My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Do It For Lucy


A lot of you out there are cat lovers. I’d like to ask for your help.

Some of you might recall that I posted a while back that Lucy’s foster mom paid us a visit. She was quite taken with the catnip mouse I had knitted for Lucy and offered to sell them for me (she works in a pet shop), saying that people would snap them up. I said I’d rather donate mice to her rescue organization, Capital Animal Care, for them to sell at fundraisers.

Well, I can only knit so many mice.

Here’s what I propose: a raffle.

I have the Heilo, pattern and Dale patches to knit Norge 2000. There is enough wool to knit the XL (approx 50″ chest) size in the dark teal colorway. Pictured here:



Everyone who sends me a catnip mouse will be entered in the raffle for the Norge 2000 kit. You will get as many entries as the number of mice you send me. Five mice, five entries. We’ll put an ending date on the raffle of . . . say . . . September 30.

What do you guys think? I’d like some idea of how many of you would make at least one mouse and send it, before I commit to the raffle. The kit is worth over 100 bucks so I’d hate to raffle it off in return for 5 mice. Not meaning to sound greedy here, but it’s for a very good cause and my purpose is to donate more mice than I can make to raise as much money for Capital Animal Care as possible. To help other kitties like Lucy (and not just cats — they rescue all sorts of animals). I’d love to send them a whole boatload of mice!

If the Dale kit is not to your personal liking, you could always auction it off on eBay. ๐Ÿ™‚ Or trade with another knitter. (I’ll post a better photo and more full description of the kit later.)

If we do this, I’ d ask that all mice be knitted from wool or wool blend yarns, and of course stuffed with catnip, and be approximately 3 inches long, for the sake of consistency of quality. Other than that, anything goes. You can use the pattern we used in the Mouse-Along, or make up your own.

So let me know what you think, ‘k?

(By the way, Capital Animal Care has a Lucy-look-a-like up for adoption right now (as well as a lot of other adorable cats and dogs.)

More on Frogner

I was asked about button loop spacing yesterday.

According to the pattern for Frogner, you are supposed to make the button loops in three sets of three, with extra space between each set. I didn’t like the way that looked in the picture — I prefer my button loops to be evenly spaced.

The directions call for nine buttons and button loops. I marked with a pin on the button band where I wanted the top button (about half an inch down from the top) and where I wanted the bottom button — a coupla-three inches up from the bottom.

Then I marked the space halfway between those two pins. That’s the middle button loop. Then I marked halfway between the middle and the top pin, and halfway between the middle and the bottom pin.

I’m now up to five pins. I marked halfway between each of them and I’m up to nine — which is the number I need. No fuss, no muss.

I’m still working on the first sleeve, though closer to the end than the beginning. I think I’m moving a bit slower on this because I’ve been feeling not great lately.


Though I’m feeling better now, thank-you.

Whatever Happened to Beadwork?

As y’all know, I abandoned Beadwork because it caused my repetitive stress injuries to flare up.

Shortly after I stopped work on it, Peter, of Knitting Naturalist fame. emailed me and offered to knit it for me.

To once again quote one of my favorite actors playing one of my favorite characters (Christopher Walken as The Continental on SNL):

“Wow! Wowie, wow, wow!”

So of course, I bundled up Beadwork and dispatched it to Peter post-haste. He’s got it, he’s knitting it, and he quite possibly might be cursing the day he made such a generous offer. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  1. Wendy, what a great idea! If you don’t mind, I’m going to file away the idea for future reference.

  2. katherine says:

    I’d read a note from Peter saying he was working on Beadwork for you! What a nice guy! That’s on my future projects list — but I can only work a little at a time on this type of knitting, or I end up in pain. It’s a long-term project amongst other things, great for my style, but since you’re more of a one-big-thing at a time knitter, I can see how that wouldn’t work.

    BTW, I’m *interested* in making you a few mice (and not just for the draw, to be honest, I like little projects like this, but don’t have a cat) — I need to work out the catnip thing first.

  3. Promise, after this I stop monopolizing your blog, but just in case anyone ended up curious, it’s called “la cataire” or “herbe aux chats” in French. Whee, I get to explore the world ‘o’ pets in France, a new adventure thanks to Wendy.

    Will let you know asap whether I can deliver you some mousekins.

  4. You can count me in for the mice, Wendy, I think it’s a wonderful idea. Have you decided what your next project will be, or are you planning on prolonging the suspense?:)

  5. I met with Peter a couple of weeks ago and I’ve gotta tell ya…. what a nice guy. Not only a lovely person but his knitting is just beautiful. I’m sure you’ll be more than happy with the ‘job’ he does for you.
    I’ve also got to mention that he was very excited about having the opportunity to knit this project.
    Win, win!

  6. I’m in Wendy..I have PLENTY of scrap yarn and nothing to do with it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Michelle says:

    Count me in for at least a couple mice! A good cause and you are so generous to offer up the sweater kit! Great idea.

  8. Judging from these early comments, it looks like the Great Charity Mouse-a-thon is going to be a go! Thanks you guys! I think I’ll work out the details over the weekend and announce them in Monday’s blog entry.

    Katherine, would it be possible for me to mail you some catnip? Or is that verboten in international mail?

    I’ll announce my next project . . . as soon as I decide. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Your raffle is a great idea Wendy (and generous on your part to offer such a prize). Will you be posting your address at some point?

    Frogner is very photogenic (not as much as Lucy though!).

  10. Hi Wendy!
    I’m in! I dont have cats anymore due to my son’s allergies, and miss having those four footed friends around. I will definately send in a few!

    Regards – Lisa

  11. I think rather than post my address online, I’ll ask that anyone who is interested in participating email me and I’ll send it to you.

  12. count me in too! i don’t have a cat myself, but will be happy to help the adoption center.

  13. Throw champagn-yuh in my face once, shame on you. I love Christopher Walken.

    I think I could whip up a mouse or two as well. Scout needs a new one now that he’s completely felted the first one, but after that…

  14. I think you’ll end up with plenty of interest Wendy. Count me in, and fabulous idea.

  15. i’ll tryyyy. no guarantees, because i’m trying to both write a novel and move, and also because i have two cats for whom i have not made mice, and they may get their fuzzy little paws on said mice, even if i tell them that the mice are for poor little starving kitties in virginia.

    (and i bet the sweater will rule too… ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. I think the mouse donation is a great idea – I think you’ll get tons of them.

    Sounds like a great project for the knitting ‘community’!

  17. Yay! Me too! Me too! And Em, that’s JUST what Digit’s done with his mice – felted them. I hadn’t really realized that’s why they were so fuzzy…. Hot wet cat breath…. ew…. Maybe he can felt my darn Suki…..

  18. Rachael, I think you’re on to something! Knit bags, sprinkle catnip on them, let the cat drool on them, and then charge big bucks for them as “Cat-Felted Bags.”

    Maybe not.

  19. Count me in for a couple of mice too. It’s for a good cause and I always try to help animals. I don’t have a cat any longer, my Siamese died after 22 years with me, but I have two little rescue dogs. My son’s cat loved the catnip mouse I made for him.

  20. I would love to contribute to this furry cause. Will have to be my secret project tho – or Frazier and Niles could get pissed off and piss on something to let me know how rude I am to be knitting for other kitties.

  21. I’ll knit mice…6 to be exact. At least. I have enough yarn and three cats…each from a shelter. Thanks for the idea —an opportunity to help, use yarn that otherwise will go unused for a long time and enjoy the process.

  22. I will send you the two mice I made for my girls – they must be so elderly that they’ve lost their sense of smell or something, as they weren’t particularly interested. I’d love for them to go to kitties who’ll enjoy them.

  23. I will send you the two mice I made for my girls – they must be so elderly that they’ve lost their sense of smell or something, as they weren’t particularly interested. I’d love for them to go to kitties who’ll enjoy them.

  24. Oops sorry – I got a strange ‘unknown error’ box and stupidly hit ‘post’ again.

  25. I’d LOVE to knit up a mouse or two, but I’m worried that I won’t be able to send them to you. I’m in Canada — will customs freak if something herb-filled and smelly is sent through the post? Has anyone had any problems with this?

    My own personal paranoia aside, I think this is a SUPER idea and I’d be happy to help, even without the incentive of a raffle. What WOULDN’T I do for catties?!?

  26. Good point, Leslie.

    But I’m betting if you put the mouse or mice in a sealed plastic sandwich bag, there’d be no problem.

    What do you all think?

  27. My cats love their catnip mice and hate to share, even with each other but I would love to knit a few mice for the center. The problem will be getting them out of the house without my cats raiding the box. I’ll have to knit them some new ones to distract them. What a nice idea, and a nice way for me to pay back (a little) all the enjoyment we get from reading your blog.

  28. Wonderful idea! I will make a few, too, in honor of my passed kitties. And I love Norge2000 in dark teal. Now where did I put that wool??

  29. who could say no to a face like Lucy’s? She looks like a longhaired version of my Siamese almost ๐Ÿ˜€

  30. I’m in – I don’t really like the sweater but I bet that colourway would look great on Kathy, plus, it’s all about the kitties anyway.
    I’ll be a late entry though, probably getting the meece to you very close to the deadline, have a few other things I need to finish up first….

  31. Wendy,
    I would be happy to make some mice for you. I have made one for each of my cats and one for my daughter’s kitty. You have always been so helpful whenever I have asked you knitting questions, I would like to do something nice in return. Send me your address when you get around to that.


  32. My darling Lucy,

    Please inform your person that I am instructing my person to make mice. I will closely monitor my person so as to ENSURE she does it.


  33. I’d like to help with the mouse project also. My two cats, Lilybelle and Kismet, just adore their handknit mice. I’m also offering to stuff any “non-US” made mice and send them on to Wendy, thus getting around any potential problem with herb-like substances entering the United States!

  34. Wow, what a great offer, Jen! ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. I’ll be sending a few mice your way as well. There’s nothing better for a newbie than helping out a great cause and getting to practice cables!!!

  36. Hi, Wendy. I’m in for the catnip mice fundraiser. The kitties in my life have loved their mice. I’m game to make other kitties happy. ๐Ÿ™‚ Just wanted to note for anyone thinking to make and donate mice to be used directly by kitties – make sure to donate them to rescues where the mice will go to individual kitties and will stay with those kitties. The humane societies can’t give the mice to the kitties there because they would spread germs (being passed from kitty to kitty). They could use them as fundraisers though like Wendy’s example I would think. Anyway, just a thought. I didn’t want anyone to be disappointed that their thoughtfullness couldn’t be appreciated.

  37. Patricia says:

    Count me in for a few mice. I’m glad to be able to help, and it’s my way of saying thanks for writing your wonderful blog.

  38. I’m a sucker for cats… and for Dale of Norway. Count me in.

  39. I’ll definitely be sending in MANY mice. I have so much leftover Nature spun from little projects and this is the perfect use.

  40. Hi Wendy,
    Count me in! I looked around and didn’t see an address. Would you mind emailing it to me? What a terrific idea. I’m off to my local rescue, , tomorrow with a friend to pick out a new kitty. Take care,

  41. count me in as a definite maybe for making mice… they’re fast & fun to do, may be able to get one or both of my 8 year old sons to make one or more! :)I know Micah wants to learn how to make cables!

  42. OOPS forgot to adjust my URL since we moved the blog…

  43. Dear Wendy:

    I would very much like to contribute a mouse or several to your collection — as the adoptive Mom of 3 cats (who love their mice) and 2 dogs (who also love the cats’ mice) I have a soft spot for animal rescue! Also, as this is my first comment, let me say that I truly enjoy your blog – fun and informative and most of all inspirational.



  44. P.S… is there any fiber preference for these mice? Wool, acrylic, either? (I think wool would b better, but the rescue organization might like a variety for those who are uncomfortable with wool…)If we decide to make some mice, we can do some in red heart acrylic & some in 100% wool…

    Okay, I think I’m done posting for the day!

  45. Jessica, I was thinking we’d make all the mice in wool or wool blend yarn — all the cats I’ve known show a marked preference for wool, and it’ll make for a more consistent quality for pricing purposes.

  46. I couldn’t resist that Lucy-face, even if I wanted to. My Moka has me wrapped tightly around her dainty little paws – we found one another at the Humane Society. . . anyway, I’ll make as many mousies as I can & send ’em to you!

  47. Wendy —

    I will knit as many as I can! I try to help out with the local “homeless” cat charity (C.O.P.E. – they spay and neuter feral cats to control over population), so this is right up my alley. Great idea! Just let me know where to send the mousies!

  48. Count me in, too. I live with a household of fabulous rescue cats, and this is just the nudge I need to make some mice. Wonderful idea!

  49. The mouse thing is a great idea! Not sure if I’ll have time to make any…but you may have way more than you need looking at the interest!

    Em, mine is partially felted too. That’s what I get for using Lamb’s Pride I guess.

    Re customs: Well I never heard of drugs being smuggled in MICE before. Lends for a funny mental image… especially if they have drug-sniffing cats. Drug-sniffing cats would just get bored and decide they want to take a nap, or chase bugs or something.

  50. Hi. I would be happy to contribute a mousie or two. Well, if I buy catnip I will probably make more than 2 to use it all up, since I don’t and can’t have any cats where I live. By the way, I’ve only posted comments once, when you completed Henry VIII (which is when I first discovered your blog). I’ve been coming back ever since, but have been shy about posting more comments for some reason. So I just wanted to say hi and tell you how inspiring and wonderful I think you’re blog is.

  51. Wendy,
    Who could refuse such a beautiful face? Count me in. Just think how many mice you could get if you knitted the sweater for us! Just kidding, it’s time for me to get off my lazy knitting tuchas and learn to do some color work anyway! Have a good weekend and feel better! Adios, deb

    “If there is no self, whose arthritis is this?”

  52. News flash, you guys!

    There’s going to be a second raffle prize donated by an extremely generous reader . . . something really really nice. So you now have two chances to win.

    Details on the second prize in Monday’s blog entry.

  53. Hey Wendy,

    I make no promises but if I can I will knit a mouse or two. BUT, if I do participate, I don’t want to be in the raffle. I’d prefer that the kit went to someone who could actually knit it. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I just like the idea of helping out.


  54. Stephanie says:

    I’ll be happy to knit Lucy some mice, and my daughters will knit a couple each too. Got enough promises to go ahead yet?

  55. Cheryl F. says:

    Add me to the count of “mousinators” (mouse donators). I’m sure I could produce a few with a 30 September deadline. The one I made Mr. Bigglesworth still amuses his little 17 pound self — surprising, since he tires of his things rather quickly. Great cause!

  56. I’ll send one or more.

    Frogner is beautiful!!! Hi Lucy!!

  57. I’m good for at least one, Wendy — and I’ll tell my S&B crowd about it on Tuesday.

  58. I’m definitely up for knitting more mice!

    I have to go into a separate room and close the door to fill them, and then I tuck them in Zip-Loc bags, or else I would never get them out of the house! If my cats can’t smell them throught the plastic they should be okay at customs. You can always tuck a note in the box explaining what’s it’s for.

  59. I’d like to try knitting up a mouse too! I have no cats, but I love your idea! And the chance of winning something in the process is great too. Now if I can only find the pattern! Do you have a link?

  60. Wowsa! What a response!

    I know that I’ve received lavendar through the post and never had a problem — I think there are provisions for dried herbs somewhere out there.

    Jen’s offer is a generous one — but it got me wondering — if there are more than just me who need catnip and don’t have cats, could we arrange maybe a few relays? Those to knit, those to fill?
    Just an idea…

    DH asked around at work this afternoon, and apparently the French give their cats fresh catnip. I’m going to check at a pet place tomorrow to see if the dried exists, and if not, I’ll be in touch.

  61. This is a wonderful idea, Wendy. I was going to knit three cat nip mouses for the three cat’s I live with, so might as well knit another three for a great cause :c)

    Take care.

  62. The mouse pattern is linked to from the Mouse-along button in my sidebar.

    But I’m going to post a Mouse-a-thon page on Monday with all the info.

    Katherine, if multiple stuffers are needed, I can stuff too. Good point!

  63. Hi Wendy. I’ve been hooked on your blog since I started knitting 3 months ago. My cats (Calvin and Hobbes) have been bugging me to make them each a mouse, so I’ll make a few extra to send to you.

  64. I e-mailed you, Wendy. I think this is a WONDERFUL idea. I’d be happy to knit up as many mousies I can make whether there’s a prize or not. (Not that I would ever say no to a Dale! How generous ๐Ÿ™‚

    My cat who recently passed away loved his catnip mousie. My other cat (aka Her Royal Highness) could care less so I can make tons of catnip mousies with no guilt that my kitty will be jealous…LOL!

  65. I would love to knit some more mice…I did one for Virgil, which he loves, and it only took a few quiet hours.

  66. I’m in! Flo and Buckley would kick me with their pointy pointy feet if I said no to Lucy. What a fantastic idea!

  67. I would love to try and make some mice to help the animals. Please let me know where to send them.

  68. I’ve been wanting to make a few myself, but don’t have cats, and don’t know too many people that do.

    About the raffle: Is it one entry per mouse, or one entry per person? I’m just wondering if it would be fairer to everyone to make it one entry per person (some people can’t do more than one or two mice, and some people may have the time to do a zillion). It doesn’t matter either way to me, because I’m not gonna do it for the prize (though I always like winning stuff). It was just a thought.

  69. Dani, it’s one entry per mouse. While I realize that some people have more time to knit more mice than others, I think it’s fairer to give a bigger chance at prizes to people who donate more mice.

    But everyone who sends at least one mouse has at least one chance at each of the two prizes. ๐Ÿ™‚

  70. I’d love to knit a few mice…got some nice smelly fleece (washed but still smelly) that kitties would probably like. Mine sure seem to. ๐Ÿ™‚ Did you post a deadline, ‘cos I missed it if you did. ๐Ÿ™‚

  71. Hi Wendy,
    I’d love to knit some mice for the kitty cause. Great idea, Ingrid

  72. I’ll make a few, Wendy. I plan on designing a few for my Aunt for her church fair next summer (a great way to play with some new cables). My Aunt’s cat loves her mouse and they find it all around the house. My cats tend to sleep with their heads on the mice instead of playing with them.

  73. Count me in Wendy!!! You are so generous to make this a raffle…. I would make some for you sans raffle just because you have offered helped to so many people (myself included) with knitting questions. But… It is nice always nice to win something!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Should I email you separately for your address?

  74. Hi, Lucy…. I understand my Mommy, Rose, is making some catnip mousies to send to your Mommy, Wendy, for a good cause…. Listen, I will try to resist chewing the yarn and sticking my face into the tub of catnip my mommy just harvested if you will go on a date with me.. MEOW YEOW!!!! You are a babe! (Don’t tell me sister Maggie, she thinks she’s the cat’s meow.)

  75. Mrowr! It’s a date, Sam. Only . . . please don’t tell Igor!

    Tell your Mommy that my Mommy emailed her . . .

  76. YEOW!!! Meommy says that she’ll some mousers to send too. Of course she’ll have to knit us more too…..or at least share the catnip!!

  77. YEOW!!! Meommy says that she’ll some mousers to send too. Of course she’ll have to knit us more too…..or at least share the catnip!!

  78. YEOW!!! Meommy says that she’ll some mousers to send too. Of course she’ll have to knit us more too…..or at least share the catnip!!

  79. Count me in for a few mice. I knit a few for my Cleo and my Aunt’s cats. I am happy to knit a few more for a great cause.

  80. Oh, so that’s why I have so much Lamb’s Pride Superwash left over from Grammy’s shawl. I thought it was for an attempt at felting, but it’s actually for making mousies. That’s cool, it was going to be a pain trying to do my first felting project with Superwash!

  81. Hi Wendy, I’m in as well. I will make a few. =)

  82. Susan in Gallup, NM says:

    Ooooo, I’ll knit some. I have no kitty (allergies), but I can’t think of any better motivation than the Norge kit. How exciting!! Of course it is nice to be able to help the poor creatures who are abandoned, mistreated, and homeless. Not being an animal person, this is not something I would of done just for the sake of doing it (hey, I’m a busy woman!;)Thanks for the opportunity to do something nice for these animals and your generosity with the sweater kit.

  83. I have visions of Capital Animal Care piled high with mice and some *very* happy cats. I’ll be knitting a couple too.

  84. Wendy – this is a fabulous idea. I know Cleo and Maddy would wholeheartedly support this project! Count me in!

  85. Wendy,
    How wonderful – ask and it shall be given! Many thanks for the info about the button spacing. You are so generous with your knowledge and with your knitting resources.

    Count me in for four mice – one for each of my cats – Daffy, Sam, Max and Jasmine.
    A daily reader and one of your loyal fans,

  86. katherine: says:

    One mouse knit! Ha, that’s fast and easy! If I can do it that fast, then anyone can. It’ll be a nice small project over the next week, as it’s going to be Very Hot here…

    Wendy, that’s a nice little pattern, not too complicated, but interesting enough as well.

  87. Wendy – I love this idea! I’d love to make a mouse or a couple for the Mouse-a-thon. I’ll have to stuff them at my parent’s house though since my kitten is wacky enough without the catnip.

  88. I too would be happy to make a few mice. I’m off to print out the pattern and search through the stash…. Great idea!

  89. Would *love* to knit some catnip mice for a chance to win that kit! Wow!! I adore Lucy, btw – loved the mssg about the shelter having a lookalike avail, but w/6 dogs & 2 cats (& other small critters) we don’t need *any* more animals ๐Ÿ™ Love your links list – I occasionally go thru and find new blogs to read (when I have *time*!!) Thanx!

  90. Wendy — Count me in for as many mousies as I can knit and stuff! (Barring, of course, the few that will inevitably be sacrified to the three little beasties here, who will demand their tithe of mice.)

    Will you email me an address I can ship them to?

    I’m quiet here, most of the time, but be assured you are part of my daily reading. ๐Ÿ™‚

  91. Wendy,

    How about creating an entry form that folks can download and print. You cut out the individual sections and fill out as many as the number of mice you are sending.

    I am just thinking of a way to cut down the work for you. I think you are going to get hundreds!

  92. Wendy, I’ll definitely make one – well, two – one to send to you and one for my cat Charlie. I’m pretty much a novice knitter, so you can use my mouse to enter yourself in the drawing, and if I make more than one for you, go ahead, enter yourself twice!

  93. Wow, what a great response!

    And a brilliant idea from Melissa! There’ll be “raffle tickets” for you to print, fill out, and send in with your mice available here Monday.

  94. Hi Lucy, Wendy, and all kitty and knitting lovers,
    Lucy, of course I will do something for you. Just looking at your photos brightens my days! And Wendy, I think you must be beginning to realize what a huge undertaking this is – so many generous knitters. How kind of you to do this.

    I will knit some mice for the kitties. I just copied the pattern. I have never knitted cables before, so this is one of those win-win-win situations.

    And thank you, Wendy, for your blog which I recently discovered and for your answer to my Opal yarn question. I ordered it and it arrived yesterday. I have to tell you, I would not have bought the yarn by how it looks in the package. But having seen your sock photo, I know how beautiful it will be.

    My kitty, Maxwell, just loves mohair, so I will be using some fragments of Lamb’s Pride wool, which is 15% mohair, for the mice.

    Thanks again,
    Mrs. C.

  95. Count me in for a few catnip mice, Wendy. This is why you are so widely read…your kind and generous energy is contagious!

    I’ll be knitting my mice for Lucy, in memory of Izzy and to support a great cause.

    I had this thought of you becoming like the little boy with cancer who asked for people to send him a postcard…you may be receiving catnip mice for years to come!

    BTW…I know you haven’t been feeling well but I’ve been looking for a Life of Pi post from you in the KB Reading Group forum.

  96. I’d gladly do a mouse!

  97. Kim in Oregon says:

    Honey, sign me up! I’ve got 14 more skeins of that chartreuse wool (see page 2 of the magnificent mouse along gallery to see my furry four in action) and a four day weekend! Animals are just the best! I volunteer at my Humane Society 2x week and can’t even tell you how good it feels inside. Any limit to entries per person?

  98. … think Wool-Ease is OK?
    (it’s really more acrylic with wool than wool with acrylic…)

  99. I would love to make some mice Wendy – I’m not sure how long it will take them to reach you though, but I’ll take a chance. Great idea!

  100. Mike, Jack, and Della want the rescue kitties to feel as loved as they do, so I’m happy to knit some mice. Please send a snail addy at your convenience…

    This is such a good and generous idea! All rescue kitties should have a catnip mouse!