continental might say:

Wow! Wowie, wow, wow!

That was some book. I’m looking forward to the group discussion.

Check Out This Free Pattern!

My knitbud Geane has posted a free pattern for something extremely cute, clever, and useful. Check out her blog entry from Thursday to read about it and get the pattern. I want one! I think a kit to make this would be a big seller — any vendors out there reading this?


It’s nice to know that I’m not the only Birkie Hussy (as Teresa so very ably put it in my comments yesterday). But now I have another problem.

When we were in the full throes of Birkie Lust in the shoe store in Bobcaygeon, someone (and I believe it was Kathy — I’m blaming her anyway for my current status as a Birkie Hussy) pointed out that Birkies are fabbo to wear to show off your handknit socks.

You know what this means, don’t you?

I have to stop giving away all my handknit socks and keep some for myself.

(Insert greedy laughter here.)

Something Else I’m Lusting After . . .


This design is in the same Dale book as Frogner, and is also made with Daletta. I really really like it. It’s available as both pullover and cardi, and I’m yearning for the pullover. I may find myself placing an order with Bea Ellis soon . . . her yarn of the month (20% off!) for the month of July is Daletta!

And Speaking of Wow! Wowie, wow, wow!

It’s finally Friday. This has been a long and heinous work week.

I think we’ll announce the July contest on Monday. Watch this space and have a good weekend, all!

In closing, let me say this: Peter is a very, very nice guy!